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Chapter Two – Freedom

The first thing Harry decided he would need would be and owl or at least some form of communication. He remembered that Hermione had once mentioned how irritating it was,having to wait for Pig or Hedwig to arrive in order to send a message and he told himself then that he would never be caught without a method of communication. So his first stop was Eylopes Owl Emporium. When he entered the small building he was reminded of the first time he had come here with Hagrid in his "Dream" and remembered how good a friend Hedwig had been to him He had no idea how long owls lived, but if there was any chance of it he would be getting Hedwig again. So he immediately began looking around the store for any young looking snowy owls, however when he couldn't see any immediately he walk over the counter to ask if they had any in stock.

'We actually we have several that hatched only a few months ago and we usually don't sell them as there not ready for delivering post. However if your just wanting a pet for now that will be able to carry your post later then they would be perfect. If you just follow me then I will show them to you and then when your parents come we can arrange a price.'

'Thank you sir, but I have my own money.'

The store owner gave him a slightly quizzical look before he led Harry to the back of the store where in small aviary we fluttering several Owl chicks, all of them had fledged but non of the where old enough to handle the long distance flights involved in the carrying and delivering of mail. But at this moment in time Harry didn't care that much, if he could be reunited with just a small part of what he had before then he would just use a postal owl for a couple of months.

'Sir how long do they usually live for?'

'Wild ones will live for about ten years,' he responded but apon seeing the lengthening of Harry's face he reassured him by continuing, 'But these will live for several decades due to there being magical and all, we had one wizard who had had his for forty years!'

'Wow. I'll just have a look at them before I decide if that Ok.'

'That's fine, just being careful of the claws and beak there very sharp.'

'Yes sir'

Harry then proceeded to view all of the smaller owls. He knew that if she was here then he would be able to recognize her. Sure enough perched quietly in the corner pensively viewing the antics of her bothers and sisters with the distain that he clearly remembered written all over Hedwig's face whenever she laid those large amber eyes on Ron's owl Pigwidgeon.

'Still as uptight as always I see,' he whispered affectionately to her and was rewarded by a familiar nip on the ear as she fluttered to rest on his shoulder.

'Ah I see you seem to have had your choice made for you.'

'I'll warn you now that that one isn't that much fun. She will be the most amazing post owl though in a few months. As such the price for her is rather hefty, but as she seems so attached to you already I will give you a slight discount, shall we say twenty galleons.

Harry quickly withdrew the correct amount for Hedwig and a new cage, and soon left felling much happy than he had been just a few hours ago. He asked the owner to shrink the cadge so it would fit in his pocket and allowed Hedwig to perch on his shoulder before leaving for the brightly lit bustle of the Diagon Alley/

His next stop he decided would be to get a wand if possible then a large multi-compartmental trunk. So he headed of in the direction of Ollivanders deciding that he would take his time as now no longer had to hurry for the Dursleys. As he was slowly wandering his way down the Alley he suddenly felt a small hand on he shoulder before being whirled around, only to be confronted by the last person he expected to have come up to him. For there in front of him stood the diminutive form of Ginny Weasley.

'Harry do you know who I am,'

'Of course, how could I forget someone like you Gin…but hang on if you know who I am then that must mean that…but no two people can't have the same dream can they.'

'Dream? What are you talking about?'

'Well I remember having this really weird dream about what my life was going to be like for the next ten years and then I must have been sleep walking because I woke up at the bottom of the stairs.'

'But don't you see, we've gone back in time and somehow taken the places of our younger selves. I don't know how but I can't talk now My family will be after me if I don't get back now. Write to me and then we can get together and sort all this out. We might have to tell Dumbledore though. He would be the only person besides perhaps Hermione that would have the faintest idea what is going on.'

'Ok, I'll owl you once I get sorted as I don't fancy ever returning to the Dursley's I want to see my choices.'

'Bye Harry. Oh and if you want a home of sorts try the third shop down from Ollivanders,' she replied with a wink before dashing of through the crowd to where Harry could see a gaggle of red heads emerging from the apothecary.

Still puzzling the revelation that the meeting of Ginny Weasley had reveled, Harry headed of once more to the dark and dusty recess that was Ollivanders. The first thing he noticed when he stepped through the door was that absolutely nothing had changed from, if Ginny was to be believed, the last time had stepped through the same door all of ten years ago. The store was still as dusty as ever and the shelves were still lined with hundreds upon hundreds of small boxes that Harry knew to contain wands. In the center of he room still sat the small rickety chair that had almost been broken by Hagrid in what was both the near future and the past. He coughed politely and then said, 'Um, Mr Ollivander, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to get a wand.'

'Ah Mr Potter I was wondering when I would be seeing you, though I had no idea that it would be as soon as this. I am afraid that I cannot sell I wand to someone of you age,' responded Mr Ollivander as he emerged from the shadows of the back of the store. In little more than a whisper however he continued, 'I am, however, well aware of your story and am willing to make and exception on one condition. I will fit you out with a wand only if you can tell me which core you think would be most suitable for you.'

Harry appeared to think it over for a minute before he replied to the old man's query. 'Well I have heard that you use Phoenix tail feathers in your wands and I have always thought from the moment I learnt I was a wizard that one of the things I was most looking forward to seeing would be a phoenix. So I will say that a Phoenix feather might be best.'

'Very well Mr Potter we shall see.'

With that he began hand wand after wand to him, all of which contained a single feather from the tail of a phoenix. However the more wands they tried the larger the smile, on the man's face, seemed to get.

'Well Mr Potter it would seem that you were incorrect in you assumptions.'

'Please, just try one more, how about a Holly one.'

'Very well…hmmm…I wonder…It just might work. Try this one here.'

Harry took it from him and immediately felt the familiar warmth of his wand return to his body as he swished the wand and levitated the chair in the center of the room a few feet of the ground.

'Interesting….Very interesting… Well Mr Potter it would seem that I have some competition in my field if you should ever choose it. That will be seven Galleons and four sickles.'

Harry handed over the money amazed that he had managed to gain his wand without raising any suspicion about knowing what his wand would be made of. Shielding his eyes as he left the store he wondered at how safe he now felt with his wand firmly ensconced in the waistband of his trousers (well as firmly as possible considering they were his cousins trousers). This gave Harry the idea of where he was going later. However if he was to do any more substantial shopping he would need to sort out some form of accommodation as such he found himself standing in front of the store Ginny had mentioned and found that it sold all sorts of magically assisted spaces. The store inside immediately reminded Harry of the showrooms for kitchens and bathrooms. The left hand walls held all sorts of trunks and boxes clearly designed with travel in mind and some of them offered full living areas, one even boasted having a fully fitted Quidditch pitch. Along the opposite wall stood doors of all shapes and sizes from garage sized doors to doors for cupboards and drawers. These, according to the sign, were placed against any free wall and instantly created the right kind of space, be it a room or a kitchen cabinet, behind it without taking up more room than the door itself. Harry thought that these were a fascinating idea but for him thought that they might be a little impractical. As such he decided to stick with some form of magical trunk.

After a few minutes of seeing what kind of things could be done with the space in the trunk, Harry decided that the best thing for him would be to buy a single compartment trunk and have it personalized to his requirements. It took him a while to get the shopkeeper to believe that he had the required sum for a personalized trunk, before he would enter into any sort of negotiations as to the contents. Finally he began to explain what he wanted. However half way through his explanations the owner stopped him mid-sentence and whilst staring fairly pointedly at the scar on his forehead stated, 'Blimey, your Harry Potter.'

'Yes, but I don't see what that has to do with anything.'

'Well I was listening to your plan, I began wondering why a six year old would want a trunk of this size, let alone with the fittings that you have suggested,' upon seeing Harry's look though he hurriedly explained himself, 'Now I know its none of my business and I usually wouldn't care so long as the customer has the cash, but when I realized who you were I assumed you had never been informed of the huge house you own else you wouldn't be buying this trunk.'

'I'm not sure I follow sir, what house? The only home my parents owned was Godric's Hollow and that was destroyed.'

'Oh no, that was the house that your father bought your mother. You see I used to work as an Auror before I started this,' he explained whilst waving a hand vaguely at the store, 'I considered myself a friend of you father and his little clique. And I helped him furbish the house at Godric's Hollow. Whilst I was with him he told me once that the Potters also Had an ancestral home, which incidentally was where his parents lived before You-know-who got to them. Sadly I have no idea as to its location, but I'm sure if you ask at Gringotts they'll know. If not I'll make this trunk half price for giving you the run around.'

'Wow sir. I just learnt more about my parents in the last ten minutes than in my entire life thank you. I will be back I think I will still be wanting the trunk only without some of the extras. Thank you again.'

He left the shop not believing the amount of luck he was having today. If he didn't know better he would have thought he had drunk an entire vial of Luck potion.

So it was with a light heart that Harry paid his second visit to the white marble building. It wasn't long before Harry was again being led down a corridor once again to see a goblin about locating his home.

'A pleasure again Mr Potter, what can we do this time?'

'I have just learned that there is a chance that I own a house some where in Britain aside from the one in Godric's Hollow and was wondering if there was any mention of it in the potter assets?'

'With a snap of the goblins long green fingers a large folder appeared on the desk and the goblin began leafing through it. Well Mr Potter it would seem that you do indeed own more than one property, in fact a total of four, including the plot in Godric's hollow. It seem s you own a large mansion, not far from Hogsmead actually a small farm that is rented out in Yorkshire and a second cottage in Devon. We have the keys for all the properties as well as a list of all the wards around the properties. Will you be taking them immediately?'

'Yes please, also if you have directions to them that would be perfect.'

'I will go one better, I will have permanent portkey's made up, will you need more than one or not.'

'Actually if you have two available that would be brilliant.'

'I will have them ready for you at the main desk. If you would just sign here…Thank you. Will that be all?'

'Yes. Thank you again for your help.'

Harry signed the couple of sheets that the goblin handed him before heading towards the foyer to collect the portkey to not just his house but his new found freedom. He had already decided that he would give the extra portkeys to Ginny once they had arranged a meeting. First though he needed to see the owner of the trunk shop again as he had had a small brainwave on how to easily communicate with Ginny without raising suspicion. However he realized as he stepped out into the Alley again that he would have to hurry as it was already beginning to get dark. Hastily he left his request and decided that he would sort out his new life after a good nights sleep. With that he grabbed the first portkey and felt the familiar tug in his abdomen. And after a sickening whirling sensation landed sprawled on a cold marble floor in a large dark entrance Hall


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