Allie let the warm water from the shower head wash over her. It was the first time there was hot water left after one of the boy's showers, or one of Daniel's baths. It felt strange though, since she had grown accustomed to the cold water. There was a knock on the bathroom door.

"Allie?" Allie sighed and turned off the water. She was done anyways.

"Mark?" She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself. The door opened a crack.

"Yeah. I'm going to go out for the day, to get some footage? I'll be back like eightish." Allie stepped out of the shower, secured the towel around herself, and opened the door.

"Kay. Have fun!" She replied with a shrug. Mark shook his head at Allie's openness about her body, and left. Roger came out of his bedroom just then.

"Allie are you out of the…" He trailed off and raised his left brow. She smiled and shook her wet hair.

"You weren't really planning on resting today were you?"


Meanwhile, Maureen was having more than a little trouble.

"Daniel, sweetie, your mom spent a lot of time pumping this milk for you, please drink it! C'mon, drink the goddamn milk! Oh, I'm sorry, I'm a potty mouth. Please…no don't cry!" Joanne looked up from her legal papers.

"Did you just swear at Daniel?" Maureen nodded with a pained expression.

"Yeah. I didn't mean it. I'm sorry Danny!" The infant in her hands began to wail loudly. "I am too sober for this!" Maureen cried, trying unsuccessfully to calm him. Joanne threw down her papers and rubbed her temples.

"Why did you offer to watch him, Maureen?" Maureen began to sob.

"I have no idea! Pookie, can we never have kids?" Joanne looked at her.

"I don't think we really have to worry about that, Mo."

"Well we could've adopted!" Her crying seemed to slow Daniel's, and cause him to laugh. "Oh, that's great. Mock my pain. You are so cruel little kid." Joanne rose and took Daniel from her.

"Go…go do something else. You're being hopeless." Maureen choked out a 'thank you' and ran to draw a bath. Joanne rocked side to side with the now smiling infant.

"She's crazy isn't she?" She cooed, tickling his chin. "Try living with her. You're lucky. Your parents seem at least remotely sane. Could you imagine if Maureen and I raised a child?" Daniel gurgled a little and clapped his hands together. "I know, you'd probably pity the poor kid. To have Maureen as a mother…I shudder at the thought." She slowly moved to the couch and sat down.

"Are you talking about me in there?" Maureen's voice called over the running water. Joanne shook her head, even though she knew Maureen couldn't see her.

"Of course not, Honeybear!" She picked up the bottle from the coffee table and placed it in Daniel's mouth. He obliged and happily sucked on the nib.

"Oh. I thought I heard my name. Try to get him to drink the milk!" She yelled again, turning off the water. Joanne turned towards the door of the bathroom.

"He's drinking it." She replied, sitting back into the couch. The door opened and a towel-clad Maureen stuck her head out.

"What? No fair! He likes you better!" Joanne rolled her eyes.

"Mo, take your goddamn bath."


Roger lay, propped on his elbow, next to Allie, running his hand over her bare skin. This brought a smile to her face, as she sat up a bit, lying on Roger's very uncomfortable pillows.

"Do you like Daniel?" She asked blatantly. Roger was taken aback.

"What? Of course!" Allie lit up.

"Good. I do too." Roger sat up along with her.

"Can I ask you a question?" Allie nodded. "Were you and Mark ever…Did you love him?" Allie sat in silence. How the hell am I supposed to answer that question in a way Roger won't get pissed? How the hell am I supposed to answer that question? Roger stared at her intensely, which caused her to chuckle nervously.

"Do you really want me to answer that question?" Roger nodded.

"I do. Can you please tell me?" Allie sighed and avoided his gaze.

"Yes, I think so." Roger bowed his head.

"I-I thought so. What about now?" Allie looked back at him.

"What about now?" Roger blinked a couple times before answering.

"How do you feel about him now?" Allie gaped.

"Roger, how could you even ask me that? You know I love you-" He grabbed a pair of jeans from the floor and wriggled into them.

"Yeah, but do you love him too?" She wound the sheets tightly around herself (although it didn't really matter) and stood.

"What is with these questions? Are you…jealous of him?" Roger furrowed his brow.

"Jealous? Of Mark? Please…" Allie scanned the room for any articles of clothing she had left in Roger's room, and found a blue slip dress. She quickly put it on and crossed her arms.

"Then what is the cause of this sudden inquisition, huh?" He stormed out of the room and into the kitchen. "Answer me!" He turned to face her.

"You guys just seem…closer since-" Allie's anger rose.

"Since what? Since Daniel? Um, duh! Daniel is our kid. I'm sure if some woman was having your kid you two would be a little close." Roger looked away.

"You're avoiding my question." She leaned against the table.

"What question?" He moved closer to her, until his face was inches apart from hers.

"Do you still love Mark?" Allie pushed him backwards.

"I. Love. You. That should be enough." She wrapped her arms around his neck, but he shook his head and stepped away from her.

"You do still love him. I can't believe this!" He walked back into his room, and Allie followed him.

"Did I say that?" He grabbed a bag and began to throw his few belongings into it.

"You didn't deny it either." He emptied his drawers and shoved his clothes into the bag.

"Wait, what are you doing? Where are you going?" He hastily zipped up his bag.

"Away from all of this. I'm just an intruder here. You've got your son, and Mark, apparently. You don't need me." Allie rushed to him.

"Of course I need you! Roger, I love you! You can't leave…we're just fighting! We always fight, it's how we are!" Roger shook his head and pulled his bag off the bed.

"That's just it. We always fight. I'm tired of it. You guys will be great without me." Tears began to fall onto her face.

"How can you say that? Roger, what is going on with you?" He grabbed his guitar and turned to face her.

"I told you I loved you, Allie, and I meant it. I don't do that very often. I thought I could you know, trust you, but obviously not. You've got Mark and Daniel, and I'm leaving."

"Fine." Allie spoke through her tears, "Go. Leave, that's what you're good at right? Just go. I don't want you here anymore." Roger turned away from her and to the door. He slid it open and walked out. "Wait, Roger! I didn't mean it! You're coming back right? In a couple days? We can fix this, it's just a stupid fight!" Roger looked up at her, his eyes full, and shook his head. He continued down the stairs and out to the street.


"Maureen, I think Mark's here to pick up Daniel!" Joanne called down the hall to the bedroom. Daniel was sleeping in the portable crib Allie's siblings had bought for her. Allie had lent it to Maureen and Joanne, so Daniel would have a comfortable place to sleep.

"Okay Honeybear!" Joanne waited for Maureen to come out of the room, but she didn't, and there was a second knock on the door. She really didn't want to answer it and find Mark standing there, but she obviously didn't have choice. She pulled it open.

"Hey Mark. Daniel's sleeping." Mark smiled as a greeting. Maureen finally emerged from the bedroom.

"Mark, baby! Have a good day?" He nodded.

"It was peaceful. I got a lot of filming done." Maureen smiled and hugged him, while Joanne was forced to pick up all of Daniel's things. "How about you? Did you like hanging out with Daniel?" Maureen looked to Joanne and then back to Mark.

"Uh, of course! I loved him!" Mark raised an eyebrow.

"Really?" Maureen sighed.

"No, he was really noisy and he didn't like me." Mark laughed.

"I take it we won't be asking you for babysitting very often?"

"O Contraire, Joanne was amazing with him!" Mark smiled politely at her, and she returned the favor, and handed him Daniel.

"He really was wonderful. For me anyway." Mark's face lit up.

"Good, I'm glad you like him. I better get going, it's late." Maureen and Joanne nodded and collected all the baby stuff. "I think this is everything."

"If it's not, we know where to find you!" Mark nodded.

"True. Goodnight!"

"Goodnight, Mark."

"Bye, Marky Baby!"


Mark kicked the door. His hands were quite full. It slid open to reveal a sullen and sobbing Allie.

"Oh my god, Allie! What's wrong? Where's Roger?" Allie collapsed on the floor.

"Heleftmeandusbecauseofyou!" She cried inaudibly. Mark set down most of the stuff, and went to put Daniel down, and came back out to Allie.

"You're going to have to say that again." Allie wiped her eyes.

"He left. I guess we broke up, and he just walked out. He took all his stuff." Mark sat horrified.

"Are you kidding?"

"Why the fuck would I be kidding?" He stood up and went to check Roger's room.

"His stuff is gone. I can't believe it. Why?" Allie began to sob loudly.

"He thinks I'm still in love with you!" Mark sat down next to her.

"What? Why would he think that? Wait, still?"

"Shut up Mark. Yes, I suppose I loved you at one time. I think I still do." He smiled, but she hit him. "But I love Roger more, and now he's gone. And I blame you."

"Me? Why?"

"YOU got me pregnant. YOU had to date me. YOU convinced me to move in. Oh, what am I saying, It's all my fault." Mark's arms found his way around her.

"It's not. You know Roger's stubborn and easily jealous, he'll be back, I'm sure." Allie shook her head.

"I don't think so."



A/N: Yes that's the end…I'm sorry if you didn't want it to be but…it needed to be ended. For those of you who are fans, don't worry: I'm writing a sequel! I'd love to thank all you faithful readers and reviewers, I love y'all so much! You've been great to me!