Leaning forward, Harry asked "Can someone just outline to me what that really means? I've read the reports from Threshold, I've heard you talking about it around here, but just haven't got a clue what you guys are on about."

Stuart flipped over one of the monitors on the table and lifted the keyboard out. He logged into the system and found some data he had stored. He switched the display to the wall monitors.

"Basically, our brains generate electrical activity, what we call brain waves, all the time. The waves that we can measure at any one time depend on the state the brain. That state varies from being drowsy and sleepy, to being fully awake and focused. When we engage in different activities, the electrical activity of the brain also changes. There are four different brain wave types that we classify, these being alpha, beta, delta and theta."

Switching the display, he showed four different graphs, one highlighting each of the different waves he was trying to explain.

"Alpha waves tend to show the brain in a relaxed or calm state. Examples where we can see these include preying or meditating. Another simple example is when you close your eyes."

"Beta waves are associated with arousal, problem solving, attention and concentration. We can break these down to two different levels of beta waves, but that's not for this conversation."

"Delta waves occur when we sleep, and finally, theta wave activity generally occurs during dreaming. You would rarely find theta waves in a person who is awake, but when they do, we see such a person suffering from anxiety or conditions such as epilepsy."

Harry, who had been leaning back in his chair listening, leaned forward to ask a question, partly to Stuart, but also to Molly.

"You say that those subjected to the alien signal, or contact with our alien craft, suffer from increased theta waves, so why do we not see them suffering from anxiety or epilepsy?"

Molly put her hand up to signal to Stuart she would answer.

"The spikes in the theta waves tend to register when the subject has a dream or a vision of the crystal forest. Even if they are awake, the visions are generated in the same part of the brain as when dreaming when asleep. We believe the signal imprints what we believe is a memory of what they intend our world to become. Get us ready for whatever they plan to do to Earth."

"Basically, then, if someone has increased theta waves, then they have got this memory imprinted in their brain?" Harry asked.

"Yes," Stuart replied. "I'm starting to think that when we see large increases in theta waves, this is the mind trying to integrate the memory further into the person subconscious."

"Thanks for that," Harry said.