Chapter 1

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo was running, he saw his prey just ahead of him and he ran faster. He knew that he was going to catch this guy. Petty Officer Tom Lawson had raped and murdered a 16-year old girl and he was going down.

They had been handled this case yesterday and McGee had found out that the suspect had used his credit card in a hotel downtown and when Gibbs, Tony and Ziva were walking into the lobby, they recognized him and when they walked up to him he started to run.

Tony could hear Ziva breathing behind him as they chased Tom out into the street and out of nowhere Gibbs came driving the car but Tom dodged it in the last second and the street opened into a crowded square. He looked over his shoulder, stumbled a little but kept on running.

Tony jumped over the hood of the car, gained on the running suspect as he stumbled and hit him from behind with a his shoulder first, tackling Tom to the ground.

Both men on the ground, Tom tried to kick at Tony but the agent was to fast and he grabbed the suspects arms, handcuffed them behind his back and hauled him up to standing as Ziva and Gibbs came running to them.

"Out of breath, Officer David?" Tony said to Ziva smiling his big smile as she tried to catch her breath.

"Not so much." She answered him back, sarcastic.

"You could have fooled me..." Tony said still smiling.

"Let's get him back to the office." Gibbs grumbled and Ziva grabbed Tom, hauling him off to the car.

Tony was just about to follow, when the hair on the back of his neck stood up and he was feeling watched. He looked around, there were several people looking at them but that was natural because he had tackled Tom right in front a restaurant with outdoor serving, he smiled big towards two young ladies and was awarded by a backslap from Gibbs.

"Let's go." Tony nodded and followed his boss back to the car.

At one of the tables a man in his mid-thirties, he had piercing green eyes and blond hair, followed the NCIS- agents with his eyes and when they drove off, he looked down at his cell-phone.

"Well, Mr DiNozzo, do we have a deal?" the man sitting a crossed the table said.

"No, Luigi, we don't have a deal. Did you really think that we would allow you to do this?" The man with the cellphone looked at the man who spoke.

"But Mr DiNozzo, I didn't take your money." The mans hands was shaking and he was becoming paler by the minute.

"Meet me at the hotel after it's done." The man with the cellphone gestured with a hand and the man across him was grabbed by two big men and hauled off. Then he looked at the cellphone again and showed it to a man with a black suit that stood behind him.

"What is it, Emilio?" The man in the black asked.

"It looks like him..."

"Emilio, what?"

"Vinnie, look at the picture." The man in the black suit took the phone and looked at it closely, then looked at Emilio and back at the phone.

"Do you think it's him?"

"I don't know it was 12 years ago I last saw him, but that smile..."

"I know what you mean."

"I'll send it to Marco and ask him what he thinks." Emilio hit the send button, stood up and walked out of the restaurant, Vinnie close to him. They got into a black car and drove off.


Gibbs walked towards the bullpen, not really sneaking but taking his time to take a look at how his team and he loved they way they jumped when they were caught by surprise.

It hadn't taken him long to break Tom Lawson, the petty officer confessed everything and it was only lunch time.

Tony, with his feet on his desk, was discussing something with Ziva, who was leaning over his desk and glaring at him. McGee just sat back and watched with a smile. Gibbs frowned as he looked a little closer at his team.

"I really don't want to know about your underwear, Officer David!" Gibbs said as he walked between his team desks, he smiled as Ziva blushed and Tony swung his legs down from the desk. "And, DiNozzo I want you to go down to Ducky so he can take a look at your shoulder."

"But, boss." Tony looked at his boss surprised.

"Don't think that I can't see that you are favoring your shoulder that you tackled Lawson with!" Gibbs said. "I'm not blind!"

"It's nothing, boss."

"It wasn't a suggestion, DiNozzo." Gibbs barked in his usual way. "Ducky or the hospital!"

"I'm going." Gibbs smiled at him as Tony hurried to the elevator.

McGee and Ziva looked after Tony and then at each other, none of them had noticed anything but Gibbs seemed to notice everything and nothing.

Tony walked out off the elevator, into the autopsy and was met by Ducky looking up at him.

"Hey Ducky, Gibbs wanted me to ask you if..." Tony said trying to come up with an excuse to get away from the exam.

"Hello Anthony, Jethro just called me and said that you injured your shoulder today." Ducky pointed at a table. "Take off your shirt and jump up here please."

"It's not really necessary, Ducky. I'm fine." Tony said his voice betraying that he was very uncomfortable.

Ducky looked at the young agent closely over his glasses, he walked over to Tony and laid a hand on his good shoulder.

"I'm sure that you are alright. But you know Jethro, he never gives up on this sort of things."

"Yeah, I know." Tony sighed but didn't move to get up on the table. "So, you can just tell him that you looked and everything was ok."

"Anthony, you know that I would never lie to Jethro."

"I know, Ducky but..." Tony was feeling very uncomfortable..

"This will just take a few minutes and everything I see stays between us." Ducky said a little surprised at Tony's rectulance of being examined.

"I'm sorry, Ducky it's just that..." Tony just sighed, not knowing what to say but he sat down on the table.

"Don't worry. I haven't forgotten the doctors oath about secrecy. And no one will walk in on us."

Tony nodded and slowly took of his shirt, wincing a little as he moved his shoulder. He kept his eyes looking on a spot on the wall, answering Ducky's questions.

The doctor, looked at Tony's shoulder moving it and then he walked behind his patient, he noticed that Tony had an eye-cathing scar on the lower part of his back.. As he continued his exam, he went thru what he had read in Tony's medical file that was mandatory.

"I don't think it is something serious, just a bruise." Ducky said after a few minutes and looked into Tony's piercing green eyes. "I never read in your file that you have been shot in your back. I read that you have been shot in your arm and leg, yes but not in your back."

"It's because it didn't happened on the job." Tony took his shirt and pulled it on. Ducky was still looking at him when his head popped out of the shirt. Tony sighed as he met Ducky's eyes. "It happened when I was 12."

"I understand, if you ever want to talk about it..." Ducky nodded to himself and dropped the subject.

"Thanks, Ducky." Tony felt relived, but surprised over how easily the doctor dropped the subject, he really didn't like to talk about his family. "You won't tell Gibbs?"

"Of course not. The only thing I'll tell him is that your are healthy, bruised but whole." Ducky followed Tony into the elevator, he was very curious of why Tony was shot when he was so young but knew that he couldn't push the young man.


The black car pulled into a big, private driveway and stopped in front a big mansion, Emilio got out off the car, speaking into his cellphone as he walked into the big mansion.

"I know, Marco it's creepy. He looks like him just a few years older. But Daniella was like that also, don't you remember? Ask father if I can have a couple of days to look into it. Show him the picture and tell him that I want to look for him. Who knows what lies that bitch told him, when she took him away. I know that father wasn't the kindest man to him but he is our little brother" He listened to the voice on the other line. "Don't you remembered when we took him out to the bar for his first drunk? Yes, and that time when we found him making out with that woman who didn't know that he was only 15?" Emilio shook his head as he smiled but became serious as he looked himself in the mirror. " If it is him, then he is our blood, Marco. We need to take care of him and do it better this time. Alright call me when you have talked to father."


AN: Hello, here comes a new stary from me. I haven't given up on my other stories but just had to write this to get it out of my head. I really love this show and the character Tony! So please tell me what you think about the story but please be nice.