Out of the Picture: Chapter 2

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Last Time:

'On Friday, May 19th, Harry Potter, 21, was spotted in Ireland with a mystery woman.

No one knows who this strange woman is, but sources have claimed that--'

She couldn't read anymore. It was all too much. That was supposed to be her. If it hadn't been for her stupidity and stubbornness, it would have been her holding Harry's hand. It would have been the two of them exchanging innocent kisses. It would have only been the two of them who existed. But now it was Harry and that woman. Them. Only them. She was out of the picture.

She had blown it.


Ginny slammed the morning paper down unto the table, and curled her fists in frustration.

"Dammit!" She cursed loudly, as her cup of coffee spilled all over the 'magically' clean floor.

With a flick of her wand, all was clean again. She grabbed the paper and apparated up to her room, trying desperately to hold back her tears.

Ginny's POV:

I will NOT cry. NO CRYING. That would be too pathetic. I mean, why the hell would I cry just because the love of my life, who I pushed away for purely selfish reasons, now has another woman, who is NOT me, while I continue to date this fucked up clean freak who annoys the hell out of me.

Why would I cry?

I'm crying.

Well, at least I'm TRYING to hold it back. Take note of the word, TRYING.

I look down at the headline, and glare at it as if my eyes could burn her pretty face away.

Yes, her face.


Yesterday, June 2, our very own Daily Prophet reporter, Madeline Zane, discovered the identity of Harry Potter's mystery woman, who has been the hot topic for gossip for the past couple of days. Her name is Anna Johnson.

Anna Johnson, 22, is a graduate of Madam Ogden's Private School for Girls, which is located in East London. The stunningly pretty brunette has been described as smart, independent, sweet, humble, and a quiddich fanatic by her former school mates.

There have been numerous rumors that quiddich was the thing that brought Harry Potter and Anna Johnson together. It has been said that the happy couple met during the Bulgaria- Ireland game three weeks ago. Just two days ago, they were spotted at another quiddich match in France.

A witness, Parvati Patil, commented that: "They were so cute! I mean, they kept on smiling at each other, and his arm was around her. I was in the same compartment as them, and I was talking to Harry, since we were schoolmates at Hogwarts, and he just looked so happy!"

Another witness, Romilda Vane, comments: "Nothing was happening. They actually looked quite annoyed at each other. He kept on rolling his eyes and she was yapping at him to get her a drink. She was a right bitch…."

At that point, my eyes went to the picture accompanying the article. But the picture was in favor with what Parvati was saying, and was the exact opposite of what Romilda was claiming.

There were two pictures. One was of Harry and – Anna (I STILL can't stand even saying her name.) watching the game, his arm around her, and her head leaning on her shoulder. The other picture was one of them leaving the game early, as they had finally noticed the unwanted attention.

She's pretty. I hate it. Why does she have to be so damn pretty? In fact, she looks….perfect. Well, not perfect to the point of it being irritating, just….perfect for Harry. She has dark brown hair, and green eyes too. Except her eyes are paler shades of green. They even have that mischievous twinkle that I've often seen in the twins eyes. And she likes quiddich. WHY? I'm supposed to be the cool girl who doesn't care about broken nails.

I kick the paper under my bed, and smile in satisfaction as Anna falls out of Harry's grip and tumbles off her chair.

I should keep that paper for future use.


I curse again, and wipe my eyes hastily, hoping she won't notice that they're red.


Of course she notices.

"Ginny dear! What happened? Have you been crying?" My mum says, scurrying over and looking into my eyes.

"NO! I just…."

"Is it because Ha-"

"NO! It's not because of Harry!"

Why is she looking at me like that?

"Alright. But you know you can talk to me if you need anyone, right?"

I sigh. Why do mothers know everything? Occlumency? Or wait….is that Legimency? Legilemency? Leginmency? Now I'm confused. And I finally know how horrible it would be if Snape was your dad.

"Umhm…" I grumble.

"How's Isaac?" My mother says, swiftly changing the subject. She eyes me carefully, like she knows something.

"Fine." I answer automatically. She's looking at me like that again. I HATE IT. It's like…she knows.

"Well, how are the both of you? You haven't invited him to dinner in a while."

"I-uh. He's been really busy." I stammer.

"I have a friend who has a son about your age." She says, trying to look unconcerned. "His name's Sean. Very good looking, and down-to-earth…"

"Mum! Don't even think about it! I hate blind dates…"


"NO! The last time I got set up, I dated a guy half my age who kept on staring at my butt. It was disgusting. "

"But I wouldn't set you up with someone like that!" My mother said, looking scandalized.

"NO! No way! NO!" I said in a tone that stated the end of the conversation.

"Alright, alright." She sighed, finally giving up. "Help me with this." She says, motioning to the pile of vegetables she was chopping.

"Why don't you just charm the knife to cut it on its own?" I asked, putting an apron on.

She shrugged. "I don't know. It helps me calm down. Gives me something to do with my hands… it's a nice change from using magic all the time. But SOME people don't appreciate hard work." I just know that she's referring to Fred and George.

"Umm…Why are we preparing food for lunch? Lunch was 2 hours ago." I ask, confused and wondering if mother has finally cracked.

"No, this is for tomorrow's lunch, Sunday's lunch? Remember dear? Everyone's coming, the whole family, plus Hermione and Harry. Oh and Harry's girlfriend Anna." She said, mumbling the last part like she didn't want me to hear it.

Oh, I heard it alright.

"HUH? What! Anna….Anna Johnson is coming to our house for lunch? Tomorrow?"

I practically screamed at my mother, unable to control my surprise at the…..pleasant revelation.

My mum has invited Anna Johnson to our house, for a pleasant Sunday lunch. Sure, maybe in fairytale land.

I don't know why it caught me by surprise, though. I suppose it was to be expected. Broken up or not, Harry is still a part of our family, and this lunch is for the whole family to judge whether or not she's just some shallow bitch who's after his fame and money.

"I'm sorry honey, I forgot to warn you sooner. I've just been so busy what with feeding that number of people." She said, looking as stressed as she said she was.

"Warn? Why would you have to warn me? Warn me about Anna and Harry? What do I care about them coming? I'm perfectly alright with them, remember I'm the one who broke it off?" I said, trying my best to remain cool and collected.

Red heads + cool + collected No Solution

AND I'm not even good at math. That just screams unevenly distributed talents, since Anna Banana Perfect Girl is what people would call the whole package. Than what am I? The stamp?

"Alright, but remember—"

"Yes mum, if I ever have an emotional breakdown from jealousy at seeing my former lover in the arms of another woman I will cry on your shoulder than we will burst into song and start reciting depressing poetry, THEN you can say I told you so. There. Happy?"

She glared at me and sighed. "Sarcasm doesn't sound too good on a lady."

Well I'm not feeling very ladylike today, so what the hell.

Note to self: Start memorizing some depressing poetry.


Damn. I just heard the doorbell ring.

Bill is here, with Fleur. Charlie too with his wife. My whole families here, but it would take me forever to dictate everything, and I have more pressing matters on my mind.

Like how Harry has just stepped into the Living Room, and I can smell strawberries. Harry doesn't smell like strawberries.

I sink lower into the couch, and bury my head deeper into 'Flying with the Cannons.' I can hear my mother welcoming them, and talking animatedly to Anna, not even giving the girl a chance to speak.

I'm so proud of you mum.

Do you know what's strange? I don't even know the girl, yet I resent her, but I also feel as if I've known her forever. Weird. Probably because I've been seeing her name in the paper for the past week. I practically know her life story.

Suddenly, the conversation taking place in the back of my mind comes on full volume as everyone finally hears Little-Miss-Perfection's voice.

"Thank you so much, Mrs. Weasley. And everyone." She says, flashing her pearly whites at all of us.

"See? Nothing to be nervous about." I hear Harry tease her. I can practically SMELL his smirk a mile away. I LOVE that smirk…

My eyes peek for a second, and I see Anna roll her eyes good naturedly, and punch him lightly on the chest.

"Oh, you just WAIT until you meet my parents, then we'll see who's ready to piss in his pants." She smiles at him innocently, batting her eyelashes in that typical evil-girl manner.

Harry blushes slightly, clearing his throat.

In a move that surprises everyone, most especially me, I get up from the couch and say in such a convincing way that IM not sure how I really feel: "Nice to meet you Anna. I'm Ginny."

Than we hear a loud shriek that could rival Mrs. Black's.



Okay. So instead of Sunday Lunch, We're having Sunday dinner. While mum stomped around the kitchen, muttering about how crazy muggle appliances were and how she didn't know that they could catch fire if unattended to, we all secretly apparated to Hogsmeade (Even dad) and stuffed ourselves with candy from Honeydukes. (Who would have guessed that Fleur has a secret addiction to chocolate?) This all took less than 1 minute so by the time we got back, extremely full and ready for a nice nap, mum had finished cleaning the kitchen and cooking another full meal. (With magic now, of course.) But than, we told her how we couldn't eat another bite, she got really upset and scolded us for eating sweets instead of a full meal, and ordered us to stay for dinner.

So there you go. We all have to stay for dinner and eat the food, or risk facing Molly Weasley's wrath.

Where's the facing a horntail option when you need it?

So far, I haven't been overly successful in avoiding the Wizarding World's favorite new couple. Ron insists that we all play quiddich while waiting for it to get dark. And, of course, I just HAVE to get picked and play against Harry's team. I'm teammates with Little-miss…..FINE. Anna. I'm teammates with Anna.

Turns out, she's a great Quiddich player.


"Harry!" She shouts, almost boyishly. "You couldn't get past me to save your life!" She mocks him good naturedly.

Harry, who is playing chaser, grins and speeds up, swinging the end of his broomstick and shooting the quaffle towards the hoop she is currently guarding.

She expertly swings it back, sending it to the other side of the 'pitch.' Harry's shoulder slump in defeat and he mock sighs.

"Face it Potter! A girl beat you!" She says, flying to his side, her silky hair flapping with the wind. She pecks him lightly on the cheek and Harry smiles at her, kissing the top of her head.

I can hear Fred howling with laughter at Harry's defeat in the background, but right now I'm surprised I can even hear. From the moment her lips gently brushed against the cheek I've caressed so many times, a burning jealousy erupted within me. A certain...possessiveness.

He's mine.

I can feel my face getting red, and I close my eyes in an attempt to calm myself. It

doesn't help that I'm a naturally jealous person. The worst part is that Harry is talking to me normally again. Usually that would be the good news, but its not. Back when he hadn't met Anna, there would be awkward silences and missed glances. I was sure that he still felt something for me than. But now……he's acting normally. Like that incident never even took place. It makes me even angrier.

"Deep breaths."

My eyes flutter open and I see Hermione, barely able to stay on her broom, flying right beside me.

I smile at her, sighing tiredly. Now if there's one person who can see right through me besides my mum, it's Hermione. See the pattern? Who two people know me inside out? Mum and Hermione. What do they have in common? Okay fine, they're both neurotic and fussy, but besides that.

YES. They're both women. The rest of my family who all don't understand me one bit happen to be men. Really thick men. Well, maybe dad gets a couple more gold stars on his chart.

Moral Lesson? Men are idiots. Well, maybe not all men…..

Harry takes a strand of Anna's hair and twirls it around his finger. She shakes her hair out of his grasp and attempts to get a fist full of HIS hair. She is now chasing him around the "quiddich pitch", her arm outstretched and making grabbing motions at the top of his head.

I change my mind. Men ARE idiots.

"Gin, are you alright?" Hermione is now completely balanced on her broom, and has returned her attentions to me.

"I'm fine" I answer, trying my best to sound convincing.

"Alright." She says, shrugging nonchalantly.

I swing around and face her. "What do you mean, alright? I'm telling the truth! I'm fine!"

"Yes! I know that! That's why I said ALRIGHT."

"I'm not an idiot! I knew that tone!"

"What tone?" she asks, sounding so convincing that I'm almost fooled. Almost.

"There was a tone! I heard a tone! A tone that says I'm-not-convinced-but-ill-just-agree-with-you. THAT tone! I hate that tone..." I say, mumbling the last part.

"Fine!" She throws her hands up in the air. "Maybe there WAS a tone...But what about that hole you're burning through the back of Anna's head?" She says sweetly, in an almost Umbridge-like manner. That's creepy.

"What hole?" I ask, though in a sort of defeated way. Of course, I know there is no denying THAT. I just hope no one else noticed.

"No one noticed. Men are idiots" She says, almost as if she were reading my mind.

Almost as if to emphasize that statement, Ron flies right into the goal post, and Bill falls

off his broom, laughing.

Well THAT cheered me up. I was right!

"Just remember.. I'm here if you need me." She tells me, sounding very Oprah. (Yes, I watch Oprah sometimes! And if you didn't know, she's a witch. How do you think she got so rich? Besides, it's a stage every girl goes through. Even some boys go through it. Snigger... Ron...)

"Yes, yes. Gee, you're staring to sound like my mother." I say, smugly.

"Ginny! Hermione!" George's yell saves me from World War 3.

Turns out, we've been hanging in mid-air for a good 5 minutes. And the game is over. Our team won, but that doesn't make me any happier. The sky was getting dark already, and we all flew down to get back into the house. I can see Harry and Anna walking together, his arm around her shoulder.

My heart is slowly sinking, but I'm not going to show it. In fact, I'm going to try my best to maintain a cheerful face. Than I can wallow in pathetic self pity later, in my room.

I turn to my right, and see Hermione looking at me, trying to read my emotions.

I smile a little... then slammed her with my best bat- boogey curse! HA! I bet you thought that that was going to be an emo moment. Well Hermione might have been going Oprah on me, but I most certainly am NOT.


We are all eating a wonderful dinner, almost as good as the Hogwarts Food. And that's saying something. Every kind of food imaginable is on our table right now. I watch as everyone talks and laughs, feeling joyous. I put on a happy face, and I have to say, it's quite convincing. Even I'm convinced that I'm happy.

Suddenly, a wizard wireless cellular phone starts ringing. That's a new thing that wizards have copied from muggles, but they won't admit it. They say it's totally original.

Its Anna's phone. She excuses herself and goes to the side of the room to answer it. I wish I could hear, but everyone's talking so damn loudly. But than, I find that I don't have to hear what's being said. I can read it all in her face. Her face pales, and I can see tears starting to form in her eyes. She nods, gulping back her sobs, and ends the phone call. Apparently Harry has noticed her distress, because he goes over to her, rubbing her back comfortingly.

"Darling what's wrong?" My mother asks, noticing too. The whole table quiets down, and notices her tears.

"My…..My father died this afternoon." She sobs quietly, tears flowing silently down her flushed cheeks. She runs out of the dining room, Harry hot on her heels.

I would be a horrible person if I said that I was glad her father died. Don't worry, I'm not THAT bitchy. I actually feel a pang of sympathy for her, and glance at my own father, wondering how I would feel if her were to die suddenly.


This sudden news destroyed the aura of cheer quickly, so everyone is clearing the table. Since there are so many people, the table is cleared in less than two seconds, allowing me to go upstairs in my room, feeling slightly depressed.

I flop onto my bed and gaze out my window. The moon is shining brightly, in the shape of a smiley. Funny, I don't feel all that smiley. I know this would sound majorly selfish, but I still miss Harry. I know, he's supposed to be there for Anna, and we should all pity her because her father died, but somehow through all this, Harry still manages to worm his way into my thoughts.

Looking down from the shining moon, I can see two figures sitting on the bench outside, locked in a tight embrace. I quickly turn to open my drawers, falling off the bed in the process.

I am such a klutz.

Where is it? There!

My omnoculars. Perfect.

I zoom into who I presume are Harry and Anna. I know, spying. But who bloody cares?

Well duh, them. But what they don't know won't hurt them.

I can see them much better now. It IS Harry and Anna. I can see her back rising up and down in uneven breaths. She's still crying. But really, who can blame her?

I can see him stroke her hair gently, and I feel a sudden twinge of…..sadness. Not jealousy. Not anger. Not even cruel plans of revenge. Just sadness.

Who would be there for me when I felt that sort of despair? Sure, my family. But who would kiss me gently and stroke me hair, just staying silent and letting me cry it all out?


He whispers something into her ear, and she surfaces from his shoulder, teary eyed but smiling slightly. He gets up and holds his hand out to her. She accepts reluctantly, and he pulls her to her feet, taking her into his arms and waltzing to an imaginary song.

She giggles a little, than rests contentedly in his chest, closing her eyes tiredly as they moved gracefully.

I hear someone knock lightly on my door. My mother pops her head in, probably to check if I'm asleep. It's quite late, and all is dark. The house is quiet, but I think they're all awake drinking downstairs. They're probably keeping quiet, because being joyful just didn't feel right when someone had died.

I can tell they approve. They've all gotten quite attached to her. She's won them all over with her fun personality and bright smile.

Really, how can Harry NOT like her.

"Ginny darling? Aren't you asleep yet?" She asks sitting on my bed. I make no attempt to hide my omnoculars. It seems as though it doesn't even matter anymore.

"Oh." She says in understanding, seeing Harry twirl Anna around, her bright smile back. They laugh and make exaggerated dance movements, looking deep into each other's eyes.

"Ginny dearest, I just want you to remember, YOU dumped him. You are my favorite daughter, but Harry is like another son to me. You broke his heart into a million little pieces, and finally seeing him so happy makes me happy too." She whispered, looking at me.

My eyes are still glued to the omnoculars, watching the dancers every move. I nod my head, even though I don't really understand.

Why? Why am I so stupid?

My mother sighs. "You should just be happy that he's happy. Don't worry, things will work out in time. Whether or not you end up with Harry. We all have a destiny. We might not agree with it's choices at first, but it's really for the best." She turns to leave, still not getting any response from me.

"Wait." I whisper, my voice slightly hoarse. I turn my eyes away from the dancing couple.

My mother turns around and sits on my bed, waiting.

"Yes, dearest?"

"Thank you…..for not making me recite depressing poetry." I laugh, burying my face into her shoulder, my tears flowing as I thought of how much I had really hurt Harry.

She laughs lightly, stroking my hair. "Any time, Love."

We turn our gazes to the dancing couple, watching as they enter the house hand in hand, disappearing from sight.


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