The Greg stood to the side of the door of the perps house, his gun raised. Sara stood to the other side of the door.

"Las Vegas Crime lab, open up!" Greg called for the last time before opening the unlocked door.

As he stepped through the threshold, he heard a load thump and then felt pain and sensed himself crumpling to the floor.

Greg shot up, gasping, from where he had been asleep on Nick's sofa. As he scrambled to get up, he knocked the coffee table and sent a large glass vase flying, shattering next to the TV.

Nick rounded the corner from his bedroom, gun raised.

"GREG! You OK?" He yelled, knowing his friend wouldn't answer. As Nick caught sight of his panicked, but clearly unharmed and safe friend, he let out a sigh of relief.

"Greggo, you frightened me there, what's the matter? Had another nightmare?" Since the accident, Greg hadn't slept well, the doctor said it was most likely due to some kind of compromised brain signal, Nick hoped, but wasn't sure, that it was the real Greg stuck inside, remembering and desperate to help his team-mates catch the monster who had done this to him.

On seeing Nick Greg stumbled over and enveloped him in a desperate, lost hug. Nick was caught completely by surprise- Greg hadn't shown such emotion since the accident- hell, Nick wasn't even sure he had recognised any of them.

Nick chuckled and hugged his friend back, slapping him reassuringly on the back as Greg clutched desperately onto his T-shirt.

After a few minutes, Greg drew away slightly and stared, desperately into his friends eyes, trying to tell Nick what he had seen, trying to tell him he was still him in there.

Nick smiled back, but Greg wasn't sure if he had understood.

"I'm sorry kiddo, I don't understand. You want something? The bathroom? A drink? A snack?" Greg looked up exasperated. Then a thought crossed his mind. He would show Nick he was still him. In a dream he had been having only a few nights ago, he had remembered load, banging music. Him in the lab with load music.

Greg wandered over to nick's CD rack and foraged through. Hey, Greggo, careful OK…" Nick trailed off as Greg pulled out his friend's copy of his favourite Album and held it proudly in front of Nick.

A broad smile broke out onto Nicks face. He slapped Greg affectionately on the back. Now he knew their Greg was in there. He took the CD from Greg and put it into the stereo system, pumping the volume full blast. He didn't care if the neighbours complained. He didn't care about anything other than the fact that he knew for certain that their Greg was alive and well. Nick turned back to his friend, who was attempting to snap the care bears CD Catherine had brought him in half triumphantly, and chuckled.

"I gotta phone Grissom and tell him Greggy boy…"