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Warnings: This does contain self-harm, thoughts of suicide, and abuse.

Harry stood on the corner of Privet Drive. Letting the comforting cold wind blow past his numb body. The heavy metal knife like a dead-weight in his pocket. The same knife Sirius Black his Godfather had given him. Currently his Godfather was watching him from the bushes. Wondering what his Godson was doing. Standing on the corner in plain sight. He was about to get out of his hiding place to talk to the young teen, when the teen in question began walking across teh street. Coninuing on his never-ending stroll.

Harry walked slowly and steadily. His heart beating slowly along with his delibaret footsteps. He knew Sirius was on guard tonight. He knew Sirius was watching his every step. He didn't care.

Sighing Harry thought back on his miserable life at the Dursleys since school had started.His life was full of pain. Never-ending pain. Being beated physically, and mentally. His mind bruised almost as much as his body. His wrists held a ladder of pain relivers. Cut after red scabby cut. Each a sign of letting his pain flow like the red tears that shed from his wrist intead of his broken face.

Every summer had been the same. Arriving from School. Doing chores, writing letters, recieving letters, and being beaten. Until something happened at school before he left. Cedric Diggory had died. Right in front of Harry.

It was Harry's fault of course. He had debated with the boy until he decided they would both grab the cup at the same time. Harry surrvived the revival of Voldemort. Cedric didn't. Because Voldemort was back security had been doubled around Harry. Instead of one guard there were two. Mundungus was supposed to be with Sirius but he was missing. Probably selling stolen cauldrons. The worst thing to Harry about this lock down was being cut off from the Wizarding World. Dumbledore had taken Hedwig away. Saying Harry would get her back when School was back in. Harry was on lock down. Supposedly to protect him.

In The End it just pushed Harry farther back into the overwhelming darkness. Walking past the deserted swings at the park Harry continued walking. His feet leading him. His mind no longer working properly. Thus Harry had been walking for at least two hours and Sirius was getting worried. Harry was leaving his boundries. Correction. Harry had left his boundries a half-hour ago.

Walking up to the teen Sirius appeared at his side casually. "Harry. You left the boudnries." He informed him gently. Harry continued walking. "Hey. Kiddo. Stop for a sec." Sirius said concernedly. Putting a hand on Harry's departing shoulder to stop him. Turning him around to face himself, Sirius lifted his chin with his index finger. "What's wrong?"

All Harry did was look at Sirius. His eyes blank of emotion or recognition. Before answering him Harry stepped back away from Sirius's touch.

"Everything. Is wrong. Everything is fucked up." Harry answered before turning around and walking back to the Dursleys. His head bent once again. But this time he was ready. Ready to add another step to his ladder of pain. Maybe this could be the final step. Maybe Harry could finally get away from this hell-hole. Maybe.

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