Navaer amar velui,

Navaer menel forodren.

Galu uireb alle, si

Mi aur a mi ithil faen

Thûl thuiant, aerlinn linnant.

Ringyrn vain a dhelu

Di 'elaidh Lúthien carant

Io annan. Pân en ardhon

Dinúviel egleriant.

Gwathel vain, mas bennich?

Thêl, man amarth thurin lín?

I elleth gwannant na morchant,

Mi dhúath, ah melethron dín…



Farewell sweet earth,

Farewell northern sky.

Eternal blessedness to ye, for here

In sunlight and in white moon-sheen

She drew breath, she sang her songs.

Circles fair and fell

Under trees made Lúthien

Long ago. All the world

Praised Tinúviel.

Pretty sister, where have you gone?

Sister, what secret doom was yours?

She has departed into shadow,

In darkness, with her lover…


I wrote this poem using Ped Edhellen (Thorsten Renk's Sindarin course) and Hiswelókë's Sindarin dictionary, both of which are available online. I was subsequently helped by Navaer Lalaith. My thanks to her!

Knowledgeable readers will notice that this poem kicks off with a quote from the "Song of Parting" ("Farewell sweet earth and northern sky/ for ever blest, since here did lie/ and here with lissom limbs did run/ beneath the Moon, beneath the Sun…")

The "Song of Parting" is copyright J. R. R. Tolkien, as are all of his works, characters and concepts. "Navaer amar velui" is copyright The Lauderdale. It was originally published December 28, 2005 as "Novaer ennor melui" and was last edited January 22, 2006.