Chapter 2 "Embarrassment For Two"

Inuyasha leaped from tree branch to tree branch making his way to the hot spring. Worry could be seen clearly on his face. Why had Kagome lied to him? Was she hurt that bad? This only made Inuyasha more worried and he pushed himself harder.

Meanwhile, Kagome sat in the hot water whit Shippo swimming around happily. "Come here Shippo so I can wash you up." The kitsune came over tight away because he just loved the different things kagome used to wash him up with. They all smelled of sweet flowers and made his fur extra soft and shiny. Kagome smiled down at him as she washed him and then rinsed him off. She could tell by the look on his face he really enjoyed it. "There you go, all done." she said. "Thank you Kagome!" and with that he went back to his splashing and swimming in the spring. Kagome then washed her own body and hair. She returned her belongs to the bag then began to relax back enjoying the warmth of the water on her sore muscles. Her eyes slowly closed as she rested so comfortably.

She had been like that for almost 10 minutes when Shippo's sudden yip had her opening her eyes suddenly. Her gaze was only met by the hanyou that now stood in the spring right in front of her. She scream out "YOU PERVERT! SIT!" Before Inuyasha could ever take another breath he was met with a face full of water. Kagome quickly climbed out of the spring and ran to her bag. She grabbed her towel and clothes before she took off behind the nearest bush for cover. Inuyasha pulled himself out of the spring coughing and panting. "WHY YOU UN-GRATEFUL, GOOD-FOR-NUTTIN WENCH! I COULD HAVE DROWNED!" Kagome stood frozen behind the bush as she looked at Inuyasha. He had never used that tone of voice with her before. But something was odd. His voice said he was angry but his eyes said he was worried or scared. But why? "Inu...yasha?" He stood huffing and puffing on the side of the hot spring. Shippo lay huddles under a bush behind him. He too had never seen Inuyasha like this and it scared him. "Why the hell did you lie to me?" Inuyasha kept his eyes on Kagome. "I asked you if you were hurt and you lied to me! Did you think I wouldn't find out? I can smell the blood from you for a mile away!" Kagome blinked. Blood? What blood? She wasn't hurt. What was Inuyasha talking about?

Kagome's towel began to slip alil and she adjusted it only to drop her clothes on the ground. She bent over to gather them up and noticed a stain on her panties. At a closer look her eyes widened and she gasped. Her period! She had gotten it and hadn't even realized it! She had been so careful the last few months about making sure to be away when she had it so Inuyasha wouldn't know about it. Inuyasha interrupted her thoughts "ANSWER ME KAGOME!" Her cheeks turned bright red. That's why he looks so upset, he's worried about me, she thought. And if she didn't tell him soon there was going to be more trouble but the thought of having to say that was so embarrassing! Kagome dropped her gaze to the ground and whispered. "I didn't lie to Inuyasha. I'm not hurt, really I'm not. Its just that I...well I..." Inuyasha was growing very impatient. "What Kagome? You what?" She mumbled her period under her breath but Inuyasha's sensitive ears heard it clearly. At first he looked at her puzzled then she made things clear by mumbling again her time of the month. Inuyasha suddenly turned redder then ever thought possible. "" Inuyasha stuttered as he turned around. He mumbled a quick sorry before he took off to find a place to hide for a bit till he could recover from his embarrassment over the way he acted towards Kagome over something so very personal.

After Inuyasha had settled into a high tree branch he finally took a sigh of relief. He certainly wasn't expecting that when he set out to question Kagome and now he felt bad for it. He glanced around making sure all was calm. He had chosen a spot out of sight from kagome but still close enough that if any danger should come he would be there in a flash to help her. Even thought she might not like that idea of having to see him again so soon. He cursed at himself mentally again for what he had done. Why hadn't he been able to pick up on it sooner? Normally he can tell the difference between when a female is bleeding normally and when she is bleeding from heat. He had learned all of these things awhile ago and had learned to stay clear of females when in heat, especially demon females. Had he been so worried about Kagome he failed to notice the other smells of heat completely? Inuyasha shook his head, so many question and not enough answers! It was always that way when he thought about Kagome.

Kagome proceed to wash out her panties then got out a clean pair before dressing. She then walked to a small near-by clearing. Shippo gather sum firewood for Kagome as she had asked then began to dig thru the bag in search of the ramen she always brought with her. Kagome got a fire going and heated the water. She pour the water into three cups of ramen and as they sat cooking she rolled out her bed stuff. She sat quietly with Shippo and ate. After she ate she simply crawled into bed. Shippo came over and kissed her gently on the forehead. "Goodnight Kagome' He whispered as he curled up next to her. Kagome whispered a goodnight back to him and pulled the covers up. She knew Inuyasha must have been almost as embarrassed as she was and probably wouldn't be back for alil while. Still she also knew that he was close by. He would never go too far away because he was always there to protect her. She left out a cup of ramen just in case he picked up the scent. Kagome slowly drifted off to sleep with thoughts still running thru her head.

A short while later a shape hopped down into the tiny campsite. Without making a sound it tip-toed up to the ramen. He silently grabbed it before hopping back up into a tree branch. Inuyasha sat there and ate his ramen and watched closely over Kagome's sleeping form. Then just before daybreak he took off again still too embarrassed to face Kagome when she woke.