Why did I write this? Cause I know most of you out there are Yuka (or want to be) bashers, like me. So, this makes up for it! Not meant to be taken seriously however. If you do well…something's wrong with you…

Killing Yuka

Sighing to herself, the brunette paid the shop keeper and grabbed the grocery bag from him. Leaving the store, the summer breeze hit her like a ton of bricks. Summer had just come in all its glory and was turning everything brown.

Deciding to take a short cut, Yuka turned down an alleyway, her footsteps echoing off the large brick walls. Coming out of the small entrance, the light above her flickered on and off making her jump slightly.

"Street lamps," she said to herself, continuing her way home. But she failed to notice the person in the shadows, only a few feet away from her.

Quickly crossing the road, Yuka jumped up and over the gutter, and onto the pathway. Another alley was in the way, so she decided to take it instead of going around.

Walking into the small gap once again her footsteps echoed off the wall. But she stopped half way through seeing someone blocking the rest of the path. She squinted in the dark to try and see, but she could only make out the woman's hair…

"Nyuu? What are you doing out here so-"

"Shut it…" she interrupted coldly.

"Nyuu, what are you-"

The cherry haired girl looked up, revealing serious eyes, with a glint of something inhuman.


"I've had enough of you," She said voice dripping with poison.

Dropping her bag carelessly, Yuka's eyes widened "Wait…you're not Nyuu…"

"Took your time, didn't you?"

Yuka panicked. This was the serial killer Nana had told her about. And when it came to Lucy, there was no way out but to kill her yourself as Nana had so kindly let them know.

And so, she ran.

Yuka only made it a few steps before being pulled to the ground by an invisible force. She tried to get up, but something held her down. She struggled harder as Lucy's footsteps grew closer and closer.

When they stopped, Yuka looked up to see Lucy, grinning sadistically above her with the light shining off her in such a way, it made her look…insane.

"Ready to die?" Lucy asked summoning one of her vectors.

"Nyuu! NO!"

Shooting up in her bed, Lucy looked around. After realizing she was in her room, she sighed. "Only a wonderful dream of course…" she said to herself.

I couldn't get away with killing her that easily could I?