Disclaimer: I do not own or write or have anything to do with the show Yu Yu Hakusho. This is a fanfiction that I made up and decided to share with you. So please send me any comments, suggestions, and/or complaints that you might have. I enjoy getting feed back good or bad. I also dedicate this first story (I plan to write many more when I have the time) to my new friend and otaku (anime lover), Brandi, who after reading her fanfiction on Inuyasha, I decided I too should take a chance and see how people like my writing. INTRO: A small village in the feudal era. Night had just come and the rain began to pour down. Somewhere in the shadows of the woods, figures rocked back and fourth waiting for the signal to move in. All their eyes on the small house set off from the others. The one that belonged to Konsaki and his family. They were demons, they knew it, they may look like ordinary humans but they not. So they must die, all demons must die. Suddenly the call was sent out. The signal! Attack! Chapter 1 "The Begining" Present day, just after dark on the island where the dark tournament is being held. "Katrina, RUN! Just run away as fast as you can and don't look back! Please just go Katrina GO!" I woke with a start. Those words again, why do I keep hearing them? Who is telling me to run and why? Why can't I remember? I looked around and realized I didn't know where I was. "Where am I? Why am I outside?" I said out load to myself, I looked around me but couldn't see much. It was dark and raining. I hate the rain. It always makes me sad and angry but I don't know why. I pulled myself up using the tree I had been leaning on. "Oh great I'm lost! Now what do I do? Where do I go?" And why am I talking to myself, I thought. I looked around again. My eyes were beginning to adjust so maybe I could find a path that would hopefully lead to someone, something, anything for all I care. I began walking. I had gone far when I heard voices. People? Oh I hope so. I walked toward the sound but stopped short when I saw their faces. Thier not humans, their monsters! I turned as fast as I could hoping that they hadn't seen me. "Hey look a human girl!' To late they saw me. "Come here little girl we just want to talk" But I had already began to run. "Hey come back! Lets get her, boys!" With that I began to run harder. I had to get away, far away but where to go? I turned and headed in one direction. I turned around a tree sharply and ran right into something. "AAAHHHH!" I screamed! Please don't let it be a monster, please. I looked up and there stood a boy with three eyes! "You should watch where you going, girl" he shouted at me. With that I panicked and took off running again. I had to get away. I just had to. I went to turn again and of course hit something. It was a person again. I tried to run but they held my arms. This is it, I was caught. Then I heard him speak soft and gentle "Stop, its okay your safe now. I have you." I looked up to see who spoke. A boy about my age with beautiful red hair. He was human! "Oh thank you, thank you!" I began to sob uncontrollably into his shirt. "I was so scared these things were after me!" "Its okay, your safe now" Those were the last words I heard before I fainted. "Hmm, I see you caught her, Kurama." Hiei stepped out of the darkness. "Yes, she was quite exhausted from running" He replied. "So now what do we do with her?" Hiei asked. "I suppose we take her back to the hotel where she can rest." Kurama replied. "We'll have to find out more about her when she wakes." Yes, Yes, I know! Very short opening chapter but oh well. Its called a teaser for a reason, ya know. So if its done its job and peaked your interest. Keep Reading!