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Jou walked down one of the main streets of Nivirret, spotting his and Seto's home ahead, nestled between two other smoothly shaped houses on the left side of the rocky street. Listening to the light thump of his nails against the dirt and thick grass covering the ground, the blonde breathed deeply, sampling the crisp night air and regretting it a moment later when a hovercraft flew by, emitting putrid fumes that had him practically gagging with disgust.

Pausing to cough and rub his now slightly irritated eyes vigorously (exhaust always seemed to have that affect on him), he wondered just why he even tried in the first place. Peaceful spans of time (even on Mor) were hard to come by these days, and finding yourself within one was not only an exhilarating experience, but a short one as well.

One last quick pass of his fingers over his eyelids and Jou was ready to close the distance between him and his front door once more. Moving swiftly now, he felt the excitement building within his chest as he neared his goal, the delight of being relieved of his military duties for the night and earning the chance to relax for a few hours having replaced his discomfort from the unfortunate hovercraft incident. True, his rest would only last until the next day when he was expected to do it all over again, but the blonde was optimistic that what time he did have would be enough to prepare him for the labors of tomorrow.

It was undoubtedly tough being a soldier for the Kaitsune military, probably more so than any other species in the Thoiz galaxy. Yet, Jou never allowed his fatigue to show and especially hated exhibiting signs of weakness in front of his mate, Seto. The shame brought on by the taller Kaitsune's countless remarks and brutal sense of humor was almost harder to tolerate than the job itself.

Reaching for the controls to his home's front door, he jumped back and yelped in surprise when, without his fingers even brushing the buttons, the door opened on its own. Or, at least, he thought it had, until a tall, dark figure emerged from the inner shadows of the house and stepped out into the pale light of the moon and stars which were just beginning to appear in the sky above. Once the angular face and well-groomed hair of the Kaitsune in his path was revealed, Jou snorted and rushed forward to stand before the other, blood rising to his cheeks in his frustration.

"Damn it, Seto, don't scare me like that! I thought you were a burglar or something! You're lucky I didn't attack you." He seethed, hands balled into fists before his chest.

His tirade only managed to elicit a short chuckle from the other, whose deep voice permeated the air as he answered. "Attack me? You were too busy wetting yourself to do me any harm, my dear Jounounchi."

"Cut the 'dear Jounounchi' bullshit, you ass. I'm not in the mood for your sarcasm or your attitude." He brushed past Seto, bumping brashly into his shoulder in the process, and directed his sights (and feet) toward the kitchen. "I'm tired, angry, and hungry, and all I want to do is get something in my belly, watch a little television, and pass out on the couch. Is that too much to ask? Can you leave me alone for the night and let me relax, Seto?"

The brunette Kaitsune eyed his mate as he punched in the door's code, paying it no attention when the familiar clang signaled that it had finished its task. Facing Jou's back as the blonde disappeared into the kitchen down the hall, Seto frowned. 'He's always been a little on edge when he gets home, but never like this.'

Flicking a non-existent hair out of his cerulean eyes, Seto moved into the kitchen, seating himself next to his mate at the table who, after entering the kitchen, had snatched a piece of Nesyrian beast meat from the fridge and was already in the process of devouring it.

The shorter Kaitsune chewed quickly, mouth wide open, savoring the juices washing over his tongue from his meal. As he ate, he was completely oblivious to Seto, whose upper lip rose in mild disgust at the other's uncivilized eating habits. It was only when his mate spoke that Jou took notice and turned to glare at him, still mindlessly chomping away at the tough meat.

"What happened today to get you into such a mood?" Seto asked, getting right to the point. He never was one for 'beating around the bush,' as some would say.

"Nothing, alright? It was the same as any other day."

"The hell it was." The elder snorted, shifting his weight and attempting to keep his temper in check. "I can tell you're in a worse state than you normally are, and it's bothering me. Now, tell me the truth. What happened?"

Jou swallowed his mouthful and shoved the rest of the meat into his mouth, standing suddenly and walking over to the fridge to grab something to drink. He ignored Seto's question for the moment, reaching for a bottle of bluish juice and chugging it thirstily. With the container empty and his stomach full for the time being, the blonde tossed the bottle into the garbage receptacle nearby and faced his mate.

"Look, Seto, I did what I usually do, okay? It's just… today I had to do twice as much and it really took its toll on me." A wave of fatigue washed over Jou, forcing him to return to his mate's side and sit down, elbows sliding over the table's smooth surface and barely anchoring him in place.

The elder Kaitsune paused to contemplate the other's words, and to take in the worrisome sight of him almost passing out on the kitchen table. Closing his eyes and breathing deeply, he made up his mind.

Getting to his feet, Seto bent and gathered a surprised Jou into his arms and marched purposefully to the living room, where he deposited his weary lover onto the plush couch. Searching for the remote, he discovered it half hidden under a magazine on the small coffee table set in front of the television. Snatching it into his hand, he flicked the power button, effectively turning on the TV and surrounding them both in the sounds of some foreign action movie.

Forcing back his gag reflex, he switched the channel to something less obnoxious, all the while wondering just why Jou watched that kind of junk. Another tap of his finger, and the volume was lessened as well, no longer drowning out his own thoughts.

With the controls now set to his satisfaction, Seto sat gracefully next to his mate, pretending to overlook the blonde's apparent awe at his actions. He didn't wish to answer any of Jou's questions, since he himself didn't have an answer as to why he had done what he did. 'Perhaps I'm just growing soft.' He reasoned, eye twitching at the thought. 'No, I'm probably just losing my mind.'

Opening his mouth to speak, Jou soon thought better of it, and closed it again with a click of his teeth. The look on Seto's face spoke volumes of what the man was thinking, and it must have been along the lines of what he had just done, which was definitely something the brunette rarely did, if at all. In fact, the only other situation he could think of that his stoic mate had done something so…well, sweet, was when they were spending some 'quality' time together - or, as Marik had described it, having mad, hot, animalistic sex. Jou preferred the former since it sounded less perverted.

Opting to leave the subject unspoken, the blonde rolled onto his side and turned his attention toward the television, immediately relaxing into the soft fabric of the furniture beneath him. He let his eyelids droop and the voices from the sitcom wash over him, lulling him into a sort of stupor. He had been close to falling asleep, when he felt something shift next to his feet. Remembering that Seto was still on the couch with him, he pulled his legs closer to his chest, careful of his sharp claws, and brought his tail up and over his belly, thinking that he may have been in the other's way. The movement continued, however, even after he had accommodated his mate, and he looked over his shoulder at the brunette in slight confusion.

He blinked when his gaze came into contact with that of deep blue, located a mere foot or so from his face. Seto hadn't been shifting to get comfortable, he had been settling himself over Jou and was now using his vantage point to stare down at the blonde. Blushing a bit, the smaller Kaitsune glanced to the sides, seeing that his mate was holding himself up by his arms, one situated near Jou's head on the cushion, and the other resting on the top of the couch. He also caught a glimpse of the brunette's tail swishing lazily near the floor under them, occasionally thumping lightly against the furniture's front.

Curling tighter into his odd position, Jou attempted to overlook the feeling of Seto's knees brushing against his thighs as the elder moved to rest on top of him, his arms curling around the younger male's midsection, head lying heavily on his arm and shoulder, and armored tail wrapping around the edge of the sofa to slump to the carpet below. The blush on his cheeks spread to the bridge of his nose and darkened considerably. What on Mor was Seto doing?

"Um, are you feeling alright, Seto?" Jou stuttered, nudging his arm back in hopes of dislodging the other Kaitsune from his spot. "You've been acting pretty strange since we left the kitchen."

Pressing his head down to stop the blonde's incessant attempts to push him away, Seto gave his trademark smirk even though his mate couldn't see it and replied, "You're not the only one who dealt with a lot today. I'm tired, too. I'm also quite content where I am and don't plan to move any time soon, so you can stop fidgeting since it's not going to work."

Focusing ahead of him, Jou remained motionless, still a bit caught off guard by his mate's actions. His mind eventually gave up on what the reasons were to Seto's behavior, and instead went back to its earlier haze. The voices from the television wove together until the dialogue was indistinguishable to his ears, and the images blurred into one form so they appeared as a mass of colors and shapes. The blonde Kaitsune started to slip away into the void of sleep, happy to leave this day behind in exchange for the next, but a persistent pressure at his neck pulled him back from the abyss.

Blinking his eyes blearily, Jou vaguely wondered what the sensation was, when something wet lapped at the skin from his jaw to his shoulder. Sucking in a breath, he understood now what had woken him up.

"Seto? What are you doing?" he asked, rolling his head to bump gently into the other male's, their cheeks brushing against each other.

The movement at his neck halted, and Jou wondered what the elder man was up to, receiving his answer soon enough when the lips that had originally been massaging the column of his throat shifted to his cheek, pressing lightly against the dusky flesh as Seto's head rotated to adapt to the new position. Eyelids drooping contentedly, the smaller Kaitsune nudged against the other once more, nuzzling the brunette's ear and watching his slow, even breaths flutter the auburn hair under his nose.

A few more nips and chaste kisses and Seto's answer came in his low baritone. "Helping you settle down. Why, am I failing?"

"Mmm, no."

"Well then, I guess I should keep going." He grinned, teeth grazing over the younger Kaitsune's jaw.

Jou mumbled something incoherent and rolled onto his back, pushing at Seto's chest with his free arm beforehand to warn the other that he was planning to move. He didn't want this rather unusual amount of consideration on his mate's part to end with an unpleasant and jarring crack of their skulls.

Successfully flipping over, Jou wound his arms around Seto's shoulders and cradled the elder's hips between his clothed thighs, tail snaking out from under him to drape over the brunette's back casually. Grinning up at the other, he pulled his mate closer for a more fulfilling kiss, grip tightening when Seto's tongue swept along his lower lip, awaiting Jou's invitation.

Grinning, the blonde overlooked the pressure at his lips, continuing his sluggish pace and waiting for Seto to grow impatient at his lack of enthusiasm. As the seconds ticked by and his lips stayed firmly shut, he could practically sense the elder's aggravation as his actions grew persistent, not understanding why he was being denied what he wanted. Jou snickered into the kiss when the brunette huffed and doubled his efforts, pulling away soon after his advances were refused to glare at the smaller Kaitsune.

"Jou, are you being difficult because you're in a sour mood, or because you want to piss me off?"

Mustering the sweetest, most innocent expression he had in his arsenal, Jou answered sweetly, "I don't know, which do you think it is?"

"I think you're trying to irritate me in order to make yourself feel that much better about your day." He watched Jou bat his eyelashes and could virtually feel his blood pressure rising as he grit his teeth, the temptation to grind them almost too great for him to handle. Taking a deep breath, he spoke softly and deliberately. "Since you've been found out, could you perhaps stop? Remember, I had a hard day, too, and this isn't helping it at all, let me assure you."

Folding his arms over his chest and pouting playfully, the younger Kaitsune looked over toward the television and refused to answer. He wasn't really upset, he simply wished to see what Seto would do about the situation now that he was refusing to acknowledge the brunette. Jou's thoughts became inundated with humorous likenesses of himself rubbing his hands together in the classic villain fashion, imagining some of the looks that were most likely being passed his way by his mate and barely holding back his snickers.

It was because of this train of thought that he jumped an inch or two when a pair of strong hands took hold of his wrists and pried his arms apart, leaving room to lift his shirt and offer a moist and lazy tongue access to his exposed chest. This strategy of Seto's was completely unexpected, and the blonde whipped his head around to gawk at the other male in astonishment. Was this really his tightwad of a mate at work?

Sensing Jou's eyes on him, the elder paused and glanced into the other's eyes, sharing a grin of his own at the blonde's slack-jawed appearance.

"Something wrong?" he asked, thumping his tail against the floor and slithering up so he was face-to-face with the other Kaitsune.

Jou opened his mouth to speak, but the sound was muffled as rough lips descended on his and Seto's tongue was able to push through and rove over the inner recesses of his mouth undeterred. Gagging slightly, he fought to gain some semblance of control in this battle, tongue lashing out to slide along his mate's, bringing a satisfied grunt from the darker-haired male.

Arms returning to their previous position around Seto's shoulders, Jou pulled him closer, grip on his slim hips tightening and tail rhythmically pressing and releasing the taller male's muscular waist as their kissing grew heated. He broke away to catch his breath, but gasped a moment later as his lover's kiss-worn lips targeted his throat, collar, and chest, and those skilled hands made quick work of his pants, bringing them down far enough to allow access to his backside.

With another small smile adorning his lips, Seto ran his fingertips over the smooth skin, enjoying Jou's barely-contained moans and the gentle rocking of his hips as the bulge forming in the blonde Kaitsune's pants pulsed near his thigh. Chuckling, the elder ground his own cloth covered erection into the boy's, all the while using his grip on Jou's bottom to lift him into the action, increasing the delicious friction between them.

Jou cried out and arched his back, rubbing lewdly against his lover and mirroring his lust filled gaze. Damn, Seto was good at this! It wasn't often that he was in this type of mood, but when he was, there was no stopping the inevitable. Whatever Seto wanted, Seto got, and though he told his friends this was one of the aspects of his mate that he couldn't stand, deep down, he found it incredibly arousing. Not just because he, too, shared the same mindset (If I want it, why can't I have it?), but the vision of the older Kaitsune fighting tooth and nail for what he desired left Jou nearly hopping with excitement, both sexual and otherwise.

Using the grip he had on the other male's chestnut hair, Jou hauled him back up for another round of desperate kisses and warring tongues, the heat rising to both their cheeks at the knowledge of what was currently happening and the prospect of what was to come. Seto's hands left his pants, tugging the clothing the rest of the way down his long legs until Jou was able to shimmy them over his scaled feet and kick them away.

Free from its confines, the blonde's erection sprung forth, the cool air of the room running over it and causing the smaller boy to gasp and tear himself from the other. He turned his head to the side, eyes shut and panting for air, unaware of Seto's wandering hands as they removed the brunette's shirt, leaving his strong chest bare. They then continued on to more appealing territory, roving under Jou's shirt to lift it up and over the Kaitsune's head, mussing up his hair and making it more of a rat's nest than it already was.

When those hazel eyes locked with his, Seto smirked, hands bypassing his mate's own which lay next to his head on the couch cushion and instead choosing to bury them into the other's light locks. Leaning closer, he breathed, "You look luscious right now, do you know that? The blush… the gasps…" he moved to Jou's ear and blew air across the sensitive skin, listening to the moan this elicited and continued in a low voice, "…Whimpering my name."

"I am not whimpering your name." the blonde whispered, knocking his head against his mate's lightly.

"You will be." Seto chuckled, pulling back to catch the surprise on Jou's face for the third time that night.

"Okay, who are you and what have you done with Seto?" Jou asked, stealing the question from an old sitcom he had watched quite a few years ago. Hey, it fit the situation!

Answering with a lick to the boy's cheek, the dark-haired Kaitsune climbed off his partner and undid his pants, holding back the hiss of pleasure as his manhood was finally liberated from the uncomfortable material. Maneuvering his feet through the pant-legs, he settled back above Jou, dropping the clothing to the floor and placing himself snugly back between the other's thighs.

The two groaned as skin met skin, their backs arching and arms encircling each other in a needy embrace. Jou's tail was pried from around his lover's waist by the other's equally nimble tail, and, following its example, wound around the larger scaled appendage, both spilling over the side of the sofa and coming to rest on the plush carpet.

Mouths, too, met, locking together smoothly, interrupted only by the occasional moan or grunt of pleasure as their erections brushed against one another. The younger Kaitsune added another noise to the fray as he cried into his mate's lips, bucking into him when his lithe fingers left his hair and ghosted over Jou's weeping manhood.

"Seto, stop teasing me!" the blonde demanded, head falling back on the cushion before he decided to deliver his own brand of torture to Seto's member, reaching over to grasp it roughly and pump him ruthlessly.

Thrusting into the touch, the larger Kaitsune growled and doubled his efforts, proud of his work when his mate screamed and arched his back, giving him a dirty look all the while. "A bit impatient, aren't we?" he panted, rocking his hips in time with Jou's touch.

"Of course I am. Now hurry up!"

"Alright, alright." Seto groaned, releasing Jou and batting away the boy's hands. "Little bitch." He added as he untangled their tails and got up to stumble from the living room and to their bedroom, sidestepping some of the blonde's junk that covered the floor and entering the master bathroom where they kept their lube. This was just a safety precaution, as the bottles kept mysteriously disappearing when one of their friends would come to visit and they were still being kept in the other bathroom in the house.

Flicking on the light, he made his way over to the sink and threw open the top drawer to the right (being careful of his raging hard-on) and snatched one of the lube bottles hidden deep within. Slamming the drawer shut, he exited the room, making sure to switch the light off as he did so.

Returning to the living room, he took in the sight of his mate lying nude on the couch – panting, sweaty, and highly aroused – and his eyes glazed over, his hurried steps carrying him to his lover. Not wishing to waste anymore time, he flicked open the cap and poured a large amount of lube into his palm, then, disposed of the bottle on the floor. Lowering his hand, he stroked himself, breath catching at the pressure around his erection and mind wandering to how it would feel when he had Jou's inner muscles around him instead of his fingers.

Forcing himself to abandon his wanton pulls at his manhood, Seto rejoined their tails and reclaimed his place between his lover's thighs, sitting up slightly to give himself room for what was to come next.

He heard the blonde's gasp as he slid one slick finger into the boy's entrance, thrusting it in and out slowly, growing more impatient by the moment. His body reminded him just how desperate he had grown during their earlier activities, and it took quite a bit of willpower to calm himself and keep his desires in check.

Licking his lips, the elder Kaitsune added a second finger, listening to Jou's grunt of slight discomfort and answering it with a quickly stolen kiss to the other's lips. Shifting his weight back to his knees, he flexed his fingers inside Jou and pushed as far as he was able into his mate, caressing the smooth inner walls of his channel and enjoying the mewls he tore from him, along with the constant bucking of the other's hips.

Removing his fingers, he wiped the rest of the lube onto his pants on the floor and positioned himself above Jou, leaning in to capture the blonde's lips in a heated kiss as he pushed the head of his staff past the tight ring of muscle surrounding the boy's entrance. Groaning slightly as he received his first taste of heaven, Seto paused and waited for his mate to make the next move, swallowing every noise the blonde made hungrily.

Jou tried to focus on the older Kaitsune's lips and tongue for the time being, waiting impatiently for his body to adjust so they could continue. He may not have felt like doing much earlier tonight, but right now, he wanted to be satisfied and he couldn't be until he was relaxed enough for Seto to continue. His mind wandered as the seconds ticked by, seeming to drag on for an eternity, and then, finally, the pain began to recede, the pleasure beginning to rise within him, urging him on.

Pulling away from their kiss, Jou nudged the brunette's chin to the side, moving in to lick and nip at Seto's exposed throat. He heard the older man groan at the contact and smiled, slipping further down the couch to give himself room before arching his back and sliding his body along Seto's erection, engulfing him completely.

Both Kaitsunes moaned in pleasure as they joined, bodies flush together, tails entangled, and arms skimming over each other, leaving trails of fire in their wake. Seto lifted his hips, pulling out to the tip of his member, and pressed back in, biting his tongue to hold back his cry. Jou felt so damn good! So warm, soft, and moist (thanks to the lube), that it almost drove him over the edge with need. Thankfully, he had more control over himself than most other Kaitsunes.

Pulling back and taking the plunge once more, he set a slow, deep rhythm, one he knew would drive Jou insane. He smiled to himself and buried his head in the blonde's neck, arms grabbing hold of the smaller boy's waist and holding him close, increasing the pressure between them and trapping the blonde's staff against their stomachs. He concentrated on the sensations of Jou's muscles around him and those luscious lips on his shoulder and upper chest, his pace quickening as his excitement rose.

He exhaled loudly when his lover suddenly clamped hard around him and screamed into his ear, indicating Seto had successfully found and pressed against the bundle of nerves hidden within the other's body. Throwing his head back, Seto used his hands to anchor himself, and thrust hard into Jou, aiming for the spot he had just hit. He smiled lustfully down at the younger Kaitsune's answering cry, and continued his assault, thoroughly enjoying the reactions he got with each brush of the head of his manhood against the blonde's prostate.

Seto nipped Jou's lower lip as the smaller male contracted his muscles, clamping harshly around his mate's erection and caused the elder to shiver at the new pleasure. "Keep doing that and I won't last much longer." He panted, never halting in his thrusts.

"I won't, either." Jou grunted, arms wrapping around Seto's shoulders and legs bringing the man's hips closer. "Let's finish this, shall we?"

Hand clasping his lover's neglected member, Seto pumped him solidly in time with his heavy thrusts, making sure to hit Jou's sweet spot with each pass and chuckling when he would get crushed by the boy's inner muscles in return. Their lips met in one more heated embrace as they felt the tightening in their stomachs, signaling they were both getting close. Hips and hands sped up, desperately trying to reach the pinnacle of pleasure so they could throw themselves over it and reach completion.

They had their wish soon enough, the smaller of the two arching his back and whimpering the brunette's name into his mouth as he came, manhood pulsing in the other's palm as his orgasm washed over him, leaving him sated and wonderfully sleepy as he collapsed to the cushions under him. Seto followed suit, his movements unhindered as Jou's muscles collapsed around him, surrounding him in almost unbearable heat. His nails scraped audibly against the material of the sofa and he gave one more rough thrust into his mate, moaning loudly into the still air around them before settling himself on the blonde's chest, breath coming in harsh gasps.

Together, they came down from their sexual highs, breath evening out and chests rising and falling at a smoother rate. Minutes went by, and Jou started shifting beneath the larger male, signaling that he needed Seto off him.

Lifting himself up, Seto let Jou roll to the edge of the couch before he lay on his back, dragging the blonde onto his chest. He gave an inconspicuous smile as his mate nuzzled into his neck, kissing the flesh lightly, lovingly.

"Told you I'd have you whimpering my name." he yawned, squeezing the other's tail with his and moving to grab a blanket from a chair nearby to cover them.

Jou snorted at the comment, smacking the skin beneath him in irritation, holding his tongue as a warm, comfy blanket was draped over his back. Turning his dwindling attention to the television, he closed his eyes and listened to the steady beat of Seto's heart under his ear, deciding that he would drop the issue.

For now.


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