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Chapter One – Of Time and Trips

Harry sat on the window sill gazing wistfully at a two children playing happily down the street. This was something that he had never been able to do and never would. For Harry's life had been anything from normal. Sometimes he just wished he could turn the clock back and start over, perhaps having a better chance of it a second time round. He missed the fact that he had never had a real childhood, that Voldemort had ruined everything he had and would have. Most of all he missed the two people that had, had the biggest influences on his life, Albus Dumbledore and Ginny Weasley.

At that moment Ron, who along with Hermione had been staying at Number 4 Privet Drive for the past week, gave a large grunt in his sleep. How someone could still be asleep at this time of the day he would never know. They had been staying with Harry since the end of term when he had informed them of his plans. Today was the first day in two weeks they hadn't been together as Hermione had left an hour ago to visit her parents before she joined Harry and Ron on a search for the Horcrux's. Giving Ron up as a lost cause after he had pummeled him several times with a pillow and received nothing more than a grunt, Harry headed for the kitchen, as he thought that it was about time for lunch. He left the room and headed down the hall before turning and walking down the stairs. He had his head bowed in thought and as such he didn't notice the appearance of the youngest Weasley until she coughed politely to get his attention.

Harry raised his head to see who the person was and promptly tripped over his own feet, with a small grunt he fell gracefully down the remaining stairs. He saw Ginny rush to catch him before his vision was obscured for a brief moment by a blinding flash before he crashed onto the bottom stair.

'What the bloody hell do you think you're playing at boy?' yelled a purple face Vernon Dursley.

'I tripped on the stair uncle,' snapped back Harry as he puzzled over the disappearance of Ginny.

'Don't you talk to me in the ungrateful tone, now get in here and fix the lunch.' That was strange thought Harry. It had been a while since his Uncle had had the guts to order Harry around, especially with two fully legal wizards in the house. He also noticed that his own voice had become strangely high and squeaky. He figured it was however better to do as his uncle said and get the lunch fixed. However when he finally bothered to look around he realized that everything appeared to be much larger than it looked no five minutes ago. "This is certainly odd," thought a confused Harry. Suddenly he realized that the twins must have come with Ginny and they probably hit him with a small shrinking hex for a laugh. To see how badly he had been hit he walked over to the mirror that hung on the otherwise blank wall in the corridor from the stairs to the kitchen. The image that greeted his eyes however caused Harry to almost fall over in shock. Glaring back at him from the surface of the mirror however was not that of a shrunken sixteen year old Harry, but that of a six year old Harry complete with taped glasses and Dudley hand me downs. It took him all of ten seconds to realize that this was more than a stupid joke and a further ten seconds to realize that if he was not in the kitchen soon his uncle would be out to "deal" with him. His Uncle had only hit him occasionally but he could remember every single time and he didn't want his uncle taking advantaged of his now smaller stature.

Hurriedly he rushed to the kitchen and set about performing the tasks his Aunt forced on him. He would figure this out later for now he would follow along with what was going on until he had chance to think. Whilst in the kitchen he noticed that not only did the Dursleys not comment on the fact that he was now an exact replica of his six year old self, but Dudley, who was perched on a chair at the table, was also looking about six in fact both the older Dursleys also appeared about ten years younger than they had looked when he had last seen them yesterday evening. He felt sure that the Dursleys would have been outraged at such blatant magical situation, the only reason he could see, as to why they hadn't mentioned it, was that either they had had their memories modified or they just didn't see anything different. There was something seriously weird going on here. It was almost like… but no that sort of thing was impossible. However before he could spend more time contemplating that mystery of the circumstances his uncle yelled at him again.

'Well boy don't just stand there get a move on.'

'Yes uncle,' and with that Harry started doling out the bacon and eggs for the Dursley's breakfast. He hurriedly wolfed down the single slice of bacon he dared take before he sprinted up stairs so that his uncle or aunt didn't have time to give him more chores to do. He desperately needed to find out what was going on and how to fix it. He quietly closed the door to his bedroom but not without noting the complete lack of both the locks and the cat flap that his uncle had installed just before his second year. The next thing that Harry noted was that the room was now completely devoid of all his school stuff as if it had never been there. The largest absence of all was the lack of a snoring Ron. All in all Harry was completely perplexed by what had happened presumably since he had landed at the bottom of the stairs. Could it be that the last six years of his life had all been a dream of his own making as a way to escape the fact that he was the slave of the Dursley's? If that was so then that would mean that this room wasn't his but still belonged to Dudley and if he was caught in here he would be accused of trying to steal his stuff. Quickly and quietly he let himself out of the room and crept down the stairs and peered into the cupboard under the stairs, there lay his worn mattress, his worst fears were confirmed. He almost broke down and cried right there. Non of it was real, he had made it all up. Ron, Hermione, the Weasleys even Ginny. Hurriedly he raced out of the front door making sure he wasn't caught. He knew that when he returned he would be in immense trouble for skipping on all of his chores for the day, but he no longer cared, he had just lost not only a few people such as Dumbledore and Sirius but everybody he had ever known in the "Wizarding World".

But as he neared the small alley way where he had first seen Sirius, he began to wonder, what if it was all real? What if he was a seer or something? Or, could it really be possible that he had somehow gone back in time or something. Either way he had to somehow verify whether he had made up the entire thing in some attempt to rid himself of the rigmarole of his life with the Dursleys, or if he really had somehow gained some way of redoing his entire life. The only way he could think of would be to confirm even a small amount of this would be to somehow get to Diagon Alley. How he was going to get there though he didn't have the foggiest.

As luck would have it, when he returned to Number Four, the Dursleys hadn't even noticed that he had disappeared as the were planning on taking Dudley to London buy him a gift to convince him that they weren't trying to get rid of him by sending him of to primary school. This was just the chance he had been looking, if he went with them he knew that they have to pass down the street that housed the Leaky Cauldron, but if he stayed with Mrs Figg then maybe he would be able to use his regained Six year old appearance to gain some sort of information for the women that in he "Dream" had been a Squib.

'Finally boy, as you know, Mrs Figg can't take you today as see has to take one of those stupid cats to the Vet. That means your coming with us, I want know funny business you here me,' ranted his uncle as Harry came out from his cupboard just as his uncle was coming down the stairs.

'Yes uncle,' Harry replied, trying to not act as though Christmas had come early for him, considering what his Christmas' were like this was easier than it should have been for any six year old child. 'Right well into the car, and mind you don't get dirt in it or you'll be in that cupboard all the way through the summer.

With that Harry hurried to get to the car making to open the car doors like a chauffer to the Dursleys. Soon though he was squashed between the door and his vastly over weight cousin. Even at six his whale like body managed to take up a larger proportion of the back seat than and average adult, but Harry scarcely cared as in under and hour he would be able to see whether the past years had just been the result of an elaborate imagination. All too soon they began driving through London heading towards the beast toy stores as of course Dudley would have nothing but the best most "in" toys despite the fact that he would either never use them or break them in frustration with in several hours. But Harry couldn't have liked his greedy, spoilt cousin more at this moment as one of his favorite stores happened to lie on the same street as the Leaky Cauldron, or at least it had in his "Dream".

Finally the arrived at in Charing cross road and Uncle Vernon spent the next ten minute parking the car whist moaning about the inadequacies of the London traffic police. As soon as the were out of the car the began to head in the direction of the Toy store that Dudley loved so much and as usual Harry was instantly forgotten about. He knew from bitter experience that he wouldn't be missed until they needed someone to carry the bags back to the car, he also knew that Dudley would also spend at least and hour wandering through the store looking for the most expensive that they had, this gave plenty of time for Harry to slip of unnoticed in the opposite direction. Within five minutes he same something that almost mad him break down for the second time that day. For there sandwiched between the Old book store and the music shop stood the shabby front of the most famous Wizarding pub in London and the hidden entrance to the all wizarding area know as Diagon Alley, or at least so he hoped. Silently he slid through the open door of the dingy bar and looked around, luck seemed to be with him again that day as, as he entered he saw a small family making its way towards the back of the pub and one of them was holding what was unmistakably a wand. It also reminded him that he would have to follow them into the Alley as without a wand of his own there was no way he would be able to open the arch. With as much speed as an underfed six year old could muster he followed the family through the back door and was rewarded with the sight he had though that morning he might never see again, the sight of a brick wriggling out of the wall so as to create and arch on to the street behind. The one that was now packed full of shopping wizards and witched all dressed in full wizarding wear.

Once he had slipped through the arch he began pondering what he would do now he had verified that he had not invented the past few years but that they had just yet to happen. His first thought was that he needed money if he was to gain anything, the second thought that came to him was that if he could gain some money then he would not be returning to Number Four Privet Drive ever again, Dumbledore be damned. It was the second thought that actually caused him to actually shed a tear, as the thought of Dumbledore reminded him of the funeral he had "Attended" only a few days ago and also that Dumbledore should now be very much alive, which also meant so should Sirius.

So Harry picked up his pace and hurried towards the grand white building that was home top the only Wizarding bank in England. Easing the door open he stepped into the well lit entrance hall in the middle of a very busy Gringotts and moved to join one of the many queues that were waiting for a goblin to become available. Whilst he waited he pondered how he was going to convince the goblins that He really was Harry Potter and was therefore eligible to withdraw money as he didn't have his key (Which he assumed was currently in the possession of the headmaster of Hogwarts). Before he had come up with a solution however he found himself face to face with the impatient, pointy features of one of the goblins.

'Yes,' it asked in an impatient drawl.

'Erm, I was wondering if there was anyway I could gain access to my vault with out being in possession of my key.'

'You will need to be blood tested for that you need Banking inquiries, this is job applications.' He replied tersely whilst pointing to a previously unnoticed sign above his head. Harry thanked him profusely and headed to the aforementioned line. He didn't have to wait long before a third goblin was leading him off to be tested against the records they kept of all their clientele.

'This way if you please Mr Potter, you understand the need for security I hope.'

'Oh yes sir,' replied Harry thinking it best to not let on that he had the experiences of a seventeen year old despite the fact that he appeared to be and for all intensive purposes was six.

'Now you understand that normally we wouldn't proceed with this test without a signed consent form from a parent or legal guardian. However we are aware of you background and the manager has personally allowed it. So if I could have you arm I will just take a small amount of blood and place it to this parchment.' With that he placed a piece of crisp new parchment from his jacket pocket on to the table in the small ante room that they were now on before withdrawing a small needle with which he pierced Harry's finger.

Harry then squeezed the blood onto the sheet of parchment and watched as red letters began spreading out across the page forming his name in full.

'Thank you Mr Potter, that is all we need from you. Once you have completed your withdrawal I can arrange for a new key to be ready for you and the old one canceled, if that is to your satisfaction.'

'Oh that would be perfect as I suspect that I shall be returning many times.'

'Also something which the manager has authorized me to discuss with you despite you age is the use of one of our never ending moneybags. The with automatically withdraw the stated amount from you account without the need to be refilled '

'You do those, cool, that would be perfect as I will have quite a bit of shopping to do today, thank you so much.'

As such it was not long before a now well funded Six year old stood on the steps of Gringotts peering down the street with a small black dragon hide money bag under his arm deciding what he would need next.


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