Innocence in Corruption

(Woot I am back-passes out cookies- yes I am sorry I have been gone some very bad business went on. This is a romance fic between Aoi(the laughing man) and Motoko of Ghost in the Shell. If you do not like the fact Aoi is around 16 and Motoko around 20ish to bad go away. I don't own any of these people blahblahtrademarksblah. This is written at...2:22 AM so please excuse the amazing suck-osity perhaps if I get the time I will fix it but I intend for it to be quite long and each chapter is a different time such as this is one day the other chapter another and so on . The time will of course be explained don't worry. Rated for future chapters .Huzzah the love bunnies are out!)

What would you do if everything was falling apart? How would you feel? It all started when he was younger, wandering for an answer, for help a beacon of light in an ill depressed world. When Aoi stumbled upon something that would fuel himself and Motoko in a hopeful attempt to gain some small grain of truth in a world of despair. Both failing spectactularly. However strong The Laughing Man came across , Aoi was weak . He was a glass doll, sitting on the edge of a table waiting to shatter.

Somehow , someday he will make a difference. When everything is lost and she sits at home alone , Motoko will have something to remember. A little boy with an extraordinary talent . And perhaps just effecting her life was good enough. If one person would be different, maybe he would be ok. And in this would be the downfall, the ultimate weakness of the both of them. For when two people are falling into a pit of despair , they find each other and are truly a catcher in the rye. For when one falls the other will come running.

He was just sitting there, waiting for Motoko surrounded by books. Some of love and romance other of death and mystery, all books in wonderful condition , perhaps his only friends. Among the books and shelves the boy seemed to disappear, the pretty thing hidden from the world trapped in his own despair and grand idea of world change.

"I could never quite understand it, not until I saw it for my own eyes. It's the Stand Alone Complex. A fatal flaw in humans which we beg to be set apart , copy one another. Copy's made with no original. Now I understand when I have played my part as a vague thread in a never ending story playing like a broken record."

" You're a weird little boy you know that?"

In their contact , a strange thing would happen. An odd feeling of mutual admiration. The sense that respect for each other was prominent and perhaps this was the real start of a very odd romance between a lonesome boy and a lost girl. For within each other they would find comfort. When at night he was sad , remembering everything he lost she was there to protect him from shattering and he would be there for her in return to keep her safe and be her armor. Yes this was the start of love between two people who where the only innocence in corruption.