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Mating Veelas

Chapter 1: Eye Lock

The summer had just ended. Platform 9 and ¾ swarmed with students ready to return to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Parents rushed with their children frantically so they would not miss the train. Owls swooped overhead delivering last minute items that had been forgotten. Everything was as it should be.

A lone figure stood near the edge of the platform immersed in shadows. Carefully leaning on a wall, he looked lazily around. The usual mix of people, as it was every year. A young child clung to its mother's leg as its sibling was shipped onto the train. Another reached onto the train to give one last goodbye hug for the year. Everyone acting so careless, so free.

A whistle blew and he sighed. Time to go…He made his way into the light, where if you hadn't seen him all summer, he would be hard to recognize. Long ebony locks hung down in a ponytail on his back. His strong physique reflected his power and strength. His skin, a dark tan from being outside, and bulging muscles from lots of training. Complete the look with the dragon hide pants and a slim green t-shirt and he was almost a god.

He strode quickly, hands in his pocket, through the platform and made his way to the train, his trunk already been put inside. Stepping onto the train, he took one final glance back on the platform before turning his back on it and strolling onto the train.

He made his way to his usual compartment, sat down, and waited.

Little did he know, that on the platform, was whom he wanted.

Stretching out peacefully on the train, he waited for those he expected to arrive. The door opened, and vibrant green eyes stared up at the doorway. There, stood his two best friends, tanned and happy.

One made to say something, gave a calculating stare then stood silent. Of course, the other couldn't keep it in. And when he couldn't, the silliest things come out of his mouth.

"Erm, hello. We were just looking for, erm I mean that is.. I uhhh who are you?"

A smile graced his lips and the entire compartment lit up.

"Why, I believe you two should know me. I have been through thick and thin with you two… yet one summer and I am a stranger.." With a wink and a laugh, he threw his head back revealing something that only one possesses.

"Gee, I am an idiot aren't I…."

"That you are Ron," The ebony haired beauty replied.

"Harry, what happened to you!

"Thanks Hermione." Harry replied.

"I mean its just your…"

"Bloody hell, mate.. What Hermione means is.. you look different."

"Is that a good or bad thing guys?"

"Good! Completely good! You look hot! I mean er umm…"Hermione stammered off..

"Ehem… Yes.. Well what my GIRLFRIEND was trying to say was that, well; actually she summed it up quite nicely. Whatever you did mate, I want some."

"Ah." Stated Harry. Which was exactly what he felt anyway.

Ron and Hermione just sat down together while looking at Harry curiously.

"So umm… Harry." Hermione said with a blush. "Er… how was your summer." This was very strange since Hermione never stuttered.

Harry tilted his head to the side and looked at her. He closed his eyes and the air in the compartment became more comfortable. As well, Hermione stopped looking like she was going to drool.

"Well, some lets call them, changes, happened."

"Changes, Ha! You grew! I bet you that you are taller than me mate!" Ron exclaimed causing a shudder from Harry.

"Possibly." Harry mused.

"Ooooh did you use that eye correction spell I taught you? I knew you would! It is so helpful! And seriously! Look at your clothes! It's like you suddenly woke up with a fashion sense!" Hermione rambled.

A raised eyebrow in return was what she received.

"Mate, you are acting weird.." Ron began


"Uh… stop what Harry?" Ron asked

"Just don't call me mate, okay?"

"Why not Harry? I called you mate for the longest time."

"Just don't anymore… okay?"

"Yah sure." Ron replied uneasily.

"So what did you guys do in the summer?" Harry said happy for the distraction.

"Well, I went to Ron's for the break." Hermione said carefully.

"Yah, and Fred and George came home. It was wicked. They brought these multicoloured toffees and they make your hair turn all these random colours! Oooh and Bill and Fleur, you wouldn't believe. Sometimes… well, still. With the wedding coming and all.. Who knows.." Ron yammered.

"How was your summer Harry? Something happened right? I am sure you didn't wake up looking like that did you? Did you use a hair lengthening potion?" Hermione asked

"Actually, what would you say if I told you I woke up like this.."

"Well, I'd say you were…" Hermione started

"Oh yah!" Ron began. "Your inheritance… soo whatcha got?"

"Well, I guess I should tell you." Harry said, before getting up to close the door of the compartment. When he got to the doorway, his hand reached for the doorknob. As he slid the door shut, a flash of blonde walked by, pausing for a second for Harry to stare into pools of mercury.

Harry slammed the door with a smash. His breathing suddenly became erratic and his eyes clouded over. He grasped the doorway for support.

"Harry! Are you okay?" Hermione rushed in.

"I'm…" Harry paused there to moan loudly causing Hermione and Ron to flush and look away.

"Harry?" Hermione asked cautiously.

"Oh god…" was all Harry mumbled as he slumped into his seat. The room became suddenly too hot. All he could see were those eyes… The swirling pools bringing him under their depths. He felt his whole body stiffen with excitement. Harry arched his back up, seemingly reaching for something not there.

Ron stared on in horror as Hermione could do nothing but stare.

Harry continued seemingly unaware of Hermione and Ron anymore. All that was there were him and those eyes. Unable to contain himself much longer, Harry clawed at his shirt, managing to remove it. Another moan was let loose and the room became filled with emotion. In the distance a moan from Ron and Hermione could be heard yet it didn't penetrate the mind of Harry.

Harry continued to arch his back and let out a giant moan as he reached his hand down his pants. He began his ministrations slowly, carefully stroking and relishing in the touch, all the while imagining someone else doing it.

He was faintly aware of Ron's eyes widening and him jumping to Hermione to cover her eyes, while staring at him in horror and arousal.

Faster and faster went Harry, continuing his ministrations as though it were the most important thing in the world. As it seemed to climax, another moan could be heard only to Harry coming from not far away. The final bit and Harry climaxed, relaxing back into the seat, panting heavily.

Harry sat in bliss for a moment, just relaxing and remembering what just occurred. He was brought out of his musings by a sudden sound.

"Harry, what the bloody hell was that?' Ron all but yelled very uncomfortably.

Seeming to snap out of his gaze, Harry turned to Ron and smirked. Ron slowly uncovered Hermione's eyes who meeped at the sight of Harry's wet pants. Snickering, Harry waved his wand, cleaning his pants.

"That was… Bloody hell what was that? Answer me Harry."

"Mmmm like I said, I have something to tell you."

"You bloody hell have to tell us something. You just had some fun right in front of Hermione and me. I mean, me, fine, I'm a guy, and we all do it. But now? On the train? With Hermione? I mean, couldn't you have gone to the loo or something?"

"Ron, don't have a cow. I'm sure Harry has a very logical explanation for this…" Hermione trailed off while blushing and looking down.

"That I do, Mione, that I do."

During this time, a blonde was walking to his compartment with his companions. As a door was about to be closed, he locked eyes with brilliant emerald. His body became overtook with emotion and he slunk back down the side of the wall. Looking around, his companions dragged him to a different compartment and pulled him inside. What they got to witness, was probably one of the most erotic things they could have witnessed ever, the Slytherin ice prince playing with himself.

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