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Summary: Imagine Greg were attacked and left unable to portray his feelings or care properly for himself.

"Hey Greg, I know that you understand me, OK? We're gonna get through this. Now, I'm going to show you some mug shots, you point when you see who did this to you."

Greg's eyebrows furrowed at Grissom.

"Gris, I know its hard, but he doesn't understand, he's gone, there's nothing you can do, you heard what the doctors said…"

Greg now looked at this woman, she had kind eyes and strawberry blonde hair.

Catherine bent down next to him and took his hands in hers:

"Hey, Greggo, wanna come over to my place and watch movies with Lindsey?"

Greg didn't want to watch movies with Lindsey. He wasn't a child, he needed to let Catherine know this, but he couldn't. Instead, he looked pleadingly up at Grissom. Grissom believed in him, he knew he was still in their, he was just a little lost and needed time. Grissom looked back at him, their eyes locked.

"What about a break from movies? I'm sure Nick would like to spend his night off with you, maybe Catherine would drive you to Nick's?"

Catherine looked slightly annoyed but smiled sweetly.

"Alright, you have a boy's night in instead Greggo, I'm sure Nicky will be pleased to see you, I'll just phone ahead and check its OK."

Greg looked at her with sweet puppy dog eyes, then looked at Grissom appreciatively.

He had been staying at Grissom's since the he had got out of hospital. Every night he would end up with Lindsey and her babysitter watching kid's movies, or at whose ever house had the night off. Once or twice he had ended up sitting in the break room at the lab for hours because nobody could take him. He hated being such a burden, but he just couldn't find himself, he couldn't do all the little things that had made him Greg, no matter how much he had wanted to.

Catherine came back into the room.

"OK Greg, were all set, I'll drop you off at Nick's now."

Catherine held out her hand to him as if he were a small child. He looked up at her. She was nice to him, but she wouldn't treat him like him, she had almost given up on getting him back.

Yet, ever since the accident he had needed to feel as though he weren't alone, and so he clutched her hand gratefully, allowing himself to be lead out of the room, he looked at Grissom in a way he hoped said 'see ya later', but he knew just probably looked blank and emotionless.

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