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Q, talking to Picard. Having fun mucking with the little man's head. Little philosophical interlude to a game, perhaps. Enjoy.

Useful things, mortals.

Science and religion are in persuit of the same ideal. They search for the meaning of life. They are both right, and both so very wrong. Their searches coincide: they merely take different avenues of investigation. Religion, the opiate of the masses, seeks to find meaning in persuit of the spiritual. At its best, it can be an enlightening look at the mind of man, and the universe he finds himself in. At worst, it is a powerful, tightly welded, fanatical institution, determined to share their beliefs with all, whether or not anyone else actually wants said beliefs rammed down their throats. Science, dedicated to understanding man through the physical and metaphysical forces that shape the universe around him, also seeks meaning. Its persuits, both practical and ideological in nature, try to show us our nature by showing us the nature of the world we interact with. The benefits we have reaped from this are numerous, yet so are the darker consequences. At times, science seems poised to collapse under the weight of its own success.

Both systems have benefits, yet both are flawed. Perhaps if they realised that their two forces ran along parallel paths, they would combine efforts to produce a single, more efficient search for the common goal - the meaning of life? Or perhaps if they realised that there isn't one? A meaning, that is. The universe exists because it is meant to, it has no other purpose, no other meaning than to be there. To exist. To live?

There is no name for the 'divine', no scientific study that will show the entity behind the universe. There isn't one, because none is needed. The universe is quite capable of running itself, with a little tweak here or there. Rather like a body, no? As the systems of a body are capable of running themselves, so too are those of the unverse.

What a thought. If the universe is like a mortal body, you know, 'as above, so below', does that mean it was created the same way? Did a mammy and a daddy universe get together, in whatever way universes do, and make a little baby universe? Sorry, you'll have to forgive me. My slightly dirty side is showing. But what if they did? What does that make us? Atoms? Blood cells? Building blocks in the construction of the greater being that is the universe itself? And when we die, does that mean that, like dead cells, we are absorbed back into the main system, the main life-force, to be made again into a new functioning part? Makes you feel so ... useful, doesn't it?

Ah well. Enough rambling. On with the game.

This is sister one, having fun. The other two have disowned me for this, but hey, it was fun to write. And Q is fun, even if he is an annoying asshole. R&R, all you sad people you. I love you all. (Oh dear, I'm being far too rude. Forgive me).