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Summary: Legolas and Aragorn are married and everything is bliss for them. How can they handle when they are blessed with a child? Can Aragorn after raising his son alone, rise up to the challenge again? And can Legolas become a father?

Warnings: Very AU. MPREG, which means male pregnancy. Slash warning.

Pairing: Legolas/ Aragorn.

Author: Laurenke1

Let's begin.

"Urgh." The brown haired man finally straightened himself after once again retching the empty contents of his stomach in the bucket. He rubbed at his weary grey eyes with his right hand before running the same hand through his tousled hair. He arched his back, working out the kinks in his sore body. He splashed some water on his face before proceeding into the bedroom.

He looked to the left and caught his reflection in the mirror. Tall and broadly built with dark brown hair and keen grey eyes; Aragorn was the very portrait of one of the kings of old. Well he used to be a king; he gave up the throne to his sole heir Eldarion in order to pass into the West to follow his beloved, Legolas. Aragorn padded towards the mirror, he looked tired. Dark circles gave him an unusually sick look. Something which was very uncommon in Valinor.

"Estel? Has it happened again?" The soft voice made Aragorn startle and the man slowly turned, rubbing his stomach when it did a flip again. He only nodded at the being sitting on the bed, the elf he had not noticed before. The blond elf looked at him through worried blue eyes before he beckoned for Aragorn. Legolas shifted so Aragorn could curl up to him, but instead his husband choice to settle in his lap.

Legolas rubbed his back, relaxing Aragorn further. "I was nauseated again." Aragorn's voice was a soft whisper and Legolas nodded. Within the month they had been married it had became uncommon for Aragorn to wake up without having to throw up. The human was unusually tired and Legolas was starting to get worried, adding the fact that his husband was as emotional as a rocky ship, was not something Legolas was accustomed too.

"Perhaps we should go visit Master Elrond? He should…." Legolas voiced to say before Aragorn interrupted. "Yes, I think we should. We should go today and now. Before I change my mind again." Legolas was pleased to see Aragorn was ready to go. For the past two weeks the elf had tried to get Aragorn to go with him but until this day Aragorn had refused, saying he was fine. He gave Aragorn a gentle kiss before saying. "It is probably nothing but let us find out, shall we?"

Aragorn nodded, paling again before pulling himself together and pulling Legolas up along with him. "Are you sure you do not need to eat first?" Legolas asked, watching as Aragorn firmly shook his head before laying a hand once again against his stomach, rubbing gently. "No and please do not mention it, I fear I might thrown up again."

Legolas took Aragorn's hand, gently yet firmly pulling the man along. He then stepped out of the room, following the well travelled path to Elrond's room. They were still residing in the halls of Elrond, not wishing to move yet and still searching for a good place to locate their own halls. Breakfast was all but over and the elves were getting on their way, getting ready for the day ahead of them.

"Morning Legolas, Aragorn. We missed you at breakfast." Glorfindel called out the moment he passed them. He stopped when he saw Aragorn's pale face and his blue eyes narrowed before he looked at Legolas. "Is something wrong?" He asked, worry etching his tone for the boy he had raised from the moment Aragorn was a small child in Rivendell and called Estel by the elves.

"He is sick, has been for the past weeks. We were just going to visit Elrond and see what is wrong." Legolas gently explained, drawing Aragorn closer to him by placing his arms around the man's waist. Glorfindel gently placed his hand under Aragorn's chin, forcing the man to meet his gaze, searching deep within his eyes for any signs of distress. "Yes, that does seem wise." He finally finished.

Glorfindel made a move to continue before Aragorn grabbed his hand tightly, saying. "Please stay. I do not want to do this alone, please Glorfindel?" Glorfindel placed his hands on top of Aragorn's and slowly nodded, saying in a calm voice. "Of course, little one, I shall come with you if Legolas agrees to it." The older elf looked at Legolas who nodded and together they made their way over to Elrond's study.

When they got there Glorfindel rapped at the door with his knuckles, turning his gaze back on the couple standing behind him. He opened the door when Elrond's voice called out and he held it open for Aragorn and Legolas to enter, which they did, Legolas pushed Aragorn down in a chair.

Elrond smiled at them but his eyes narrowed when he saw Aragorn nervously fidgeting with his hands. He ignored it and asked. "To what honour do I own this visit? It is not that I do not wish to see you but this is not a social call, now is it?" Legolas shook his head before gently nudging Aragorn but the man did not respond so the elf answered. "Aragorn has been sick for at least the past two weeks. He has been throwing up, he is extremely tired and very emotional. No amount of sleep or change of food seems to change it."

"Anything coming up when you throw up, Estel?" Elrond asked, watching as Glorfindel settled against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest. "No, sometimes food or water. I am nauseated the whole time or so it seems. Usually it disappears by midday." Aragorn met his father's gaze and the elf noticed how dull the man's eyes were.

"I need to examine you. Lie down on the bed and remove your shirt." Elrond stood up, watching as Aragorn did the same and the man removed the simple shirt he was wearing and tossed it onto the empty chair. "Should I be there as well?" Legolas asked, his voice barely masking his concern. "You can if you wish." Elrond answered, moving towards his foster son.

He noticed Aragorn was tense and while gently placing his hand on Aragorn's chest, he closed his eyes, sending out calm thoughts to calm Aragorn. He heard the rustling of clothing and found Legolas standing near Aragorn, holding his hand and leaning over the man's face, hair falling over them both and speaking softly and reassuring to Aragorn.

"Estel, I am just going to press softly. Tell me if it hurts." Elrond told them gently and he starting at the top of Aragorn's stomach, pressing gently but not drawing out any audible responses so he continued his examination. He found nothing unusual and breathed a sign of relief before moving on to Aragorn's lower abdomen. Pressing softly, he frowned when he encountered something that should not have been there.

He pressed harder, drawing a pained whimper from Aragorn. "Hush Aragorn, I need to do this." He answered before calling to Glorfindel. "Mellon, come here and tell me what you think." Glorfindel raised his eyebrows before walking over to Elrond. He did the same thing as Elrond but cast another look at the lord. "What should I be feeling, Elrond?" He asked.

"Feel my stomach and then tell me again what you think." Elrond quickly answered, feeling the older elf's hands gently probe before returning to Aragorn's stomach. This time Glorfindel frowned and he asked. "What is this?"

Elrond shook his head before leaning over Aragorn once again and pressing gentler at the same moment Aragorn and Legolas felt a flutter go through their bond and Legolas looked up. Elrond looked back up and while running a hand through his hair and over his face, he closed his eyes to fight what he thought it was. Experience told him something was there no doubt, but common sense was definitely saying this could not be.

"Has anything strange happened lately?" He asked instead. Upon seeing the two puzzled looks he added. "During the ritual or when you bonded?"

"Manwe and Varda said I was going to be blessed for my trials now." Aragorn answered, causing Elrond to sink back in a chair with his head in his hands. "Ada is everything alright? I am not dying am I?" Aragorn's voice was slightly panicking and Elrond looked back up, confusion shone in his face and he stood once more and placing his hands gently on Aragorn's stomach again and he closed his eyes, focusing on Aragorn.

He could feel the man's soul clearly. There was confusion there but also determination, Aragorn would get through this, with Legolas' support and love. He could feel Legolas' spirit close by and the strength of the bond surprised him. He frowned slightly when he felt a shift in their bond and a third being; very small so small they were not aware of it yet. He followed the link that connected the third being to underneath his hand, which meant…

"Elrond!" The cry rose when Elrond swayed and almost sank to his knees but Glorfindel's strong hands held him upright and sat him down in a chair. "He is..." Elrond could only stammer, staring at Aragorn in shock. Glorfindel crouched in front of him and Legolas had abandoned Aragorn for Elrond after making sure his husband was alright. Aragorn had raised himself up on his elbows and stared at his foster father in shock. "Adar, are you alright?" He asked, his voice choked by tears.

Elrond nodded, forcing himself to take deep breaths and waved the concern of the two elves away before he said, his composure fully in check once again. "I know what is wrong." Legolas gasped and rose once again to go to Aragorn's side but Elrond waved him over while the older elf got to his feet once again. "We should go to the other room…" Elrond started to his desk once again; quite sure it was best everybody sat down.

"Estel is not dying, is he?" Legolas asked, settling himself in a chair. Aragorn only looked at him. "No, he is not. Aragorn is far from it actually but this is strange, I have never known it to be happening, perhaps in Valinor it is normal but anyway. Aragorn is... well you... two are going to be… Aragorn, you are pregnant." Elrond eventually answered.

"Pregnant? But how he is a male?" Legolas voiced the question which was on everybody's mind. "Yes, like Aragorn said, he was blessed by the Valar, somehow they must have made this happen." Elrond watched with concern as Legolas rose and paced the room, seeing Aragorn follow his husband with his eyes before they darkened with disappointment.

"So we are going to have a baby." The man looked back at his father and Elrond nodded, watching as the man seemed to become himself once again. Aragorn turned his eyes back on Legolas who was still walking the room, furiously saying things. Elrond watched as Aragorn seemed to come to a decision and stood up, facing Legolas who at this point seemed to be angry.

"Legolas, if you are angry then I shall not stand here and be the centre of it. You agreed to marry me for better or for worse and I do not know yet if this is going to be for better of for worse but I shall not have you be angry for the remaining months…." The man declared in a firm voice, causing the blond elf to startle and come and stand in front of him.

Aragorn did not flinch at the anger in the blue eyes of Legolas and Elrond saw Glorfindel tense up if he needed to intervene. The taller elf faced Aragorn before he answered. "How can this be worse? We are having a baby, you are carrying my child. A child born out of love and so it shall grow up." The elf gave a tensive smile and laid a cautious hand on Aragorn's stomach.

The man covered his lover's hand with his own and smiled gently before echoing. "Yes, we are having a baby."

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