I think I have the lyrics to "My Sweet Time" right. Not sure. But, hey, it works! Enjoy the final chapter!

Life (Un) Restricted

We had arrived at the hotel a few hours later. We all went to our rooms to freshen up (take shower, change clothes, those special things). After my shower and I had changed into a pair of clean jeans and a black tank, I went to Speed's room. I had to talk to him about what order of songs sounded good for tonight. I heard the shower running and went to the door, knocking quietly.

"Speed?" I called as I walked in.

But, low and behold, (and not unfortunate) it was not Speed. It was Tommy. In all of his glory (ohmygiddygodstrousers). He saw me and leap back into the shower and hid behind the curtain.

"Jude!" Tommy cried.

"Sorry." (Not)

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"I thought Speed was in here. My bad." I continued to stare.

"If Speed were actually in here, you'd just walk right in?"

"Yeah. Remember that time we all saw him naked?"

"I was really trying to repress that, but still, that makes it okay?"


"Jude, get out now."

I sighed.

"Fine." I replied with a smile.

I backed up to the door and gave him a wink.

"Great seeing you, Tommy."

I left the bathroom, smiling. Damn, that just made my millennium. I decided, with Tommy not being happy with me, it would be best if I just left the room. So, I did, and went to where Tommy's room was supposed to be. When I knocked, Speed answered.

"You ass monkey! Why are you in Tommy's room?" I demanded.

"We switched rooms. There's a hot girl across the hall that I'm eyeing. Why?"

"I walked in on Tommy getting out of the shower." I answered as I entered his room.

"WHOOO! You go, Jude!"

"He wasn't happy."

"But you're glowing like a fiend."

"You know it."

I held out the last note on my guitar as we ended our performance. I thanked the crowd and walked off stage with my hyper band mates. We celebrated loudly in the back of our limo. By the time we made it back to the hotel, I wanted nothing more than to shower. But, Speed raced me to my room and locked me out. That made no sense. I decided. So, I went to shower in his.

I heard a girly scream a few minutes later. I had just finished the rinsing stage. Something about that scream sounded vaguely familiar, so I grabbed a towel and went out into the hall. Speed, Wally, Kyle, and Tommy were all in the hall. I noticed that Speed was only wearing a towel and Tommy looked as pale as a sheet.

"Umm. What just happened?" I demanded.

"I walked in on Speed." Tommy replied with a horrified shudder, "What the hell is he doing in your bathroom?"

"He locked me out of my room. So I showered…in…his…" I paused, my mind going over what I just heard, "Wait a minute? Why were you going into my bathroom if "I" was in there?"

"Revenge. For earlier."

"So, you wanted to see me in the shower."


Wally started laughing. We all stopped and looked at him.

"What is your malfunction?" Kyle demanded.

"This is like that episode of Friends! Y'know the one where everyone kept seeing everyone else in the shower?" he replied.

I rolled my eyes and shivered. I took the opportunity, while Speed was preoccupied; to run down the hall and take my room back and lock it behind me. From on the other side of the door, I heard Speed's sigh and "Ohhh." Ha! That's what you get

A little while later, I, clad in only the hotel terrycloth robe, snuck into Tommy's room. I heard the shower running and smiled to myself. I crept into the bathroom, discarded my robe, and hopped in the shower. I was relieved that it was really Tommy inside.

"JUDE!" Tommy cried, shocked…yet happy (If you get my drift)

"What? You wanted to see me in the shower. So here I am." I wrapped my arms around his waist, brought him against me, and kissed him…


A few days later, I was in my bunk on the tour bus, scribbling away in my lyric journal. My tour was, sadly over and I had to return home. (Wah!) As the bus rolled on down the road, the lyrics flew out of my mind, along with a beat that I'd write down later.

I don't know where the next road goes

But I feel the wheels roaring down the road

I'll take my sweet time

Getting back again…

What matters most will carry me

Through the night were I want to be, baby

Take my sweet time

But I'll be home again in my own sweet time

The curtain to my bunk was pulled back and Speed hit me with a nerf ball. Tommy appeared from the right and pushed him out of the way. He smiled at me and winked.

"'Night, girl."

"'Night, Tommy."

He pulled my curtain shut and I put down my notebook and sighed. Maybe I'll have that Metallica dream again. I though with a smile.

The End