Title: Of Something Once Pure
Author: Catalyst
Summary: Fallout from One Angry Veronica. But, to be honest, I'm not really sure where this is going yet.
Rating: Somewhere in the mature-ish range.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not even the title, which is from a song by The Thrills.
Author's Note: I've got to warn you, I'm not sure how well Lilly is going to be portrayed in this. I'm going to tear her down in the beginning, and, honestly, I'm not sure if I'll build her back up, so if you love Lilly, you might not like this. Of course, I love Lilly, so maybe I'll be able to fix it.


Out of Order.

Ten steps passed the girl's bathroom, Logan pauses, turning back. He stumbles forward as someone runs into him, surprised by his sudden stop. The freshman mumbles under his breath, but Logan ignores him as he drifts towards the bathroom.

Obviously Veronica's inside. That's not what stopped him. Actually, he'd been going out of his way for days to avoid her. Not answering the door at the hotel. Showing up to his classes late. Parking at the burger place across the street so she couldn't corner him at his car.

But that's his out of order sign on the door. The same one he'd used to get her attention a month before.

When he'd asked her to save him from a murder conviction.

Maybe avoiding her wasn't the best idea.

He pushes through the bathroom door just as the bell rings, and finds Veronica sitting on the sink of the bathroom, just as she had been when...

He cuts off his own thoughts as she jumps down, waving a manila folder in his direction.

"Great. Now I'm late for bio." She rolls her eyes. "Thanks Logan. You sure stared at the door long enough."

"Someone forgot her happy pills this morning," he comments, side stepping her and propping himself on the counter. "Or are you just lonely with Duncan up in Napa with the ice queen? Thought you'd come and harass me some to fill your day?"

Her lips narrow into a straight line, her fists clenching before she releases a heavy breath. "I'm not doing this today, Logan. I'm done with all of this." She walks to him, the folder held accusingly in her fingers. She slaps it against his chest before quickly turning and putting space between them. When he opens his mouth, she cuts him off. "That's everything I've found out about the Fitzpatricks and Felix's murder. I'm done, Logan. Save yourself."

"Veronica," he calls as she turns for the door. He stumbles off the counter, still holding the file to his chest.

"Don't Logan," she tells him, her voice tight. "I'm not doing this anymore. I won't."


"I almost died getting those tapes, damnit!" She spins around, her palm connecting with his chest hard enough to have him staggering back towards the sink. "He locked me in a refrigerator and tried to burn me alive because of those tapes, and youerased them!" Her breath is ragged as she tries to compose herself, and Logan steps forward, almost as if he wants to comfort her.

"Don't," she demands, stepping away from him again. "Don't come near me, Logan. I'm done with this game. Just... stay away from me." Before he can open his mouth, she's gone, and the last thing he sees is her hand ripping the out of order sign off of the door.