Whelp, here it is in all its glory and splendor. My first decent Yu-gi-oh story I've written in quite some time.

I had another fanfic in the making, but I haven't touched it in ages and I'd probably have to change a lot of it before I was satisfied enough to actually upload the stupid thing.

This story will eventually be NC-17 if I decide to put forth the effort to finish it. I have a bad habit of starting fanfiction and never finishing them. o.O;

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Summary: Ryou, a human currently residing on a research ship named The Opal, encounters a Kaitsune, one of the human race's most deadly enemies. What will become of him once he begins to develop feelings for the other? B/R

Notes: Bakura in this story is going to be based off Thief King Bakura. Mmm…sexyness.

I might also include the Marik/Malik pairing in this story, depending on how they fit in. If they don't fit, I won't include them. Smart, neh?

One more quick note: Please, PLEASE, for the love of all that's holy, forgive my craptastic choice of names for this story. As we all know, Ryou's father is never actually NAMED in the anime (not to my knowledge, at least) and I'm terrible at pulling names for characters out of thin air. Any other yu-gi-oh names I use other than Ryou or Bakura (and possibly Malik and Marik) are just from a lack of any better name to use.

They're usually lesser character names, anyway, so it's not that big of a deal.



Ch. 1

In the years after the humans first moved their societies into the regions of space, their lives were forever mingled with those of numerous other species. Allies were made, enemies were fought, and the human race lived on.

Earth, now almost completely left behind, only served as a reminder of the history and ignorance of man. Its soil useless, oceans and fresh water sources growing smaller by the day, it waits silently for its demise, spinning slowly around the sun.

Man, now scattering across other parts of the known universe, enjoyed trading and living with the friendlier species located near their home galaxy. They took Mars in as their home planet and began creating a new Earth, complete with fields, oceans, and large upscale cities.

Many species, known and unknown to the humans, despised this show of greed and arrogance. One species in particular, known as the Kaitsunes, hated the idea of the humans taking Mars and feared they would move on to capture other territory. To keep this from occurring, the Kaitsunes fought tooth and nail to keep the humans out and themselves in.

Yet, after many brutal wars with both the humans and other adjacent species, the Kaitsunes numbers began to dwindle. Angered and beaten, they left their home planet, Kait, in search of a new home, promising revenge for their loss of life and land.


The soft click of his bedroom door opening roused Ryou slowly from his dream filled sleep. He yawned and cracked open an eye, glancing over to the door in time to see his father step into the room, the metallic door closing behind him.

"Ah, Ryou. Glad to see you're awake." His father, Katashi Kio, smiled and stepped over the papers and journals littering the floor, slowly making his way to the edge of Ryou's bed. Katashi's lab coat swished quietly as he walked, the thick material scraping against his tanned slacks and boots underneath.

As his father reached the bed, Ryou looked up into the older man's face, blinking drowsily. Though their opinions and ways of thinking clashed often, Katashi and his son resembled each other on physical terms. They both had long, silver hair, light skin, deep brown eyes, and were around the same height, Ryou being slightly shorter than his father. He never quite understood how they could look so alike and yet have such different views.

The pale boy groaned and rolled over onto his stomach, pulling the sheets above his head and successfully hid himself from view. "What is it, Father?" Ryou asked groggily, "I was finallygetting some rest. You know this research has kept me up and going for the past week with hardly any time to eat, let alone catch up on some sleep." The boy signed and snuggled deeper into the sheets, listening to the bed creak as his father sat.

"I know you're tired, Ryou, but I need you to help me with the new test material that's been shipped in from home. We've gotten quite a load in this month and I can't look through it myself."

Ugh, his father's research. How could he have forgotten? His father was in charge of plant research for the people of Mars. Gene splicing was one of the many things he performed, attempting to create a greater and easier way to grow food for the ever increasing population. Ryou detested his father's work, finding it intensely dull, even if it was useful.

"Why can't the others help you? I have enough things to do right now." To prove his point, Ryou visibly pushed deeper into the mattress. Katashi chuckled, prying the covers out of his son's grip and pulled them down, leaving the boy in his shirt and boxers, shivering.

Growling, Ryou wrapped his arms around himself and sat up.

"Father, please, just get someone else! I need to sleep! I'm so tired I barely made it to my room before I passed out and I'm about to the point of telling Mr. Nibori to shove his research. Honestly, who cares what the Kaitsunes eat and what type of environment they live in?"

The smile faded from Katashi's face and he frowned.

"The Kaitsunes are our enemy, Ryou. They'd just as soon tear you apart as look at you. It's important that we know exactly what we're up against. I'd expect someone as smart as you to understand something so simple."

Ryou bit his tongue and nodded. Personally, he believed Mr. Nibori to be a quack. Short, bald, and dangerously senile, the man was paranoid about everything, so much so that he refused to walk the length of the ship without some kind of escort. It was like he believed someone or something (most probably a Kaitsune) would just jump around the corner and tear him to shreds. Ryou wished he'd just consider the idea that he had been in space much too long.

The springs of his bed groaned as his father stood.

"I expect to see you in Lab 3 as soon as you're dressed. Like I said, we have much to do."

The teen watched as his father left, the bedroom doors closing behind him, shielding the boy from the rest of the ship. Slowly, he stood and began dressing.


A few minutes later, Ryou hurried along the hallway to Lab 3, dressed in his white lab coat and pulling his hair into a quick pony tail. It was easier just to tie the nest to his head instead of attempting to brush it. Besides, he didn't feel like dressing up for his father and his Petri Dish ridden companions.

His shoes clanked heavily against the floor panels of the ship as he followed the lighting and ignored the scenery around him. He had been in space practically his entire life, and was no longer awed by the site of the stars beyond the glass as he passed by the countless windows decorating the ship's hull.

Jumping from project to project and ship to ship, Ryou became tired and finally hunkered down, telling his father they either remain on one vessel or he goes back to Mars. His father relented, finding them a living space on The Opal, a moderately large deep space research center/product distributor. Basically, its residents would be given the time and opportunity to study different aspects of the scientific community, as long as they acted as The Government of Mars' delivery service, transporting goods to those customers living in the recesses of space.

Even if The Opal's path was far out of the way of Mars and almost all other civilized life, he was having a relatively good time living here.

With notepad in his teeth, the boy dug through is pockets for a pen as he entered the main hallway of the ship. Bright lights surrounded the circular room, its dome-like ceiling arching high over his head. Control panels rose a few feet above the ground and surrounded the walls, buttons and levers flashing slowly. This room, breaking off into several smaller hallways, lead to the other areas of The Opal. One could reach the other end of the ship from here, if that was their intended path.

Eyes narrowing in frustration, he was jerked from his search by a loud yell floating into the area. Standing still, he listened intently. His ears perked as he heard shouts and cries coming from down the hall to his right, and his curiosity peaked as a loud scraping sound filled the halls. It almost sounded like something large and heavy was being dragged along the floor.

Deciding his father wouldn't miss him for a few minutes longer, Ryou trotted down the side corridor, coming out a few moments later into The Opal's cavernous port. Apart from the main entrance, the port was one of the most dazzling areas of the ship. The room seemed to wrap around the Opal, beginning on one side and disappearing around the other. The walls were covered in finely polished material, the stars shining through the glass shell surrounding the port glinted softly from its surface. This was where other vessels would dock and unload their cargo, human or otherwise, onto the ship.

There were currently several open docks, leading Ryou to believe the ones who had brought his father's materials from Mars had already disembarked.

Scanning the port, he noticed a ring of men wearing white jumpsuits gathered near a small, oval shaped craft, arguing and pulling a large black sack toward one of the other hall entrances. Ryou made his way over to the men, and caught pieces of their conversation.

"What are we going to do with it?" An older man with blonde wavy hair asked, inspecting the sack nervously.

One of the others, a man far into his thirties with long ebony hair addressed the blonde's question, looking at each man in turn. "We can't leave it here, that's for sure. It has to be taken somewhere secure, or else the entire ship will be in danger. Someone alert Mr. Nibori and his colleagues and the rest of us will start dragging it down to the holding bay."

With a jolt, Ryou realized he recognized the man with ebony hair as Mako, the manager of the repair and unloading team. 'He would be the one to take charge in such a strange situation' the pale teen thought sarcastically. Mako always had been a bit of a power hungry attention seeker.

Stopping behind the group, Ryou cleared his throat loudly, catching the men's attention.

"Excuse me, gentlemen, but what is so urgent that you need to bother Mr. Nibori?" he asked. If it wasn't anything too serious, he'd like to keep it from reaching Nibori. God knows the man would issue a level 1 ship-wide alert if someone looked at him strangely.

Mako's eyes widened a bit as he recognized the youthful researcher. He turned and stepped closer to Ryou, staring down at him with his dull grey eyes.

"You're Mr. Kio's son, aren't you? Well, this would definitely constitute as an emergency." He turned Ryou's attention to the oval shaped craft he had noticed earlier. "One of my men found that ship there floating near The Opal, and decided to pull it in incase something had happened. The ship seemed like scrap metal, but on further inspection we found it was dented and beaten, as if it had suffered in a battle. So, we all forced open the doors and found something inside none of use expected."

Here, he looked back at the sack on the floor and Ryou finally noticed that it was breathing. Alarmed, he took a few steps away from it. It had to be at least seven feet tall, whatever was in that bag, and suddenly his curiosity to see what it was left him. Images of all the inhabitants of the nearby planets flew through his mind, and the only one that could possibly be lying here no more than ten feet away was the one species he never truly wanted to meet.

"Kaitsune." he breathed.


His boots sliding across the metal floor panels, Ryou raced toward Lab 1 to find his colleagues. Of all the aliens in the known universe to end up on his ship, a Kaitsune would have been his last guess.

To think, the monster of human nightmares and lore was currently being dragged down to the holding bay of this very ship. It was almost too much to believe and as he drifted through the maze of corridors and halls, his heart thumped in his ears.

Skidding to a halt at Lab 1's entrance, he bent over and tried desperately to gain his breath. Pulling himself together, Ryou dug into his pocket for his key card and slid it through the card slot of the door lock. A small green light flashed, and the door unlocked with a clank.

Maneuvering around the door before it had a chance to fully open, he continued his frantic run through the lab. Rushing past tables, computer monitors, and lab equipment, he turned the left corner at the end of the room and came upon Mr. Nibori who appeared to be in the middle of a meeting with a few other men. From their clothing, Ryou guessed they were businessmen from some cargo company, wanting to strike a delivery deal with Nibori.

"Ryou!" Nibori exclaimed, turning towards the young boy. "How dare you come skidding in here and making a ruckus! I'm in the middle of a very important conversation with these clients." He waved his hand toward the other men, who just watched Ryou with interest.

"I know, Mr. Nibori, and I'm very sorry to bother you, but I have something to tell you!"

Nibori huffed. He didn't think anything Ryou had to say would be vital enough to tear him from a business deal. "Well, spit it out, boy. What is it?"

Taking in a deep breath, Ryou finally spoke. "There's a Kaitsune on this ship."


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