Okee dokee. This is my first ever House of 1000 Corpses/ Devil's Rejects ficcy. It might have to do that I just saw the damn movie (DR) today, and I can't help but want to write about it. Bare with me.

Baby stared out the window of her bedroom on the second floor, of their rundown farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. Somewhere out there, there was copper pigs wishing to get ahold of evidence leading to them. Somewhere out there, there was freedom from those copper pigs. Somewhere out there, there were people just like her and the others. Someone like her cousin, Darkling, that lived out far away from Ruggsville.

"Baby, come down here, and help Otis with this little girl down here!" Mama Firefly called from the living room. Baby smiled a bit as she thought of her brother's infatuation with the lovely ones. She always thought it a wonder that Otis never got caught taking those girls from their own little rundown farm houses, and bars on the outskirts of town.

Prancing downstairs, Baby first saw Otis sitting on the couch with the girl on his lap. Upon firther inspection, he seemed to be smiling at the girl. This was just as stomache churning as when he made masks of people's faces.

"Whatta ya want me to do to her, Otis?" Baby smiled, thinking the girl was drunk off her ass, and sat on Otis' lap as well.

The girl blinked and stared at Baby silently. Her hair was a chocolate brown and her eyes were a cold crimson-brown colour. Her face was shaped greatly like Baby's, and her figure was very much the same as well. "Ya gunna stare at me all day, beautiful, or are ya gunna say 'hi'?"

"What the fuck is this?" Baby demanded and stood up, staring at the girl, now curling into a ball on Otis' lap. "Who the fuck is she, Otis?"

"This... would be our lovely lil' cousin, Baby-doll," Otis said as he pushed the girl's bangs from her face.

"Darkling!" Baby cried realizing who her darker copy was. "When did you get in-ta town, ya crazy bitch!" Baby asked, smiling at her.

Darkling stood up from Otis' lap and laughed with Baby, making Baby's laugh seem surround sound. "I'll answer when you tell me when you became so sexy, Baby!" Darkling giggled taking Baby's hand.

"Oh, stop! I could be asking you the same thing, darlin'!" they laughed and hugged each other tightly. Baby hadn't seen her cousin in years. Hell, they didn't even mention her family anymore due to a little misunderstanding between their fathers. We'll just say one became the Devil, and the other became a mass murderer on Earth.

"Darkling, do ya want something to eat, darlin'?" Mama asked, entering the living room via the kitchen. "Oh, yes. Will you have something, too, Damin?" she asked.

Baby suddenly realized the man leaning against the wall near the door. He wore a black muscle shirt, camo pants, and combat boots. His hair was much like Otis', but black in colour, and reached further than the man's on the couch.

"Now, who would this hot piece of ass be, Darklin'?" Baby wondered out loud and hid her hands in her back pockets. She smiled at the man, but he turned his eyes away from her and looked at Darkling instead.

"This would be Damin, Baby. Love of my life, and native to Ruggsville. Got my hold on him a few years back, when he was on the run from them coppa-pigs. Ran right into my house, and into my basement room. Knew my name before he left," Darkling smiled and took one of Damin's hands and rested it inside her shirt.

"Oooh! Dirty lil' cousin we have here, huh, Baby-doll?" Otis asked and smiled at the two dark ones. "So, man, what's your story? I understand her," he asked, pointing to Darkling, "but what is yer story to be with her?"

Damin smiled and pulled his hair out of his face. "Just as my lil' sugar said. On the run from the pigs. Just because you kill a whole family because they looked at you the wrong way, doesn't mean they had any right to want me in, dead or alive. About to catch me in a field one night, so I ran to the closest house I saw, and ran into the basement. Lil' girly here was in the middle of changing into her pajamas. Thought she was too sexy to pass by, and I had to quiet her somehow."

Baby smiled at Darkling who was a deep red by now and was sitting on the floor at Damin's feet. "Come on, Darkling! We'll get you all nice and beautiful while we catch up!" she said and grabbed Darkling by the hands.

"Okee dokee!" Darkling said standing up and looking back at Damin. "Don't worry. Otis don't bite. Do ya, Otis?"

"Not much, darlin'. Only when I feel hungary. Hey, Damin, mind sharing?" Otis grinned and watched Baby pull darkling to the stairs.

"Darkling, don't get too sexy up there. Otherwise, I won't be able to stay off ya," Damin said and sat next to Otis on the couch.

Darkling and Baby laughed and ran to her room. When they closed the door, a shout was heard in the hallway, somewhat to the effect of, 'What the fuck was that! Sounds like fucking World War Three!' Mama called from the kitchen saying 'It's all right, Rufus. It's just the girls.'

Baby and Darkling sat cross legged on the bed and Baby stared at her cousin half laughing. "So!"

"So what!" Darkling demanded.

"So... What was the guy like when he had to keep you quite!" Baby asked and smiled.

Darkling blushed a bit but waved Baby's question away. "The question is... why did I hear about you all on the news the other day? Pigs said there was a huge streak of murders in the area, and missin' persons and everything. What the hell have you guys been doing out here?"

"Whadda ya mean? How do you know it was us? It could have been Damin for all you know," Baby protested but smiled.

"It's got your names written all over the fucking walls, Baby. They will find you, whether from evidence... or from the likeliness of one single family in the area not having anything happen to them... except a few birth defects."

"Oh don't worry. They won't find out it was us. Besides... What do we have to worry about the pigs for? Baby asked and took some clothes out of her closet. " Change into these, and see how ya look. You're in Ruggsville, now. You can't be dressin' the part of a mourner!" Baby laughed and threw some shredded blue jeans, a white tank top, and cowboy boots on the bed for Darkling.

Darkling got up, and started to change into her new clothes, as Baby watched. "So. What's your story for bein' here, Couz?" she asked as Darkling threw her black jeans away and streached the holy jeans on her thighs.

"Nothin' really. Just passin' by. Well, actually, I wanted to talk to Otis about something. I didn't have a mind to pick up a phone," she replied and pulled her t-shirt off her breasts, replacing it with the white one Baby gave her.

"Otis? What do you want to talk to him for?" Baby demanded as she straightened Darkling's shirt on her chest, accidentally brushing her hand on the side of her breast.

"Nothin' but some advice on body disposal, Baby-doll," Darkling smiled and licked her lips. To this, Baby smiled too, and both left the room to the hallway.

Sorry this is short, all. But I swear that I will write more. I will definatley write bloody deaths the way they should be produced! So stick with me, ok? R&R much appreciated.