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The children stopped singing as they shrunk back behind their leader.

"Now, Sam. Are you gonna be a good boy? Dean wasn't very good. You see, he didn't play by the rules. Will you play by the rules?"

"You bit-" Sam was cut off by a sharp pain that seemed squeeze at his spine.

"Now that wasn't very nice! If you can't play by the rules than I assure you that Dean will suffer...well he will suffer even more then he already is." She let out a small chuckle that made Sam shake with rage.

"What are you doing to him?"

"The question is not 'what am I doing to him', but more along the lines of what is he doing to himself. All I wanted to do was collect what was rightfully mine. Your brother is making that very difficult for me. He is too strong and too attached to it for me to take it while he is living, so it works better for me if he is dead." Her face twisted into a hellish grin.

"What? Take what?"

"Hmmm. Where to start. Maybe in the beginning. The very beginning. Before anything there was Zurvan. Zurvan soon bore twins, both to be gods. One was made of all things good, Ahura Mazda. The other was made of all things evil, Angra Mainyu. Angra Mainyu was the more powerful of the two, but Ahura Mazda was a prophet. He saw what would come if Angra Mainyu's first born, Azhi Dahaka, was able to grow to full power. One evening Ahura Mazda took Azhi Dahaka by surpries, trapping him in an oddly shaped pendent. Ahura Mazda then made careful plans so that the pendent would stay out of evil plans. It was part of the plan for your brother to be the current "keeper". Angra Mainyu and Ahura Mazda have long since passed, but my siblings and I will see to it that our father's eldest is released. You will not stop us."

She spit out the last few sentences so fiercely that they seemed to be laced with venom.

"Please don't kill him."

"Oh, I love it when they beg. Too bad I can't get Dean to beg, yet that is. I hope to break him soon. He is tough though. I'll give him that. I have never failed in killing someonethrough their dreams, until Dean that is."

"What is it you want from me."

"I want you to stay out of my way. Your brother will die no matter what you do. You are better off sitting by his side. You wouldn't want him to die now would you? Because if you don't play by the rules you will die too. Do we have a deal, Sammy?

As his nickname escaped from her lips tiny black dots began to dance in his eyes. He could actually feel the anger rise inside him.

"I don't deal with demons!"

"It's so cute how you think you have a choice."

"Dean won't let you do this. He will stop you!"

"Dean won't touch me. He can't. Every moment that goes by. He gets weaker and weaker. Soon it will be easy enough to walk in to right in to his room and finish him off."

"Than I will kill you myself!"

"Sammy! I expected better of you. I just wanted to have a nice little chat. Minimal force involved. If you keep up with that little thought of yours it will only result on my annoyance and my annoyance means more suffering for your brother and your death. You don't want that do you?"


"That's what I thought. Put him out." the girl commanded as she turned toward the ally's exit. All the children...uh, demons glided toward Sam.

"Mary had a little..."

Sam could feel his eyelids start to drupe. The last thing he saw before he drifted into unconsciousness was a flick of the girls wrist. He felt himself being released.

3 hours later...

"Mister. Hey mister. Wake up!"

A loud groan came from Sam's battered body. His face was bloodied and bruised. His shoulder sat at an odd angle.

"Mister? Are you all right?"

"I think my shoulder is dislocated."

"It's okay. I called an ambulance and the police. I hope you got a good look at whoever did this to ya. Did they take anything?"

"I don't think so."

"Well that's good."

Sam spent several hours in the ER getting patched up. He wasn't released until he had explained several times to the local sheriff that his attacker had come from behind and that he never saw their face. Once he was free to go he headed back up to his brother's room. He crept in to find Dean calmly watching 'Godzilla vs. Mothra'. Dean's yes slowly made their way to look sam over.

"What the hell did you do? You alright?"

"Yeah. I'm fine."

"Come here. Sit."

Sam happily noted that the restraints were gone. After he was seated Dean cupped his hand around Sam's chin. He steered Sam's face closer to examine the bruises and large gash that decorated his left eye.

"Sammy. What happened to you?"

" It's a long story."

"Do I look like I'm going anywhere anytime soon?"

"Not exactly."

"My point exactly. I have time. Spill."

Sam told Dean about the nurse, the children, Ahura Mazda, Angra Mainyu, Azhi Dahaka, and how Dean was a 'keeper'.

"A keeper? What the hell is a 'keeper'?

"I have no idea."

"I'm going to go check it out at the library."

"Yeah." Dean lay back on his pillow as his eyes fluttered shut. He slow raised his hand to rest on his forehead.

"Hey man. You all right?"

"I'm just a little tired."

"Okay. I will be back soon."

2 hours later...

Sam walked into the hospital research in hand. It took him an hour for him to find what he was looking for, but after he narrowed it down the information kept rolling in. As he stepped off of the elevator several nurses and doctors rushed down the hall. They appeared to be responding to a code. Sam's stopped breathing as he watched them rush into hi brothers room...

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