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Tenten was walking by a park. It was summer and it was scorching hot! Suddenly, something cought her eye,

Wait, did she just see Neji, THE Hyuuga Neji with a girl, that was or IS impossible, hell would freeze over before that happened, at least that's what she thought….

Yep, sure enough, there was Neji and another girl holding hands and happily talking. The unkown girl was giggling uncontrolibly and Neji apparently was having fun due to the well known smirk plastered across his face.

A/N: I know! Neji is kinda… wait, really OOC but Tenten is too so it sorta balances the scale. Heh heh…

Tenten had seen enough. She stormed out of the parkmaking a mental note to kill Neji during training this afternoon, but then again, it would only happen IF she went to training.

Here's the thing,

It started out friends.

It was cool but it was all pretend.

Yeah yeah, since you been gone…

Tenten: I can't believe him! How could he do this to me when he know I love him!

Dedicated, you took the time,

Wasn't long till I called you mine,

Yeah yeah, since you been gone…

Tenten: That's it, if he doesn't love me, I won't love him, AND THAT'S FINAL

An all you'd ever hear me say,

Is how I picture me with you…

That's all you'd ever hear me say…

Tenten was running through the streets of Konoha with tears running down her already tear stained face, when she reached her destination, she knocked on the door, when it opened, Sakura stood there, the moment she saw what a mess Tenten was she immediately ushered her into the house and into her bedroom. Next, she grabbed the phone and called Hinata and Ino to meet at her house. Tenten just kept on crying.

But since you been gone,

I can breathe for the first time,

I'm so moving on,

Yeah yeah, thanks to you,

Now I get what I want…

Since you been gone…

When the girls were all gathered, Tenten explained what happened.

"HE WHAT!" man, Ino sure can scream…

"I..I…I just can't b..b..b..believe that Neji-nee-san would do that…" Hinata mumbled

they all looked at Tenten with pity in their eyes. Tenten being crying, didn't notice so she didn't kill them for pitying her, she hated it.

"I would go beserk if I saw Sasuke-kun with another girl…"-Sakura

"Same here except MY Shika-kun only has eyes for ME!" Ino boasted

"uhh… Ino? That doesn't really help with our problem here.." Sakura guestured towards Tenten while sweatdropping.


An ANBU appeared outside Sakura's window. He threw a scroll in the room and disappeared as quickly as he had appeared. Sakura took up the scroll, it read:

Girls, please meet me in my office immediately, no exceptions.


"I guess we have to go eh?" mumbled Tenten

"yeah, let's go then, we can take care of this problem once we get back"Ino stood up.

On the way to the Hokage's Office, the girls, unfortunately for Tenten, bumped into Neji.

"Tenten! I found you! You were supposed to meet me to train but you never showed up so I came and started to look fo-"


Ino and Sakura both had swears coming out of their mouths at a steady pace. (A/N: Ino Sakura freaky…O.o)

Neji, as usual was just ignoring them and was facing Tenten"Well? Are you coming?" it sounded more like an order than a question.



"I said NO, I have to go to the Hokae's office and second, I HATE YOU"

O.oNeji's reaction (A/N: hahaha! LOL)

The four walked past Neji without a single good-bye.

"Whoa, why are they mad at me?"

Meanwhile, they finally made it to the Hokage's office…

"Okay, so you guys are probably wondering why you're here right?"

they nodded

"Well… I'll just come clean, your not who you think you are… you four areguardians, of the four elements:Earth(di), Fire(hwoa), Water(shwa), and Air/wind(tchi).

(A/N: I'm so srry! I don't know how to sound out chinese words with english! I learn that in grade 8! I'm only in grade 7)

"it is said that once you four have become strong enough as ninja's you have to resume your place that you were born for"

Tsunade looked at the girls. They all had unreadable expressions.

"Oh! And you have to meet your birth mother too, Nushimi-sama, would you kindly come out?"

there was a huge explsion with a bunch of smoke following it. When the cloud of smoke cleared, the girls gasped. Standing before them was…

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