Title: "Out of the Picture"

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Summary: Ginny kisses another man in the battlefield to get back a Harry for breaking up with her. 2 months later...someone else shows up.

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The War. The fight against good and evil. Most called it the Final Battle. But it didn't matter what it was called anymore. Why?

Because it was over.

Harry had ended it by plunging Godric Gryffindor's sword right into Voldemort's heart, thinking of those whom he loved. The most amazing part was when all those he loved who had died, came out of the sword.

I know, sounds a little weird. But that's really what happened.

We all watched, tearfully, as Lily and James Potter smiled at Harry in pride before swirling around Voldmort's bleeding body, struggling to get the very last Horocrux from him.

We ourselves had thought that Harry was a Horocrux for some time, but it had just been Voldemort trying to trick us into killing Harry. But we weren't that cruel and desperate. Love saved us. All of us.

Tears of laughter mixed with tears of sorrow as we watched Sirius emerge, winking at Harry, and doing a little body flip which he would have never accomplished had he been alive.

Then we saw it. The last of Voldemort's soul. It wasn't glowing like when Sirius' soul had nearly been sucked out by the Dementors. It was pure black, like the color of his heart.

Dumbledore smiled warmly at all, his eyes twinkling madly. He stuck a hand into his pocket and took out a…would you believe it? A Lemon Drop. He plopped it into his mouth as more tears of joy rolled swiftly down out faces, like a never ending waterfall.

Then Harry stepped forward, trying to concentrate even when all those he had lost were right next to him, and crushed Voldemort's soul with the sword, making it smash into a million pieces, like glass. There was a huge explosion, and then all was silent.

The ghosts were gone. Mrs. Diggory was sobbing loudly as she felt her shoulder. She could still feel the place where Cedric's cool, translucent hand had massaged it, trying to soothe her.

Everyone looked around, not knowing what to do. We were all at a loss. The deatheaters all perished when Voldemort did. Their dark marks consuming their entire body, and they died in pain. Every last one died. Even Snape hadn't been spared, since he had been forced to kill Dumbledore under Dumbledore's own orders. Something about keeping his cover as a spy. None of the deatheaters had known that the price for their loyalty would be their deaths. No one knew. Except maybe for Dumbledore, since he had known that Voldemort had still been alive on that fateful Halloween night, even though everyone else had been convinced he was dead.

I looked at my mother. She was sobbing in relief. Amazingly, none of us Weasleys have died in this war. It's a bloody miracle especially since Bill has a saving-people-thing lie Harry, Charlie practically LOOKS for trouble. Ever since Percy has come back to us, he has sworn to protect us, even if he had to give his own life. I had always wondered why he was in Gryffindor, until that moment, when he had that protective glint in his eyes and he swore with every fiber of his being. Fred and George are extremely reckless, and Ron has quite a temper. As for me, I was just pissed off and tired.

Then, Mad-eye-Moody started ordering us around, as if we were still at war, to search for the injured and bring them to the Infirmary, and bring the dead to the morgue.

That was when I realized. It was over. We weren't at war anymore. We had won. We were free.

And I laughed as if I hadn't laughed in years, which was almost true. I had never really truly laughed when Voldemort had returned.

Then I turned and grabbed a handsome looking man, who was about my age, and kissed him fiercely on the lips. He kissed me back, and I ignored the hysterical voice in my head that was screaming: 'Ginny! Stop what are you doing? What about Harry?'

I almost stopped, but then I pushed that thought aside, voicing to myself: 'What about Harry? I've waited long enough. If he really loved me, he wouldn't have broken up with me.'

'But the war is over! Didn't he specifically tell you that you would wait until the war was over?'

'Well you know what? What if I don't want him back? I don't think I even love him anymore.'

'Oh Yes you do.'

I pushed my inner thoughts away, just as we broke from the mind blowing kiss. I'm not sure if it was the kiss, or if it was because the war was over. Or maybe it was just the thrill of kissing someone else right in front of your ex-boyfriend.

"Hey…" He smiled warmly at me with those brown eyes that were so different from Harry's.

"My name's Isaac."


"Do you…uh. Do you want to go out with me sometime?"

He laughed, blushing a little, but confident all the same. I mean, who wouldn't be confident? After all, I was the one who had kissed him first.

I glanced at Harry, who glanced back at me, hurt evident in his eyes. But it was only for a second. He turned back to the crowd of people congratulating him, his smile slipping back in place as if it had never gone.

The bitch within me that had been repressed for so long finally surfaced. You could only see the rage in me if you looked deep within my eyes.

'That bastard.'

I had actually expected him to waltz over and proclaim his undying love to me, holding me in his arms.

I guess it was too much to hope for.

'He broke up with you Ginny. And if he really cared for you, he would set things straight with Isaac right here, right now. I'm tired of waiting for him.'

I looked deep into Isaac's eyes and answered.

"Of course. I would love to."

We hugged for awhile, and I looked over Isaac's shoulder. There stood Hermione, looking disappointed at me. She was giving me a piercing stare that clearly said: "It's YOUR choice. Your life."

She shook her head sadly, and went back into the crowd, towards Harry.

"How does Saturday sound?" he said, as we emerged from the hug. "I know this really snazzy place in Hogsmeade. Many people haven't discovered it yet. It's right behind Madam Malkin's. You have to go through her back door just to get there. Gives it an aura of Mystery, don't you think? So, is that ok?"

He sounded excited. Almost like Colin Creevy would. I should be flattered but instead I am annoyed. Why hasn't Harry come yet? And that place isn't a mystery. Most people HAVE discovered it already, but are just too lazy to go through Madam Malkin's, then walk down a damp alley. And I HATE snazzy places. Sure, I love romance, but not the cheesy type.

But you know what? I accepted. Why? To piss Harry off. He still hasn't come. And I don't care anymore. If he wants me, he would come.

"Sounds great."

I smile fakely at him, yet surprisingly I find him quite handsome. Charming too. A little eager, but I could fix that. And I found myself actually looking forward to the date.


What was I thinking?

That was the most horrible date I have ever been to in my life. Dates actually.

I was currently sitting in my room, trying to think of a way to make it up to Harry. It had already been 2 months.


I have been dating the most horrible guy for 2 bloody months, and I've been pretending that I'm madly in love with him. Why? I still wanted to piss Harry off. He still hadn't come after me. So every time he neglected to do that, I would accept another date, and another. And another.

But I've had enough. Ever since he asked me what my favorite quiddich team was for the 50th time in a row, I cracked. Not only that. He always gets my brother's names wrong. Sure, we're a lot, but not THAT many. He is a dunderhead when it comes to quiddich. A disgrace to all quiddich fans everywhere. He also loves talking about himself. Talking about what he did as a child, how cute he was. And...he's a neat freak. A total neat freak. If I so much as sit on his ultra clean couch without wiping my bum...there will be a lot of nagging. A lot. His philosophy, which is: "Wash your hands every 10 minutes, or even every 5 if you feel like It.", completely contradicts my: "When playing Quiddich, get down and dirty. Never care about breaking nails or getting mud on your shirt, since that would be sissy." statement. Does that mean he's a sissy girl?

I'm going insane.

But my family is civil to him. Except for Fred and George, but when have they ever been civil? Everyone thinks that we're madly in love, so they are nice enough to him. But I can tell that they all think that it should have been me with Harry.

And that's what I think too.

So, I'm sitting on my bed, thinking of how to break it off with Isaac. Sure, he's an idiot, but he's quite nice. He's been great to me and I don't feel like being a bitch to anyone else.

I've already figured out how to handle the Harry situation. He's coming for lunch today. It's become a tradition already. He comes every Sunday, eats lunch with us, stays the rest of the day, then leaves.

But every time, we avoid each other. We only make eye contact and talk when forced to, or when saying polite hellos and goodbyes. Or simple statements like "Please pass the pudding". During the first few dinners, when my inner bitch had not completely disappeared yet, I would mention Issac, and how wonderful he was. The family would become silent and someone would immediately change the topic. But Harry would simply agree with me, which pissed me off even more. Once, I even brought Isaac to dinner. Harry kept a neutral face and was civil to him, but deep inside I could see he was extremely jealous, which spurred me to keep on seeing Isaac.

When I became myself again, I never brought Isaac to dinner anymore. We never talked about him in front of Harry. And I swore to myself that I would apologize to Harry.

Today I shall fulfill my promise.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

My heart pounded. It was Harry. This was it. I was finally going to tell him how I felt, and what a bitch I had been, and how I loved him.

I crept down the stairs quietly. Wanting to speak to him alone before everyone else showed up. Ron had moved in with Hermione. In fact, I was the only one still living in the burrow. Isaac had asked me to move in with him quite a number of times, but I can't quite imaging how excruciatingly painful it would be to have to be in his company 24/7.

Excruciating. Especially since he has given me a list of rules to follow if I ever changed my mind and decided to move in with him.

"Rule 58: After peeing in the toilet, get one of the disposable towels in the top drawer, and wipe the bowl and the inside of the toilet. After that, dispose of the towel inside the bin labeled: Towels for the toilet. (NOT Towels for the bathtub.) Then, wash your hands thoroughly. The first time, wash it with soap (Twice if possible) Then, soak it in alcohol for a minute or so."

My mother suddenly shrieked in surprise when there was a loud crash. Probably the owl delivering the morning paper. Damn Owl.

I turned to go back to my room, but stepped on the loose floorboard. Honestly, how could I do that? I could make my way around the house blindfolded and drugged, (Not citing an example, don't worry.) so why had I forgotten about the bloody floorboard?

I froze to see if anyone had heard. No one had. I sighed in relief and turned around again. And stepped on the same bloody floorboard. I could have cursed really loudly right then and there, if my mother hadn't called out to me.

"Ginny? Is that you? Ginny?"

No point in hiding now.

"Uhh….yes mum. I was..." I scanned my brain to try and find a reason for my current position.

"I was wondering if it was lunch yet?" Perfect.

"Not quite….But nearly. Why don't you sit down on the table first honey while we wait for the rest?"

As soon as I sat down, another owl swooped in and dropped the newspaper right unto my lap.

As soon as I paid the owl, I looked down, and my heart sank as I read the Headline, and the article below it.


Under that was a picture of Harry holding hands with a woman whose face wasn't seen. He was smiling brightly and, even though she couldn't see the woman's face, she was pretty sure that the mystery woman was smiling too.

The article read:

'On Friday, May 19th, Harry Potter, 21, was spotted in Ireland with a mystery woman.

One witness, Gary Clover stated: "They were holding hands, and I saw him kiss her on the cheek. There wasn't any disgusting public displays of affection like with other celebrities. It was all innocent, and they looked so in love.'

A witness who wishes to be known only as Ayla stated: 'They kept gazing into each other's eyes. They looked so happy, as if no one else existed but the two of them.'

No one knows who this strange woman is, but sources have claimed that--'

She couldn't read anymore. It was all too much. That was supposed to be her. If it hadn't been for her stupidity and stubbornness, it would have been her holding Harry's hand. It would have been the two of them exchanging innocent kisses. It would have only been the two of them who existed. But now it was Harry and that woman. Them. Only them. She was out of the picture.

She had blown it.


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