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Summary: The summer after 'Order of the Phoenix', Harry is depressed and angry. And he starts thinking. Is death really irreversible?

Spoilers for: Books 1 to 5. (HBP never happened. Really.)

Innocence is fleeting, Death stays true forever

Number Four Privet Drive lay silent beneath the stars. The night was filled with the typical sounds of an upper-class neighbourhood. A few dogs barked their sorrow to the passing clouds, some cars passed under the yellow light of the street-lamps. All the houses were watching over their perfect little gardens and white fences.

It had been a warm summer day. Most people had sought their refugee in the shade or the swimming pool. It had been much too warm to work, really.

The burning summer sun had only seen one person gardening. A boy – nearly a man, sixteen years old now and with eyes that would make any girl swoon, if they hadn't been hidden behind such ugly glasses. Black hair that kept falling in front of those eyes, momentarily hiding the lightening-shaped scar on his forehead. The long fingers were pulling weeds as if they had done something to offend him personally. Though, the boys anger was not directed at the weeds, but at his guardians. All of them.

The Dursleys, for making his life a living hell when he was supposed to be having a vacation.

Dumbledore, with his naive ideas about 'protecting Harry's innocence', thus keeping the Prophecy from Harry, which indirectly led to Sirius' death.

All those Order members, who were even right now spying on him, watching him "to protect him" – he had seen last year what their protection was really worth. Yes, the dementors, sent by that Umbridge woman.

Harry was sick of it. He had had enough. Sure, his friends had been sending letters, but they couldn't cheer him up. It would be more than a month before he would be allowed to visit them and he could really use some moral encouragement right now, after...

As if he really wanted to go to Grimmauld Place, anyway. Sirius had hated the place. And Kreacher was still there.

Sirius... His godfather had been the only person to understand him, Harry found. The one who argued with Mrs. Weasley last year to make him include Harry in the Order meetings, the only person who had always supported Harry, no matter what he did. So what if he had pranked Snape a few times when they were students? Harry had been very shook when he saw the memory Snape's Pensieve held, last year during Occlumency. But now, when he thought about it, he concluded it was such a great coincidence that the Pensieve had been left on the top of the desk, while Snape knew Harry would be coming. If he really wanted it hidden, shouldn't he have put it away rather than just leaving it? Or had Snape been planning on Harry's curiosity, and wanted him to see that memory?

It didn't matter. Not anymore. If his father had been a prat or not: he still remained Harry's father. And he still remained dead.

Dead. Like Sirius.

How he wanted to curse Bellatrix for what she had done... Rightous anger wasn't enough? Fine. He'd give her hate. He'd give her suffering. It was her fault Sirius had died.

Dead. Such a strange concept. Was there really no way to reverse this condition?

He had been thinking about this ever since he got back to the Dursleys. And using a Post Order company he had bought himself some books, in which he hoped to find some references to the Veil Sirius had fallen into.

It was that hot, starry summer night those books were delivered.

Harry had been staring out of the window, and quickly payed the four tired owls before taking the package they held. In one night, he browsed through all three the books, finally finding what he sought.

Three sentences would change Harry's life forever.

Not much is known about the Veil, but it is generally believed to be a gateway into the realm of Death. The Veil is a one-way portal, though it is hypothesized a Necromancer could make the gate go both ways. Nobody can be sure, since Necromancy is a rare and extremely Dark Art, worthy of a life sentence in Azkaban.

That was all the information Harry got about the Veil, but it was enough.

A sparkle appeared in Harry's eyes.


Harry Potter Disappeared!

By Stephan Rowdink

Three days ago, Harry Potter disappeared from the house of his guardians. This was only today confirmed by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, the famed Headmaster of Hogwarts' school for Witchcraft and Wizardry, whom we all know thanks to his glorious defeat of Grindelwald in 1945, among other things. But has the seemingly omniscient man lost his touch? Has the Boy-Who-Lived been kidnapped? One can only hope for the best. (Continued pg. 5)


Still No Sign Of Harry Potter

By River Grendill

The search for the famed Boy-Who-Lived has reached a dead end. The Ministry had proclaimed the Aurors will stop actively searching for Harry Potter. Ever since he disappeared two months ago no one has seen him. The beginning of the school year has started and the wizarding world is at a loss. There have been rumours going around about Harry Potter being the Chosen One to defeat You-Know-Who, but with our hero gone, do we really have a chance to succeed? (Continued pg. 11)


You-Know-Who Strikes Again!

By Wiebhe Ruddingh

Last night, three muggle villages have been burned down and the Dark Mark was sighted above them. The two sole survivors told terrifying tales of armies of Inferi (called Zumboe's by the Muggles) before succumbing to their wounds. This is the fourth strike this month, after the devastating attack on 'Little Wendy's Primary School For The Magically Gifted.' One question lies on everybody's lips: Where is Harry Potter? Where is our saviour?


"You have to eat, Ron." The bushy haired witch looked at her boyfriend intently. "Starving yourself won't help a thing, you know that."

"I can't help it. How can I enjoy this if Harry's not here?" The redhead poked with his fork in his food, not managing to get the mashed potatoes in his mouth. Christmas. It was Christmas, and everyone was celebrating, and it hurt that Harry wasn't here to enjoy it.

Hermione still got teary-eyed when he mentioned their missing friend, but she had come to the logical conclusion. She was, after all, a very logical person.

"Ron... It's been five months. I don't think Harry's coming back."

"Shut up!" Ron couldn't hear this, he was sick of everyone telling him he should stop hoping! "Harry has been in bad situations before, and he always gets out of them!"

"It's very likely the Death Eaters had him. If so, V-voldemort... He wouldn't have hesitated. Please Ron, you're making this even harder for everyone. I miss him too! Just accept –"

"No! No. No, Hermione. I have faith in Harry. Just you wait and see."

Hermione hugged him.


Boy-Who-Lived Proclaimed Dead

By Remmy Murker

After eleven months of being gone, Harry Potter has been proclaimed dead by the Ministry of Magic. His friends (R. Weasley and H. Granger, Gryffindor House, Hogwarts) were unable for comment, though their sorrow was visible on their faces when this reporter gave them the grave news. And they, along with the rest of the Wizarding World, have got a reason to be sorrowful. With Harry Potter dead, who will dare oppose You-Know-Who? Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore urges us not to lose hope and assured this reporter that he will always oppose the rising Darkness, but the faith in him is wavering. Dumbledore couldn't prevent the Massacre of Durmstrang to happen. What hope do we have left?