Annie was sitting no her bed, pretending her mother wasn't downstairs furiously thinking of ways to apologize to her. So, she had once again lied to her, making her life even more complicated. So Ginny and Harry had their affair spread over three pages in a paper read by the entire Wizarding world. So Annie was going to go back to school with all of this hanging over her head. So what? Right? It shouldn't really matter that much, though it did.

For as long as she could remember she and her mother had a pretty good relationship. Annie had never felt as though she couldn't go to Ginny with her feelings. Suddenly, everything changed. Ginny, who had once told Annie almost everything, was sneaking around behind her back sleeping with Harry, secretly dating.

"Annie?" There was a soft knock on the door. "Can I come in?"

"I'm trying to sleep, mother," Annie replied coldly, scooting down until she was in a laying position. "Maybe when I wake up. That should give you plenty of time to make up a story." There was silence. Annie wondered if maybe she had gone too far, but then decided she didn't care.

"Annie Elizabeth, open this door right now!" Ginny called, knocking harder. Annie didn't reply, too furious to really even look at her mother. "Annie!"

"Mum, why can't you just leave me alone?" Annie cried. "I don't want to talk to you, I don't want to see you, and I certainly don't want to hear another one of your excuses. Please just go away!"

Ginny stared at the door in shock. Annie had never spoken to her like that before, never. She felt tears well up in her eyes and slowly turned away from the door, heading back down to the kitchen where Harry was sitting, waiting for her.

"Well?" Harry asked, as soon as Ginny walked in. She shook her head and bent it down, swiping tears away from her eyes, trying to prevent Harry from seeing them. "Oh, that bad, huh?"

"I think she hates me!" Ginny wailed, putting her head in her hands. "I just think I've made the biggest mistake of my life! She's never going to get over this."

"Of course she will," Harry said. "She loves you, Ginny. As far as I can see you've made a great home, and a great life for this girl! Alright, so you lied to her and you concealed the identity of her father-" Ginny let out another wail. "-but you know Annie. Does she seem like the type of person to hate you forever?"

"I don't know…" Ginny replied. "I didn't think so…"

"Don't worry about it," Harry replied, kissing the top of Ginny's head. "Everything is going to work out, Gin, I promise."

"Yeah?" Ginny asked, looking up at him.


One Year Later

Harry huffed angrily as he slid a box into it's appropriate place by the window. He surveyed it for a moment as Annie watched from the door, confused.

"What're you doing?" she asked, handing him some Windex.

"Does that look alright there?" he asked critically.

"The box?"


"Erm, sure. The box looks great in our living room, under our window."

"Great," Harry said happily, squinting and snapping his fingers at it. It suddenly transformed into a giant drum set, which he quickly bounded over to and started playing. Annie jumped, unaware that that would make such a loud noise. Ginny, also curious as to what was causing all the noise, came out of the kitchen.

"Harry, what on Earth is that?" she asked, staring at it.

"My drums!" Harry called.

"Your what?"

"My drums!"


"HIS DRUMS!" Annie bellowed.

"Oh," Ginny nodded, staring at them quizzically. In fact, she was wondering how on Earth she was going to make it look like an accident when she broke them. "Annie, want to help me with some lunch?"

"Yeah," Annie replied, "sure." She followed her mother into the kitchen and reached in the cabinet to get the pitcher. "So, mom…let me see the ring again."

Ginny excitedly held out her hand for Annie, who sighed over the ring. It had been no shock to her that Ginny and Harry had gotten engaged, nor that Harry was moving into their home. All in all it was a pretty good understanding between the three of them.

"Here, go give this to him," Ginny said dryly, handing Annie the glass of lemonade. Harry began beating upon the drums again, this time louder and faster. "Oh, how are we going to break those?"

"I don't know…" Annie said, trailing off. "I was thinking we could just hide the sticks."

One Year Later

Annie brushed out her long black hair as her mother rushed around in the background. They were quiet today, most likely from nerves.

"And the band?" Hermione asked, walking into the room. Ginny looked up at her, a worried look on her expression.

"Noon," she replied.

"And it's?" Hermione asked furiously, looking down at her watch. "Eleven forty-five. They should be here in fifteen minutes. Is the stage prepared for that?"

"Yes," Annie replied, trying to smile at her aunt, whosePMS hormoneswere currently flying out at innocent bystanders. For example, Mr. Zamirir, who ran the muggle market on the corner. Hermione had yelled at him for his lack of apples until he called the police, who refused to arrest her because of her "slanderous comments about him, his apples, and the way he ran his business."

Hermione wheeled around to stare at Annie. "Who did you hair?"

"I did," Annie replied. "I was going for a natural look of brushing it."

"I thought we decided it was going to be up," Hermione accused through narrowed eyes.

"No, Hermione, dear, you decided it was going to be up, I decided as it was my wedding that it could be any way she wanted it to be…Remember?" Ginny said firmly. Hermione flushed slightly and nodded. She turned to Annie, beaming.

"Dear, your hair looks absolutely lovely!" she cried, bringing Annie and Ginny into a hug. "Just think, it only took you guys fourteen years to come together."

"Yes, fourteen years, one child, several lies and a big blow out," Ginny added.

"Don't forget the pear tree," Annie quipped sarcastically. "I'm going to go downstairs and get my dress. It's still hanging up in the kitchen, right?"

"Yes, dear, beside the stove," Ginny said.

"Because that was the smartest place to put it," Annie muttered, leaving the room. She walked along the hallway, past her bedroom, then to the stairs. Everywhere she looked there were decorations for the wedding, which was starting in an hour. She paused at the stairs, allowing her eyes to sweep over the living room and the beginning of the kitchen.

Bows and streamers hung from the ceiling, or attached the chairs, which had replaced the couches and overstuffed arm chairs. Annie sighed heavily, wondering just how much her life was going to change.

She was happy, of course, that her parents were going to get married today. There was no reason not too, really. This was what she had wanted since she had found out that Harry was her father. She was cautious, however, as to how much her life was going to change. So far Harry had moved in with his muggle drum set, which he insisted on playing at odd hours. There was his muggle game system, which he taught Annie how to play. Also, his dog, Pete, who Annie adored among everything she owned. He was an overweight chocolate lab which gorgeous brown eyes.

It was overwhelming, to say the least, about everything that was happening. She had to come to terms with the fact that there was a man living in her house. She had been embarrassed for one of the first times in her life to get her period on the one day Ginny had left her alone with Harry. She had been so freaked out, as her mother had not quite told her what to expect, that she had started screaming. Harry had come in, asked her what was wrong, and when she told him, blushed more than she had ever seen him, and left. Ten minutes later her mother rushed in, face flushed, eyes shining because her baby had finally become "a woman."

Just last night Ginny had allowed Annie to stay up all night with her as they sat and talked by the fire. Annie had finally asked what she had been wondering about for months.

"Mum," Annie asked curiously as they ate their sundaes.

"Yes, dear?" Ginny asked, wiping some peanut butter off of her chin. She turned to Annie with a giant, goofy smile on his face.

"Do you think you'll have any more children?" Annie asked quietly. "I mean, you and dad are getting married now. It's finally the appropriate time to have a child…will you?"

Ginny's smile slowly faded off her face as a confused expression replaced it. "I don't know, dear, I really don't." Ginny sighed. "I want more children. I would love to have two or three more…but it's really all about what is going on in our lives. I know you're father wants more, but you never know."

"Annie?" Annie whipped around and there he was. Her father was standing in the kitchen, everything on but his jacket. He gave her a giant smile and took a sip from his tea cup. "Do you need something?"

"My dress," Annie replied. "I need my dress." She walked over to the stove and took her inky purple dress off the hanger and turned to face her father. "I'm going to get dressed."

"Hey, wait," Harry called, walking over to her. He looked down at Annie and tried to calm his nerves. "Have a toast with me."

"A toast?" Annie asked.

"Yes, I'll even put some champagne in yours," Harry said, giving her a sideways smirk. Annie happily went over and accepted the glass.

"To you and mom," Annie said taking a sip as she clinked the glass together with Harry's. "Mmm, this is tasty."

"Yeah…let's not let Ginny know you've had this…," Harry said worriedly, watching her down it in one gulp. She let out a belch just as Hermione walked in.

"Oh, charming," she said sarcastically. "What're you drinking over here?"

"Orange juice," Annie replied immediately. Hermione frowned and took out a glass for herself.

"Annie, you need to go get dressed…like ten minutes ago," Hermione said shooing her out of the kitchen. "You'll see Harry in like twenty minutes…go! Now!"

"Yes, auntie," Annie replied, taking down her dress and hurrying up the stairs to her mother's room. She knocked on the door and slipped in as her mother was just putting on her veil. "Wow."

"I know, right?" Ginny said, smoothing down the dress. "I look…amazing."

"Right," Annie said. "Mum, you look angelic."

"Aw, that's sweet, honey." Ginny turned to Annie with a giant smile on her face. She couldn't stop herself from smiling. "Are you sure you don't want to come with us when we go to France?"

"Yeah, positive," Annie replied sarcastically. "As if I want to go with you on your honeymoon! I'll stay with Marley."

"Yes, if that's what you want," Ginny said innocently. "Especially since You-Know-Who will be there."

"No he won't," Annie replied. "Dad killed him thirteen years ago." Ginny rolled her eyes.

"I mean a certain boy that you've had your eye on-"

"Mum!" Annie cried. "Who told you?"

"I'm your mother, Annie! Don't you think I know when you're in love?"

"Well…you shouldn't!" Annie cried, feeling her cheeks heat up incredibly. Ginny let out a short laugh before going over to Annie and hugging her. Annie found herself thinking about how Elliot had kissed her just before they boarded the train to go home for the summer.

"Annie, I know what it feels like to be in love, believe me…I know what you're going through," Ginny said sighing heavily as she thought about her first crush, who was now standing in the kitchen doing something while he waited for her to come down and marry him.

Annie didn't talk to her mother for a moment as she pulled on her dress, zipped it up, and brushed her hair again. She was contemplating what her mother had told her. What was Ginny trying to tell her? You may get your crush in the end, but the end is actually twenty-years later and you may have a thirteen year old daughter together?

As Annie looked at herself in the mirror she found herself mentally going through a checklist of all the changes that had happened so far.

Cheekbones? Check.

Waist? Kind of.

Chest? Nope.

She sighed as she inspected herself and then turned to her mother who was currently struggling to get her shoes into her feet. '

"Stupid things," she muttered to herself. "I swear…"


"Yes, dear?"

"What was I named after?"

"My favorite muggle movie," Ginny replied, putting on some more lip gloss. "It was one of the only regular muggle dates your father and I had. We went out to dinner at some nice little restaurant and I let slip I had never seen a…um, oh, right, a movie. So, he took me to go see one and the only one we could get tickets to was an older movie, it was about seven or eight years old at the time. And it was Annie, the story of an orphan girl being taken in by an older man."

"Sounds kind of creepy…," Annie said dryly.

"It was one of the best nights of my life," Ginny went on. "It was also the last time I would see Harry in almost eight years. Do you want to hear something else?"

"Sure," Annie replied.

"I got pregnant with you that night."

"Ugh, mum! Please!" Annie cried, shuddering. "I don't want to hear about that kind of stuff."

"Well, I wasn't going to go into detail," Ginny snapped.

"Oh…well, then. You got pregnant with me that night…," she began for Ginny who smiled at her through the mirror and placed her lip gloss down.

"Yes, I got pregnant and…oh, how frightened I was. I thought my entire life had just come crashing down upon me, I really had. I couldn't work up the courage to tell anyone, even your aunt Hermione who had just given birth to Mia." Ginny gave a laugh. "I stayed quiet about it for almost six months, until something went really wrong."

"What happened?" Annie asked.

"I was walking down the stairs with a clothes basket in my hand when one of the kids knocked into the back of my leg. I lost my balance and fell the rest of the way. Later on when I went to the bathroom I noticed blood and was so afraid that I had lost you. I didn't know it then, but I really needed you in my life. Harry had come back and I hadn't told him I was pregnant. He told me what his plans were and what he needed, I complied with them. But I wasn't happy.

"If I had lost you that night, I don't know what I would have done. See, Annie, my babe, you were an absolute miracle. The doctor said you were absolutely fine. He even told me that I was expecting a little girl, much to my delight."

"How did grandma take it?" Annie asked softly.

"Oh…erm, let's say not good…" Ginny replied vaguely.

"Did grandma and aunt Hermione know all along who the father was?"

"I think everyone did," Ginny replied. "No one said anything about it, though."


"Ginny, dear, Hermione told us you were in the hospital! Dear, whatever is the matter? You hadn't said anything to us at dinner!" Molly cried, barreling into the room and shooing a nurse out of the way, as she grabbed her daughter's hand. "Say something Ginny."

"I'm so sorry, mum," Ginny replied weakly.

"Oh, dear, don't be sorry at all! What is there to be sorry about? Just tell me what's wrong!" Molly looked close to tears as she surveyed Ginny's strained features.

"Mum…I got…," Ginny trailed off, looking to Hermione for comfort. She nodded firmly and grabbed her other hand, trying to add some warmth to Ginny. "Mum, I'm…Well, see…I kind of …erm, I don't know how to say this, really."

"Well just say it, darling, anything! Please tell mummy what's wrong!" Molly cried, close to hysterics. "Is it because Harry left? Oh, dear, I knew you weren't alright, even though you said you were. And you are putting on quite a bit of weight lately, don't think I don't notice! Sweetie, sometimes people just aren't meant to be together! I know it seemed as though things might work out, but you have to realize how much stress he is going through! I just wish you would get over him-"

"Mum, I'm pregnant!" Ginny bellowed, just as her brother's came in, along with their father. Molly stared at her for a moment as the entire hospital room went silent. Molly's bottom lip started to quiver and she nodded a few times before letting out a huge sob.

"Oh, h-how did th-this h-h-h-happen to my b-baby?" she moaned, placing her head on Ginny's arm. Ginny felt wet tears and tried herself to remain calm. "Oh, sweetie! How could you let this have happened? Why weren't you safe? Why were having…sex in the first place?"

"I'm sorry mum," Ginny whispered. "I don't know why. I was just so lonely and scared and confused and then he came back." She felt tears well up again. "He promised me he would stay…" She gave another sob herself and leaned back into the covers. "I thought he loved me."

"Ginny, he does love you!" Hermione cut in, looking horrorstruck. "You're all he ever talks about, really! When he was away from you he felt so horrible that he wouldn't speak to us for days! He loves you Ginny."

"Then why did he leave?" Ginny demanded. "Why would he do that to me? Again? Does he think I'm just going to wait for him forever?"

"Yes," Hermione replied softly. "He think you'll wait for him as long as he'd wait for you if you were in the same position."

"Ginny, dear, this is what we're going to do," Molly said firmly. "You are going to get an apartment near Ron and Hermione. You are going to get a job next year. I will be living with you for the first three months of the baby's life, and then, I will leave. You are going to get through this and everything is going to be alright."

"How do you know?" Ginny asked weakly.

"I don't," Molly replied, "I just have to believe it will."

End of Flashback

"Annie, dear, your father needs to see you downstairs," Molly said, coming into the room with a giant smile on her face. "Oh! Will you just LOOK at my darling daughter! I have never seen a more beautiful bride in my entire life….Although," she said suddenly and Ginny looked up, as though she expected an 'although' all along, "dear, should you be wearing white on your wedding day? I've heard of snickering, but people will be outright laughing at you!"

"It's crème, mother," Ginny replied, rolling her eyes. "Even I couldn't walk down the isle in a white dress. I mean, well, no. I couldn't."

Annie smiled at herself and walked down the stairs as people slowly began to gather around in the living room until they had to go outside. She quickly rushed past the Lupins, though she knew she needed desperately to talk to Marley. She side-stepped Professor McGonagall who was still angry about her protesting just before school let out.

As she stepped back into the kitchen she saw all of her red-headed uncles and walked through the kitchen, giving everyone a 'hello' and a smile. Walking into the library, she noticed Harry sitting in his chair by the window.

"Hey, dad," she said, closing the door over. "Did you want to see me?"

"Yes, yes I did," Harry said, standing up and walking over to the other side of the desk. "I am about to bestow upon you something that was given to me by your uncle George and uncle Fred." Internally Annie was thinking how much she did not want whatever that was in there. "It was my father's, however, from a very long time ago. He and his friends made it. They called themselves the Marauders. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs, my father. I actually think you know Moony."

"Oh?" Annie asked, curious.

"Yes, Remus," Harry said.

"Professor Lupin?" Annie cried.

"Yes, I know, my exact reaction when I found out," Harry said, smiling. "Well…anyways, this is a map. It will tell you where everyone is in the entire school. I think you'll find it very useful."

Annie hesitated before slowly taking the piece of paper from her father and looking down at it. Her eyes slowly ran over the battered edges and the worn look to it.

"It's just an old piece of paper-"

"Up-ba-bup," Harry said quickly. "This is NOT an old piece of paper." He looked personally harassed. "It happens that there is a password on it."

"Oh, how very James Bond of them," she said dryly. "What is the password?"

"It is pretty simple," Harry said, "'I solemly swear I'm up to no good.'"

"I solemly swear I'm up to no good," Annie repeated. Slowly the map started to unfold and ink began to appear. First from the corners as though it were fading in. Within a minute she was staring at a very detailed outline of Hogwarts. She saw Mrs. Norris, still kicking after all those years, slowly creeping down the hallways while Filch sat in his office. "Wow," she whispered.

"Yeah," Harry said. "Pretty cool, isn't it?"

"Cool?" Annie repeated. She had a look on her face Harry didn't like very much.

"Why do I have a feeling McGonagall is going to be seeing a lot more of you?"

"Because this was all I needed…," Annie replied, smirking. "Thanks, dad."

"Erm…right, well I guess you're welcome," Harry replied nervously. "Listen, please don't kill anyone or blow anything up. Alright?"

"No promises," Annie said just as a bell started going off. They both frowned at each other and went into the kitchen.

"Everyone start heading outside to the chairs! The wedding will begin momentarily!" Hermione was calling loudly, swinging a bell back and forth. "Annie? Annie? Where is Annie?"

"I'm here, auntie," Annie cried. She turned back to her father with a giant smile on her face. "I'll see you soon, dad."

"Yeah," Harry replied, looking quite nervous.

As Annie came back into her mother's room she felt another nervous twitch in her stomach. Her mother was sitting on her bed, glancing around the room.

"Annie, I'm getting married!" she cried the moment Annie walked into the room. "Married! Married! Married!"

"Mum, I get the picture," Annie replied. "You're happy about this, aren't you?"

"Of course I am! I wish I could have something to drink, to calm my nerves," Ginny muttered to herself, though Annie heard her.

"Want me to go get something from the bar?"

"No," Ginny replied, suddenly looking nervous again. "I can't have anything to drink."

"Why not-?" Annie broke off and turned to her mother wide-eyed. "Mum…are you? I mean, is there something that you want to tell me?"

"Annie…I'm pregnant!" Ginny cried. There was a moments silence and Ginny was worried Annie was going to get angry. However a moment later Annie let out a scream of delight and literally threw herself on top of her mother. They danced around the room for a moment, screaming and laughing.

"Oh, mum! How far along are you?"

"Three of four months," Ginny replied. "That's why we pushed up the wedding date."

"So dad knows, too?" Annie asked.

"Yes," Ginny replied. "Oh, Annie, are you excited?"

"Of course I am! I've always wanted siblings, mum! Do you know what it's going to be?"

"No," Ginny replied, shaking her head. "I don't care. I'm just so excited that everything is finally coming into place."

"C'mon, you two! Let's go!" Hermione snapped, coming into the room and looking angry and business like. "The wedding is about to start and unless you're there, it won't! Why're you two smiling like that?"

"Nerves," Annie replied easily, helping her mother up. Hermione dashed out of the room again, leaving Ginny and Annie alone. They looked at themselves in the mirror. "Look at the three of us. We're gorgeous."

Ginny placed a hand on her stomach and nodded. "Yes, we are."

Seventeen Years Later

"So, you see," Annie concluded. "That is how you came to be born." She turned to her younger sister, who was staring at her in shock.

"Mum and dad were already pregnant with me when they got married?" she asked. "Oh, God!"

"Don't worry about it," Annie replied.

"That's a good story, though. What happened with the others?"

"Well, first there was you. You came about five months after the wedding. Then there was Jude, he was about a year and four months after you. Then there was Stella and Max, about two years after that."

Annie looked at her sister, Violet, and smiled. "Mum and dad were so happy to have you."

"Guys, let's go! We're going to put decorations on the tree!" Jude Potter yelled, poking his head in.

"Yeah," Violet called back. "Well be right in."

Violet helped an eight-month pregnant Annie up and led her into the living room where everyone was decorating the tree. She looked at her younger sister, fourteen year old Stella who had long red hair and giant green eyes. Then there was Max who had black hair and green eyes. And finally Jude, at sixteen who had black hair and brown eyes. She let her eyes roam over them before settling on Annie.

Annie had a hand on her stomach, a giant, beaming smile on her glowing face. She watched her brother's and sisters, the ones she had wanted so much, place decorations on their tree. Annie felt a hand slide around her waist and smiled.

"Hey, Elliot," she said, turning to kiss her husband on the cheek.

"Hey," he replied. "Merry Christmas. Sorry I'm late."

"You're just on time," she whispered.

Annie then turned her attention to her parents who were busy throwing tinsel onto the tree. She couldn't help smiling everytime she saw them. The thought of them made her smile.

This morning as she came down to breakfast Violet asked to hear the story again. From the beginning. She wanted Annie to tell it to her, as she had done so many times before that. Annie gladly told her the story about how receiving her letter from Hogwarts changed her life…forever. It was fate, she decided, bringing her family together. It wasn't just a letter she had gotten, it was something more.

The End.

A/N Please read and review. Just in case anyone is wondering, this entire story was being told, by Annie, to Violet. Also, I am thinking of doing a One-Shot stemming from this story. I'm not sure. However, here we are.