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Darkling's eyes tried to adjust to the darkness in the kitchen as she and Baby entered. However, by that time, she had lost her and Mama Firefly to the darkness. All she could see wasa looming figure in the corner that she took as being Rufus or something else all together. She moved toward it in hopes that it was someone she knew, but it moved out of the way and stayed away from here.

"Baby! Where am I!" Darkling cried as she bumped into the table in the middle of the kitchen.

"You're nearby, hunny. Don't worry. Just sit at the table there, and I'll turn on the light for you. I can see you aren't use to the darkness of our home yet," the voice of Mama firefly said from behind here. Darkling did as she was told and looked around. All she could see was the stuff on the table and the windows covered up by the blinds. Suddenly, Darkling was absolutely blind.

"That's better isn't it?" Baby asked from across the table. Darkling shook her head and squeezed her eyes shut. "I'm blind!"

"Ya aren't blind, Darklin', hunny. Ya jus' aren't use to the brightness either. Rufus, sweety, can you get Darkling, here, something to drink?" Mama Firefly said near the doorway. Almost immediately, the figure that had walked away from her before went to the refrigerator and pulled out a generic soda. He stared at her briefly and opened his mouth slightly. "For you."

Darkling was finally able to see and looked up at him. "Th-thanks..." She hadn't seen him when she arrived and noticed how he had looked like Damin. Except, he had facial hair. "I haven't met you before, Rufus. How are you?" She asked blushing slightly.

Rufus watched her coldly and sighed. "I'm fine, little cousin. I see that you have turned into Baby's clone. Does yer loverboy like that sort of thing, or what?" He asked and turned from her.

"Be nice, Rufus! She has come a long way with Damin, and she isn't about to suffer some stupid sarcastic shit from you," Baby said to him as she pushed him away. "Don't take interest in him, Darkling. He would as soon kill ya than like ya," Baby siad and stared at the retreating back of Rufus.

Darkling watched him leave and heard Damin talking with Otis in the living room. She then heard Rufus talking to them. " So you're the guy that came with her. Jesus, you have to be related to her. Why else would you look like the rest of us? Anyway, I don't know what your problem is. You want a stupid girl that is a clone of Baby. Idiot," Rufus said. She then heard someone standing up.

"Wanna say that again, you bastard?" Darkling heard Damin growl. Then laughing came from Rufus, making Damin make noises like he was being held away from him. "I will kill you! How dare you say that about her!"

Darkling got up from the table, went to the living room, and saw Damin being held back by Otis and a heavy set man with a clown face. Rufus was already gone. "Who is this guy, Otis?"the man asked staring at the struggling figure.

"He's Darkling's boyfriend," Otis strained to say looking at him.

"WHAT! What the HELL is she doing here!" Spalding yelled letting go of Damin and turning to face Otis. When he did, he saw Darkling in the door way. "YOU!" Then he came after her.

Darkling saw Spalding come forward with his fists out. His face was distorted in fury, and made her freeze in her place. She didn't even flinch when Spanling grabbed her by the throat and slammed her head into the wall. She didn't feel the pain until her body slid away from the wall. At that moment, she began to scream in pain, curling into a ball at Spalding's feet. No one came to her side, and no one spoke. It was quite amoung everyone in the living room with Darkling sobbing. Baby, Mama Firefly, and Rufus had appeared at the entrances and also said nothing.

"I though I told you and the rest of those pieces of shit to stay the hell away from us. Or did you think you could infultrate our family with that hair?" Spalding asked as he tugged out a fistful of of Darkling's hair. The roots were firey red. "Your roots are still that colour of hell that your father created for you."

Darkling saw her hair fall to the ground in front of her and saw Damin staring at her with wide eyes. The pain in the back of her head had become a dull throb as Spalding dissappeared into the kitchen with Baby and Mama Firefly. Otis, Rufus, and Damin gathered around her and talked to each other.

"What's his deal? Why couldn't I do anything to stop him? Why couldn't I move?" Damin asked as he touched Darkling's face.

"I don't know... But everything that has happened between him and her old man has fallen to her. She was deserted and told never to come back. Baby doesn't know that. But we do," Otis whispered.

"He said that if she ever came back... He'd kill her. And he said he'd make sure she was fucked before so, whether she liked it or not. He made us agree to help. Go figure, huh?" Rufus said. He then picked up the unconscious Darkling and layed her on the couch. "Go ahead," he said to Otis.

"Yeah... it's that time, isn't it?" Otis asked running his hand through his hair.

Damin then felt Rufus grab a hold of him and used his wieght to crush him into the ground. He watched as Otis undid his belt and crawled onto the couch with Darkling. He heard Spalding telling the girls to stay in the kitchen as Damin screamed for Darklingfrom the floor. "FUCKERS!"

"Darkling is never going to know... and neither are you...," Rufus whispered into Damin's ear and slammed his head into the ground, knocking him out instantly.

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