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Twenty-eight days. Twenty-eight mind-blowing, body-numbing days. And the clock was ticking and ticking fast.

As he waited for Erin at the park, Randy thought about everything that happened. He met and fell in love with an incredible woman—just to blow it completely to hell.

He never meant to hurt her. He respected her too much to toss her aside like some trick. But Randy also knew that the chances of Erin returning to him now were shot to hell. If she wasn't responding to any of his attempts of contact, why would stay married to him?

I'm an asshole. And I don't deserve her.

Randy studied the people playing in the park. There was an old couple holding hands, strolling around the park. There was a couple playing with their young daughters. There was another couple who was expecting a baby, playing with their Labrador. Randy thought about how it could've been him and Erin in a few years. But then he thought about what had transpired in the last week and those thoughts quickly disappeared.

Randy kneeled over and buried his hands in his face. The past twenty-four hours had been miserable. He had no idea what Erin wanted to talk to him about. It had to be something more than the papers he begrudgingly sent over to her. He was strongly against sending Erin any forms, but his father's business partners and associates insisted on it and the wording, for that matter. But Randy knew Erin wouldn't want anything to do with his money or estate. It wasn't why she married him and it definitely wasn't why she was leaving him.

"Randy…" Erin said as she sat next to him on the bench.

Randy looked up at his wife. She was beautiful with her long hair pulled up in a tight bun, her glasses framing her face and her makeup nicely done. She was wearing a heavy sweater, blue jeans and boots. Most importantly, she was still wearing the platinum wedding band.

"Hey Boo." Randy said, unsure how to approach her.

It's been a few days since Erin has seen Randy and she almost forgot how gorgeous he was. Wearing a white dress shirt and blue jeans, Randy looked amazing. He wore her favorite fragrance on him, Obsession. And he was also still wearing his wedding ring.

"How are things?" She asked.

"I would be lying if I said it's been easy and everything has been fine. What about you? How is everything?"

"The same. It hasn't been fun." Erin said. She looked down at her manicure as she building the courage to talk. "Randy, I just need to know. Why didn't you tell me about the will?"

"Would you have given me a second look? Would you have gone out with me?"

Erin shook her head. "Probably not."

Randy knew he had to do something. "Erin, listen to me. Getting with you may have been the reason why I married you, but it's not the reason why I want to stay married to you. Boo, I love you. I love everything about you. I love how you tease me because I look like a little boy when my hair is all messed up in the morning to how you help me figure out a presentation for a major client.

"If you don't want to stay married to me, I understand. Those documents that I sent yesterday weren't my ideas. My dad's business partners and associates didn't want anything to happen to Orton Advertising despite me telling them that you weren't like that. But please know that I never meant to hurt you and if I can take back everything I've said and done, I would fifteen times over."

Erin nodded and didn't move her gaze from her manicure. She knew she was right in her gut instinct that it wasn't Randy behind those letters. "Want to know how I feel, Orton? I feel that you're a lying selfish fucking bastard." She turned her face to him and saw his mouth was slightly hanging open. "You knew what you were doing when you suggested we go to Vegas. You knew what you were doing by delaying the annulment. You knew what you were doing when you conveniently didn't let me know about the will, yourself."

Randy remained silent. He wasn't expecting Erin to tell him off but he wasn't surprised that she was doing so.

"But as much as you manipulated my heart and emotions to your own liking, you manipulated my heart and emotions to my liking. You knew what you were doing when you held me in your arms and told me everything was going to be okay. You knew what you were doing when you introduced me to your friends as 'my beautiful wife, Erin.' You knew what you were doing when…when…" Erin paused so she could retain her emotions. "You knew what you were doing when I wanted you to be my first…and my only."

Randy looked confused as he turned to face his wife. "What are you saying, Boo?"

Erin moved closer to Randy and grabbed his hand. "I can't imagine anyone I would want to piss off and annoy more for the rest of his life other than you, Randy."

Randy shook his head, trying to grasp everything. "You mean, you mean, you mean…like, like, like….us, like us? Like us together?"

Erin silenced Randy with a kiss. "A mute Randy is a cute Randy."


Now that the marriage was still in-tact, everything moved forward between Erin and Randy. Deciding that they needed more time to get to know each other but wanting to stay married, the pair went on weekly dates. Erin kept her position at Orton Advertising and worked closely with Randy on a daily basis. While she didn't move back in with him yet, their relationship was stronger and closer than before.

One night before their date, Randy stopped by Orton Advertising to pick up some paperwork. He claimed that it was important that he retrieved the paperwork that night. "This will be just real quick, Boo."

Erin grudgingly walked through the corridor of the building. She knew how serious Randy was about his work but she also felt he could've waited until the next morning to pick up the paperwork. "This could've waited, Randy."

Randy shook his head. "No, it couldn't have. I needed to get these documents now."

Erin rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

Randy stopped walking and kissed his wife. "Just wait right here."


"Just wait. I'll be right back." Randy said as he disappeared.

Erin stood in the atrium, pouting. She wanted to have a nice dinner and go see a movie. She wasn't planning to be stuck waiting for her workaholic husband to get some goddamn paperwork. This is bullshit.

After a few minutes, Randy appeared again only this time he was carrying a guitar. "Alright, I'm ready to go."

Erin smiled. "What's that?"

"Oh this? It's a guitar."

"No shit, Orton." Randy began strumming the guitar and humming along the melody, which surprised Erin. "Randy, I didn't know you knew how to play. Are you going to sing to me?" Her face lit up.

Randy shook his head. "Please, I may have my dumb moments but I'm not that stupid." He then motioned to his left. "Instead, five of my close friends are going to speak for me."

Just then, all five members of Erin's favorite band, NSYNC, appeared. Little did Erin know that Randy and Justin Timberlake had ties way back and kept a tight friendship throughout the years. As the guys and their accompanists sat down on their respective stools, Randy walked over to Erin. Tears were forming in her eyes and she was trying to retain her composure.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" Erin began to breathe quickly.

"Baby, don't cry. You'll ruin your makeup." He teased as he stood behind her.

"Erin," Justin called to her, "I don't know too much about you but I do know how much that dumbass right there loves you." He pointed to Randy.

"Justin, I love you!" Erin ran to him and hugged him.

"Hey!" Randy smiled.

Justin smiled as he hugged her back. "After all these years, Randy, your chicks still want me!" He laughed as Randy rolled his eyes. "Erin, Boo, this is song is for you from Randy."

The accompanists started to strum the melody of "Gone" on their guitars and piano. Justin's vocals filled the atrium as the band kept playing.

There's a thousand words that I could say

To make you come home

Oh, seems so long ago you walked away

Left me alone

I remember what you said to me

You were acting so strange

and maybe I was too blind to see

That you needed a change

Was it something I said

To make you turn away?

To make you walk out and leave me cold

If I could just find a way

To make it so that you were right here

Right now...

I've been sitting here

Can't get you off my mind

I've tried my best to be a man and be strong

I've drove myself insane

Wishing I could touch your face

But the truth remains..

You're gone..

You're gone..

Baby you're gone

Girl you're gone, baby girl, you're gone..

I don't wanna make excuses, baby

Won't change the fact that you're gone no,no

But if there's something that I could do

Won't you please let me know?

The time is passing so slowly now

Guess that's my life without you

and maybe I could change my every day yeah

But baby I don't want to

So I'll just hang around

and find some things to do

To take my mind off missing you

and I know in my heart

You can't say that you don't love me too

Please say you do

I've been sitting here

Can't get you off my mind

I've tried my best to be a man and be strong

I drove myself insane

Wishing I could touch your face

But the truth remains

Oh what will I do

If I can't be with you

Tell me where will I turn to

Baby Who will I be

Now that we are apart

Am I still in your heart?

Baby why don't you see?

That I need you here with me

After the song was finished, Erin turned over to face Randy, except now he was on one knee. His eyes were filled with tears and he had a Tiffany's box opened to reveal a princess-cut Sapphire, flanked by two small diamond side stones. "I can't promise you that I won't hurt you again. I can't promise that I won't break your heart. But I can promise that for as long as I live, Boo, you will always be in my heart. Erin Michelle Williams, will you do me the absolute honor of becoming my wife?"

While they've been married for three months, Randy never officially proposed to Erin. He felt that she deserved a proposal after everything he had put her through. He was meeting with Kate and Trish to find out what was her dream ring and had it created in just a few weeks. Erin fell to the ground and wrapped her arms around Randy. "Yes, Randy. Yes."

Randy breathed a sigh of relief as he held his wife. He then pulled away and slipped her new engagement ring on her. "I'm going to give you the best wedding, Erin."

She shook her head. "You already have, Randy."

Randy shook his head. "No, not that crap. It's going to be huge. Flowers, celebrities, gifts. The works." He smiled.

Erin smiled. "Randy…"

"I mean it. Metallica can play at the reception. Marilyn Manson can give a toast. MC Hammer can officiate. Mariah Carey can be a bridesmaid….Boo, it's going to be the wedding of the year!" He said excitedly.

And that's when Erin knew. She wasn't getting married to just anyone. She was getting married to an Orton. Awe shit……

To Be Continued…..