Chapter 10

Gibbs was lying on Tony's couch half awake and half sleeping when he thought he heard something making him wide awake. He sat up, listened carefully and was on his feet right away when he located the sound; it was coming from Tony's bedroom.

He hurried into the big bedroom, seeing that Tony was having a nightmare and he was mumbling low as he trashed around in the bed.

"Husch, Tony. It's alright, you are safe." Gibbs said as he sat down on the bed, trying to calm the sleeping agent down. His tries worked and Tony settled down, falling into a calm sleep. Seeing the young man asleep made Gibbs draw a chair up, next to the bed and there did he settle himself down and fell asleep himself.

Tony slowly woke up and he lay still in his bed, waiting for the fuzziness from the painkillers to slowly disappear from his mind. He sat slowly up; feeling a bit sore from yesterdays but nothing major, and he froze when he saw Gibbs half lying, half sitting in a chair next to his bed but the sight made him smile.

Carefully he stood up, trying not to disturb Gibbs, but after a few steps he heard Gibbs clear his throat.

"Where do you think you are going, DiNozzo?" Gibbs voice was a little raw in the morning.

"To the bathroom, if I may?" Tony said smiling as he looked at his boss.

"Sure, I'll start making breakfast."

Tony nodded and made his way into the bathroom; he looked longingly at the shower and decided to take a quick shower. As he stood in the shower, yesterdays events came back to him, Marco and Emilio were here. They had been searching for him and now they had found him. His thoughts went back to the car crash and what Al had said to him, he still remembered his lesson quite clearly.

"You okay in there" Gibbs banged on the door breaking thru Tony's thoughts.

"Yeah, I'm fine boss." Tony said as he turned off the shower and stepped out. "I just spaced out a little in the shower."

"Breakfast is ready, so get your ass out here!"

"Yes, Sir." Tony said with a smile as he dried off and slipped into a pair of sweat pants, which hung low on his hips, before making his way out to the kitchen.

Gibbs was sitting at the kitchen table, he looked up as he heard Tony walked into the kitchen and he tried not to stare at the young man before him. He had seen Tony half naked before and he knew that the young man was very fit, but he hadn't been this close before and he noticed a scar, just above Tony's hip that he hadn't noticed before.

He wanted to ask the younger agent how he got it but then he thought that they had more important things to discuss.

"So you want to tell me why you haven't told anyone that you have two brothers?" Gibbs said as he sipped on his coffee. "Or why your file doesn't say anything about your family?"

Tony looked at the sandwich he held in his hand, he had lost his appetite so he laid it down on the plate knowing that he had to tell Gibbs something. He sighed as he looked into Gibbs clear blue eyes and then he looked down at his hands, he knew that Gibbs had his back and would help him if he asked.

But some part of him was still a little afraid of how his boss would react and some of his thoughts were still on Al.

Tony knew that Gibbs could take Al down in a second but the man was really creepy and he didn't want to put Gibbs in anymore danger.

He sighed deeply and looked into his boss eyes again, what he saw made his heart warm and he knew that Gibbs wouldn't judge him, only help him.

"They are my half-brothers and it was 12 years ago since I saw them." He started as he stirred his coffee. "My mother was my father's second wife. Their mother died when they were four and he married mine a few years later."

"Were you and your brother's close?" Gibbs asked when Tony fell silent.

"Not really but after an incident when I was about 12 we became close and they showed me the meaning of life." Tony smiled as happy memories flashed in his mind. "They were away a lot with our father, working with the family buisness but they tried to be me with me as often as they could."

"Why haven't you seen them in 12 years?" Gibbs asked looking into Tony's green eyes, trying to make him feeling safe but at the same time wondering about the family business. And after seeing Emilio and Marco he had an idea about it but didn't want to pressure Tony to much.

Tony took a deep breath before he continued.

"I don't really know what happened but one day when I was 16, my mother came storming into my room yelling at me to pack my bags and be quick about it. I did what she said, knowing that if I didn't I would be in real trouble. So after I packed my bags she dragged me to a car and we drove off and that was the last time I saw our house." Tony sipped on his coffee trying to shut out the memories of her.

"What happened then?" Gibbs asked trying to stay calm.

"For the next two years we were on the move, living in our bags and searching for her next fix. Then in a small town I don't remember the name on, she sent me out to shop for some food and when I came back to the motel she was dead. From an overdose. I didn't know what to do, so I sat there on the floor when I saw her purse. She had an account in my name and it held a lot of money. So I took it and started a new life." Tony's voice was hoarse and looked at Gibbs with unshed tears, the feeling of loneliness washed thru him again.

Gibbs looked at him, reached out to grab one of his hands and held it. He knew that Tony was a fighter but this made his heart fill with pain for Tony's sake and he wished that he could have been there for him, to help him but he knew that it was wish thinking. He had to show Tony that he would be there for him now and help him get thru this.

"Why didn't you call your brothers or your father?" He asked as he remembered what Emilio had said yesterday.

"I couldn't call my father, we never spoke and he never tolerated me anyway." Tony said, not whining only stating the facts. "I tried to call Emilio and Marco one time but my mother found out and after that she "convinced" me not to call them again. Then of course there was the thing that she said."

"What did she say to you?" Gibbs felt the anger rising in him when Tony said that she had "convinced" him, referring to something other than talking.

Tony looked at his boss his mother's words still in his mind; he had never figured it out what he had done wrong. But he never did anything right anyway.

"That my father wanted to kill me because of something I had done, it sound like it could be true and I wasn't in any position to disbelieve her." Tony closed his eyes, the headache was starting to come back and he rubbed his temples.

Gibbs saw the fine lines of pain around Tony's eyes so he got up and went to get some aspirins for him. Tony nodded his thanks and swallowed them down, grateful that Gibbs had handed him aspirins instead of the strong stuff.

After a few minutes of silence Gibbs grabbed Tony's hand again making the younger agent look at him again.

"What do you want to do about Emilio and Marco?"

"I have to see them, right?" Tony looked into Gibbs eyes.

"No, I can have them run out of town if you want."

Tony laughed at his boss comment, he knew better than to doubt him but he also knew that the twins were stubborn.

"Will you be there with me?" Tony asked feeling childish but knew that he would feel much safer with Gibbs having his back.

"Of course, wouldn't let you face them alone even if you didn't ask me." Gibbs said with confidence.

Gibbs jumped into the shower to freshen up before they started to plan what they should do.

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