Chapter 9 "A Plan In Action"

"Is this the one you want miss? Miss?" The clerk stood behind the counter at me waiting for an answer. "Oh yes. Sorry about that." He nodded and took out the meat to be sliced and packaged. I still couldn't believe all that had happened in just one night. As I stood in the butcher shop watching the clerk package my items up my mind once again drifted bak to the events that had happened in such a short period of time.


"NO!" There is no way im gonna allow that!" Yusuke's voice was getting louder with each note. "Shhhhh!" I hissed at him. "If you wake up your mom were all going to be in a lot of trouble." He sat back down grumbling but I could tell he still had a lot to say on this matter. "Look," I said, "It's perfect and you know it. No One knows about the Doujo any more and unlike you I haven't missed the last two weeks of school." "She's right Yusuke," Kurama's gentle voice broke in. "They will be able to stay there unnoticed until Hiei is well again and I can make frequent visits just to be sure all is alright." "Plus I promise I will never leave the whole time. I'll bring all the supplies I need there with me and I have the best excuse as to why I wont be in school." I stared into his eyes pleading. I need this not just to prove myself but a break from school was deserved. "You haven't missed a day since you got here, How are we going to explain your sudden absence exactly" Yusuke couldn't even hide the smugness as he said that thinking he had won. "Simple." I said. "The same reason you two missed the last two weeks. You know after taking care of your nasty flu it seems I've gotten it myself." I faked a few light coughs just to prove my point. Yusuke grumbled. He knew any argument he came up with Kurama or I could counter but he still didn't like this idea for some reason. "It is perfectly safe and completely reasonable and you know it." Yusuke stared at the ground for a few good minutes before finally looking at me. "Alright, but you better do everything I say to the letter or I'll never let you out of my sight again, understood?" "Yes!" I gave him a big hug. "Eh...quit it already, You shushed me for being loud." With that the plan was under way.

End Flashback

So now here I stood. One large suitcase, a train ride and a few stores worth of supplies away from the city in a little butcher shop. After the agreement was made I had packed all my things, got money from Yusuke and made my way on the train here. Kurama took Hiei ahead of me earlier. As I packed Yusuke paced in my room relaying the rules to me over and over again. Don't leave for any reason. Don't let any find out were there. Don't tell any one. Any sign of danger run for the nearest phone and call him. On and on her went with don't do this or don't do that. She thought it would never end but he eventually did. She then gave him all the details on how he and Kuwabara had been absent with the flu. I had taken care of them and helped them do all their make-up work. Kuwabara was impressed till he realized that he and Yusuke would now be taking over their own school work and mine. The he put up an even bigger fuss when he heard he also had to help Yusuke track down the demons who attacked them on their mission. After a few more arguments and having to almost tie and gag Kuwabara we stood on the train platform waiting for the train. When it came Yusuke hugged me tight. "Please, just this once, listen to me." I sighed and hugged him back. "I promise" I didn't know what it was like to have a brother but im sure if this was it, I had the best brother ever. I waved goodbye and got onto the train.

The sun had just began to rise when I left so when I arrived the morning rush was just beginning and shops just opening. I made my way thru the small town stopping at deferent stores. The bakery for bread, cheese and milk. The Pharmacist for bandages, medicine and any other thing I thought would be useful. I picks some fruits at a corner stand then went to the butchers for some sliced meat. He handed me my packages with a smile and I paid for it. I grabbed a new book at the bookstore then began to make my way to the doujo. I shifted one of the large brown bags that was in my hands as my suitcase dragged behind me. It was too late for to noticed when I walked right into some causing the contents of a bag to spill and the other ripped. I sat on the ground rubbing my behind when the person spoke. "We really have to stop running into each other like this." "Huh?" I looked up to stare into those gorgeous emerald green eyes of Kurama. I felt my heart skip as he offered me his hand. What's wrong with you girl? Get a grip. You don't like Kurama in that way right?. I gladly took his hand and got to my feet. We began to pick up the stuff and place them back into the bags. Then it hit me, "What are you doing here? Didn't you take Hiei to the doujo." He laughed. "Yea but that was over and hour and half ago. So I went to find you." "REALLY?" I quickly glanced at my watch. "I'm so sorry. I must have lost track of the time while I was getting the supplies. And I pose to call Yusuke!" He started to laugh again. "Its ok. I already called Yusuke and said you made it here just fine." I gave him a strange look. "I had figured you went shopping after I saw the way the doujo's kitchen looked." I laughed and gathered the bags up again. "Here let me take them." Before I could respond he had taken the bags. I grabbed my suitcase and we walked to the doujo quietly.

After we got to the doujo I put the groceries away and unpacked my bag in a room. Then I went to see Kurama and Hiei. "So how is he?" Kurama looked up as I walked in. "Much better." He said as he changed the washcloth on his forehead. "The poison is out of his system so its just a matter of time before he wakes up." "That's good. Would you like anything?" "Oh no. Thank you, but I need to get home myself.." I nodded, feeling alil sad at the thought. "Come on, I'll tell you what you need to do." Once again I was given the rules as what to do with Hiei while he was in my care. Before I knew it Kurama was on his way and I was left alone. So I began my long day of nothing but watching over Hiei. I sat beside him changing his washcloth frequently while reading my book. But for some reason my mind drifted to Kurama with out even realizing it. I shook my head. Quit you idiot. Geez. What has gotten into you? I turned my attention on Hiei as he stirred lightly. I gasped lightly as I saw a look of pain flash across his face and he muttered the name Yukina. He's dreaming of his sister! I didn't know much about Hiei or his sister but form what I heard they both had a tough childhood apart. I had never seen Hiei look the way he did as when he was sleeping and once again I felt my heart skip. AHHHH! What is going on with me? I'm officially loosening it! I quickly put all my attention into my book. A good mystery should clear my mind out in no time, I thought as I chewed on my bottom lip. A quick glance at Hiei though had me second guessing myself.