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A scream soon followed and Aragorn shot up from the bed. The man rushed through the bedroom and down the stairway.

"I am fine. I am fine." Legolas forced out at the bottom of the stairway. The elf rubbed at his back and head and moved into a sitting position. He sighed, feeling the familiar nausea rise again. Aragorn moved to assist him but the elf waved the man away. "I do not need assistance," he snapped, trying to regain his footing.

He dropped back down into a sitting position with a low moan and then felt his husband's strong arm around his back as Aragorn helped him up. Tears of shame burned in his eyes and he could see the grey eyes narrow. "Easy now." The man murmured softly, quelling the frustrated feeling deep within him.

Ever since the fateful night that Legolas got drunk together with Glorfindel, the elf had kept his distance from Aragorn, as if he was afraid of the man. They lived together but none of the easiness was there now. Aragorn cursed himself when he saw how pale and thin Legolas was.

"Come, we shall lay you down on the couch." Together they walked the short distance over to the couch. Legolas was limping and Aragorn carried most of the weight, but they finally made it. Legolas sank down upon the cushions with a relieved moan while Aragorn sank down upon his knees in front of the elf.

"I will take a look at your foot. Does it hurt anywhere?" The man softly asked, looking up into his mate's face. Legolas tugged uncomfortable at the shirt he wore. Aragorn could see the fear in the blue eyes and he could feel his own eyes narrow.

"Are you afraid of me, beloved? I will not do anything to harm you." He placed his hands upon Legolas' knees to stare up into the face of his husband.

Legolas gave him a slight smile as the elf cried out. "Oh Estel, of course you did not harm me. I am just being silly." Aragorn felt a smile tug at his own lips and he raised himself up to kiss the pale lips.

He settled on the elf's lap, pressing himself close to Legolas' body. He revelled in the close contact of Legolas' body but pulled back when something pressed against his stomach, something that should not be there.

He pulled back, his eyes meeting Legolas' as the elf looked at him. A coy smile curved around his lips he had just kissed and he raised his eyebrows. There was no fear in the blue eyes and it seemed like the past weeks evaporated as Aragorn stared at his elf. Finally Legolas reached out with one hand to tousle Aragorn's hair.

"I am sorry for the past few weeks, meleth nin. I was not sure how you would react…" Legolas then gently nudged the surprised man out of his lap and Aragorn sank down beside Legolas. The elf then very carefully took the man's hand in his own to guide it down to rest against his stomach.

The man's eyes shot down when instead of the firm muscles, his hand met a gentle bulge on the normally flat surface. "Legolas, what is this?" He asked softly, breathing out the words.

"You shall soon have another child. All the signs are clear. I am putting on weight and I can sense the child as well now."

The former king looked up at his mate, mouth opening and closing but no words coming out. Legolas grinned, shifting so he was facing Aragorn and then said. "I see that you are having a good reaction." The elf giggled softly as he gently kissed the parted lips, sliding his tongue in.

"But how is this even possible?" The man finally formed words, his arms tightly wrapped around his elf as Legolas hummed softly. One hand was still resting against the small bulge as the man searched his mind for any explanation.

"Well it actually dawned on me a few weeks ago. After the night I barely remember, though those memories are coming back. I think I had a rather exciting time, trying to pull you out of the bed and into the bath, but I did not quite succeed since my leggings were wet and you were still in the bed and dry." Legolas giggled again, legs draped over Aragorn's lap as the man stared at him.

"But how?" Aragorn stammered, looking at the elf. Legolas kissed him gently, saying. "Do you even need to ask?" The elf sobered then and his hand came to rest over Aragorn's, squeezing gently. "Are you happy?"

Aragorn knew he could not deny Legolas an answer. He looked down at where his hand rested against Legolas' body, the prince's hand covering his own and the two golden bands glittering in the daylight. His mind ran back over the vows he took, to protect Legolas in sickness and in health.

The long months after they learned of his pregnancy and how Legolas had stood by his side. There was only one answer that he could and would give, but the feeling of seeing his beloved elf in pain was frightening.

"I am happy. I just cannot wrap my mind around it. I am just worried…" He could not finish and he looked away with a concealed sob.

Patiently Legolas turned his head back to say. "Why are you worried, Estel?"

"Of seeing you in pain. The months will be long… which reminds me, how far along are you?" Aragorn raised his eyes to find a sudden blush on the pale cheeks.

Legolas smiled once more and leaned against the man's shoulder as the other arm came up around his shoulders. "I think nearly 3 months." The elf laughed softly when he saw the stunned look on his mate's face. He nudged the man gently, smiling.

"Tell me truly, what are you thinking?"

Aragorn shifted and finally the man met his gaze, opening his mind and allowing Legolas entrance. "I am happy but you know that the months will be long and hard. You know how this child will be delivered and you know what will be required of you. Have you seen a healer yet?"

Laughing softly Legolas leaned his head against Aragorn's chest, saying. "I saw Elrond yesterday actually. He confirmed my suspicions a few weeks ago. I did not have the heart to tell you." The elf sighed but the clear eyes were still focused upon the man.

"Did you fear my reaction so much then?"

"No, I knew how you were going to react but I did not wish to believe it. I thought Elrond had made a mistake but it seems like we shall be blessed again." The elf sighed softly as he leaned contently against his mate.

"Does Ancalimë know?" Aragorn asked, trying to untangle his hands from Legolas. He raised himself slightly when in response soft cries came from their daughter's room. Finally the man returned with her on his hip, settling her on the couch where she immediately crawled to Legolas with a happy cry.

The elf smiled at her and lifted her up into his lap. "Good morning, my beautiful one. You are awake early. Well that is not a surprise for I can imagine that my loud crash woke you up." She bounced on his lap, making soft noises at him as Legolas smiled.

"Careful, my dear. You will hurt your old Ada." Aragorn shared a grin with the elf as he saw how Legolas raised his eyebrows. The prince then looked down at the small child in his lap, saying. "Not so old, huh, little one. But I think that you will be surprised that you shall soon have a sibling to play with."

She cocked her head to the side, looking at him until she leaned forward to wrap chubby arms around Legolas. The child relaxed with absolute trust and soon Legolas' hands came up to cradle her close. He kissed the top of her bowed head with surprising ease and softly said. "It seems it is still too early for you, Ancalimë. Shall we take you outside so we can watch the sunrise together?"

Aragorn gave him a hand so Legolas could pull himself up. It was only a short walk towards the top of the hill. Legolas waited patiently for Aragorn to catch up with him as the man lifted Ancalimë up to his shoulders.

The sky became the bluest of blue and the bright light that came from the horizon could be seen by all eyes. Aragorn placed Ancalimë on his hip instead, gentle bouncing her as his other arm was tightly wrapped around Legolas. He looked at the elf and very softly said in the pointy ear beside him. "You will scream my name when you give birth to our next child, my beloved. But know then that I am happy and I shall be by your side, yours for eternity."

The smile on the face of his beloved elf was as bright as the sun and then Legolas pressed his lips against Aragorn's and together they watched the rising of the sun for a long time to come, happy with their life and the blessings they had been given.

The end.

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