Harry wake slowly, letting himself get acquainted with his boundaries. 'damn!' he though as the past days events reached his slow mind. Nothing would be okay now, he had a perfect life, and he went and screwed it up. Slowly opening his eyes, he saw that he was alone in his room, he saw the sun going up. Heard and smelled the breakfast brewing downstairs. He found it a little strange to have nobody waiting for him wake up. Maybe he was supposed to go downstairs on his own? Harry thought to himself, he wasn't ready to face them, getting up he stretched his stiff muscles and headed to the bathroom. A good shower would help him, maybe.

"Remus, are you sure he should be alone?" Sirius asked for the billionth time as they heard Harry's shower going off upstairs.

"Yes Sirius. Let him come down when he's ready. You all know the drill, let him bring the subject up, let him work through it with us, DON'T push him." Remus warned Ginny, Hermione, and Ron. Mrs. Weasley had gone home, this was for the kids to work out with their best friends, and Sirius and Remus were closer than her.

"Right." The kids chorused.

"Hey, you hungry?" Remus asked caringly as Harry entered, his hair wet and his eyes downcast.

"No." He mumble walking past the kitchen and into the library. Ignoring them all together, they could talk to him, he didn't want to let them in, he wouldn't let them in. He made that mistake once, but once was a long time go, he was stronger then ever, he wouldn't let their hurt from him interfere in living in his world of denial.

"Well that went well, I say we just confront him, I mean seriously. We can't live with no sharp objects, he has already proved he can get them everywhere we can't let him stay were he is,. He isn't going to talk to us! He won't even eat!" Sirius yelled, Remus stayed in deep contemplation.

"Okay, lets talk to him, but peacefully, no yelling. You have already proved that doesn't work." Remus said, staring pointedly at Ron. Ron ducked his head in embarrassment, he felt horrible for yelling at his friend. Truly horrible.

"Harry?" Hermione asked as they entered the library, Harry was no were to be seen.

"Up here." A silent answer came, looking up they saw Harry laying on one of the shelfs, almost touching the roof.

"how did you get up there?" Sirius asked.

"The table." Harry said plainly, never taking his eyes of of his book.

"Oh. We need to talk." Remus said, Harry turned to them, everyone was int eh room, seating themselves around so they could all see him. Harry gave a little laugh, standing besides the fallen, rang in his head. Yeah right, He thought it was them against him, one side was his, one side was theres, he was out numbered and trapped, two things that didn't bode well with Harry potter.

"What's so funny?" Ginny asked.

"Nothing. What do you want to talk about?" Harry asked still in a flat plain voice.

"I think you know." Sirius said staring at Harry softly.

"Um. No I don't, you'll have to be more specific." Harry said, he didn't want to talk, and they would have to get over that.

"Harry." Hermione sighed.

"What Hermione!" Harry exploded, closing his eyes he took a deep breath, calm yourself down, calm down. "What Hermione." Harry tried again.

"Why...What...How...WHY ARE YOU CUTTING YOURSELF!" Ron exploded, not being able to find the right words.

"Because." Harry answered going back to his book.

"Because why, you don't do that to yourself for no reason. Believe me I know." Remus said, waving his wand he took Harry's book away.

"Yes you do." Harry answered.

"Harry, please, why are you doing this to yourself?" Sirius tried.

"What do you want me to say Sirius! What? Do you want me to cry! To scream! To come crying over to you and forget all about it and just stop! Just stop doing this! To bad! It doesn't work that way!" Harry said, staring at Sirius evenly, his eyes unemotional but his voice raising.

"Why can't you just stop Harry?" Ginny asked foolishly, Hermione stared at her angrily, she was asking for a screaming fit now. Ginny knew what she was doing though, she wanted him to scream, wanted him to finally feel.

"Oh, poor Ginny is thinking the world works so easily. Suprise BITCH! The world doesn't just stop when something goes wrong! This whole war is wrong, why don't you go over to old toms house and tell him to just stop because this war is wrong. I'll be laughing at our funeral. " Harry said coldly, sneering at Ginny.

"HARRY POTTER! DON'T YOU DARE TALK TO MY SISTER THAT WAY!" Ron blew up, his fists clutched in furry, the adults watched this interaction, letting the friends ruff it out to see if they could get to Harry.

"Why not Ronald? I'm just speaking the truth, remember? I'm a cheating bastard , the one who taught your poor sweet innocent sister to cheat in quidditch, remember?" Harry asked sweetly, his voice laced with disdained. If they wanted to break him they would have to try harder. His walls were up around his heart and nothing was going to break them. Nothing, he promised himself. Ron winced at his friends tone.

"Everybody leave." Hermione said suddenly, never taking her eyes off of Harry.

"What?" Sirius asked surprised.

"Obviously none of you have your emotions in full check, let me talk to this idiot." Hermione said, still staring at Harry who was staring just as hard back. Hermione climbed up on top of the shelf with Harry after everyone had left, sitting in front of him.

"So gryfindors golden girl is going to try to crack the secret of the Light's savior?" Harry asked, sitting up so that he was facing Hermione, both were sitting Indian style, a stare off between friends.

"No, the gryfindors golden girl is behind that door talking with her brother." Hermione said evenly she was ready to insult and tease until he broke down.

"Okay." Harry said, nodding his head, his face defiant, but his mind weary. "What do you want?" Harry asked.

"Let me see your wrists." Hermione said. Harry glared at her, trying to see what she was doing, they had already seen the damage, it couldn't' hurt to just show her. Pulling his sleeves up to the crook of his elbow he showed her his ladder.

"Let's start from eh beginning, why did you do this cut?" She asked, not making a single movement as she saw the marks he had done to himself, she was going to go over every cut, learning it's story, no matter how long it took.

"That was from when my Cousin beat me with his friends for the first time, I found the knife on the kitchen counter and made on cut, then another, then a third before I stopped." Harry said, ready to make his friend shy away after learning his secrets. She wouldn't' last for another two cuts, he knew it. To his shock all she did was nod her head and pull a vial out of her pocket. Laying down the purple liguid on his first three cuts, Harry was surprised to see the cuts diaspear.

"We will go through every cut, I will hear the story, and you will learn to forgive and spill out your anger, pain, and fear towards me. You will begin to heal today Harry James Potter, whether you want to or not." Hermione said looking at him in the eyes, her eyes showing not a hint of pity, or weakness. Harry knew she was telling the truth.

"Okay." Harry agreed, letting himself fall for the illusion that he could heal, that illusion looked so comforting. For four hours, Hermione sat there, each cut slowly disappeared, some going away after a yelling fit, after crying, after hits, and after cursing. When Hermione and Harry walked out of the library Harry was tired, and Hermione was pale. But what had happened was wonderful, they had become closer than anyone could have guessed. Without another word to the group of people Harry went up to his room, took a shower, and changed into his pajamas. He was about to climb into bed when he felt the knife under his pillow, he looked long and hard at it, he could feel it slide across his arm, he could heel his emotions slipping away. But something was different.

"She was right." Harry mumbled as he realized no anger was in him, no pain, no fear, he was feeling empty in a good way,. He had healed today. Not fully but he had healed. Without another word Harry walked out of his bedroom and down the stairs into the living room were Hermione sat talking with Sirius, Remus, Ron, and Ginny. She had promised to never repeat what they had talked about, she was just telling them that Harry had no more cuts and he was closer to healing. She stopped when Sirius stood up.

"Harry?" Sirius asked seeing one of the kitchen's knife's in Harry's hand. Harry ignored him and set the knife in frnot of Hermione, before he left he whispered something into her ear.

"It seems Gryfindor's golden girl has fallen, you entered my world, you entered my sanctuary today. You aren't leaving anytime soon Mrs, Granger, welcome to your worst nightmare. Harry said quietly but with a cold sneer, if she dared to enter his world, to defile his promise to himself, then she would hear it all, she would see his pain, she would feel his anger, she would realize why he relieved himself this way. He was half-way up the stairs when Hermione's voice stopped him.

"I seems as if the savior of the light fell before I did, I take you challenge Mr. Potter, welcome to the world of intervention, you have now entered my world, your heart, soul, and mind are mine. Your sanctuary has been violated, and I will enjoy hearing you scream at me, I'll kick your ass if you hit me again though." Hermione said, her voice cold and deceiving also. She would play his game.

"I wouldn't expect anything else from you." Harry said softly letting a small smile grace his lips before he entered his bedroom once again.

"He hit you?" Ron asked amazed.

"Yes, rather hard, of course I hit him back." Hermione said, before taking her leave. Leaving Remus, Sirius, on, and Ginny wondering what had really happened today.

Okay, and update for my readers! Sorry it took so long, for those who want to now 'The Elementals' is on pause, I might not continue it, but if you want to just ask me. Thanks for your patience and loyalty if you are still reading this story.