I warn, this is a Cheshire-Alice fic, currently undergoing revision….

For those who were once actually following this… I'm terribly sorry, I am terrible when it comes to finishing hobbies I started, but as I moved things around the chappies got a bit weird. There may seem to be one less chapter, but seven is actually new! (hides from tomatoes being thrown)

Oh! And I almost forgot: If I owned Alice, do you think I'd be writing a fic?


A young woman walks by herself down the street, with the sunset's light illuminating her beautiful features; large emerald eyes, straight reddish-brown hair, full red lips in a light skinned face and a curvaceous body that her ample blue dress can't quite hide. In a hand she holds a brown suitcase and a book, on the other a cat who purrs contentedly in her hold. A light smile pulls at her lips as her eyes shine with unbridled glee…. She is at last free.


Alice got down from the carriage that had taken her to a nice small house in the outskirts of the city. Some time ago, it would have been painful to be back here; this was, after all, the very spot where her parents had died brutally, slaughtered by the fierce fire that burned away her former home and sanity. Their screams had tortured her for years in the silence of her room at Rutledge's, but she was ready now; the guilt was no more, and she had to at least try.

Alice couldn't help but drink in the sight of her new home. This was no longer the house of the accident- since it was gone in a whirl of ash and smoke it had been rebuilt- but that was fine with her. All that mattered was that she was free to make a normal life, or at least, as normal as someone with her background could manage.

A soft "meow" yanked her off her cloud and back to the world. With a half-aware ear rub to the cat, the green-eyed female went into the house and softly deposited the animal on the ground. As she began exploring, Alice couldn't help but notice the cat's eyes constantly on her back. She always seemed to know when someone was watching.

'The house must have been burnt more extensively than I had thought'

Nothing remained like in the original structure; the upper floor now held a corridor, with doors on its sides leading to 3 rooms and a bathroom, the ending held the master bedroom with its own bath. It was in this luxurious room that Alice finally dropped her suitcase and turned to regard her feline, who now laid comfortably in the Victorian style, King-size bed. At least someone had already made herself at home! Amused by the typical cat antics, her laugh caught the animal's attention. Green met amber as their gazes clashed and Alice felt her knees go weak.

There, superimposed in a translucent mirage another set of golden eyes watched her from an emaciated frame, complete with the characteristic grin. Her faltering step back was unintentional, the whisper that escaped ruby lips wasn't.