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"Blah" Talking

Blah Thinking

Blah Telepathic


Swish, stamp. Swish, stamp.

As Koema quickly stamped paper after paper, a peculiar looking document caught his 'well-trained eye.' It was a single sheet of rough yellow parchment that was unmarked by the sender.

Hmm…this is interesting, he thought, I better call in Yusuke, Kurama, and Hiei for this.


"Fox, what are you doing?" inquired Hiei.

"Homework." replied Kurama, not taking his eyes off the page.

"I have to finish this by tomorrow."

"Hn." (AN: if you are wondering who said this, stop reading this fanfic! LOL)


"Hello! This is the Minamino residence. Shuuichi speaking."

"Yo, Kurama! Pacifier-breath called me. He told me to call you and Hiei and tell you guys to meet him right away. Botan's gonna come pick us up. I'll come over to your house and wait there, 'kay?" Yusuke paused to let Kurama reply.

"Ok, Yusuke." Replied Kurama, who looked over to Hiei on the windowsill. Hiei merely raised his eyebrows as Kurama put he phone back on it's cradle.

"What did the detective want?" Hiei asked.

"Yusuke said Koenma wanted to meet us for something really important. He's going to come over and wait for Botan with us." Kurama replied.



"Ding dong."

Kurama hurriedly walked down the narrow stairway to the front door. He opened it to find Yusuke tapping his foot impatiently.

"Finally! You know that, that's the fifth time I rang the doorbell, right, fox boy?" Yusuke said accusingly.

Kurama rolled his eyes in the most Yusuke-like fashion. "If you say so… I was finishing my homework! Not that you would care."

Yusuke snorted. "That's our Kurama, all right. Concerned about the finer points of life."

Kurama led his way up the stairs, back up to his room, with Yusuke right on his tail. (AN: this 'pun' was not done on purpose! XD) They found Hiei still sitting in on the windowsill, but now with Botan floating by his head, chattering without the least idea that Hiei was not paying any attention to her at all.

At the sight of Kurama and Yusuke entering, Hiei hopped off the ledge. "We're leaving now," he ordered "Let's go."

(AN: should I stop here? )


The three filed in one after another into Koenma's office. Yusuke, Kurama, and then Hiei.

"Toddler, what do you want? You know, I skipped a date with Keiko for this!"

"I told you to stop calling me that! Besides, this is important, so listen carefully." informed Koema. "While I was working so carefully-'' Yusuke snickered. "As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted. This is a very important mission, both for the Makai and Ningenkai world! So, when I was doing my paper work, I came across a strange piece of parchment. It seems that the wizard world is in chaos."

"WHAT! What wizard world? Wizards as in old bearded dudes with wooden sticks and magic words?" exclaimed Yusuke.

"Yes, Yusuke. Didn't you know? Magic has existed for a long time. I never took notice of them up until today, but it seems that dark wizard, Voldemort, has come back o life. A prophecy was made about him and the hero of the magic world, Harry Potter- the boy who lived." Koema told them.

Koenma paused to look around the room at the trio's reactions. Yusuke was leaning against the door, mouth open, Kurama blinked twice, then nodded slowly, and Hiei's face was an unreadable, expressionless mask.

Sighing, Koenma continued. "The prophecy says that neither can live while the other survives. Normally, Harry Potter would be about to defeat Voldemort, but nobody had thought that Voldemort would be able to enlist demons to help him. If this continues, Harry Potter will die, Voldemort will destroy the Ningenkai world, and I'm guessing the demons would get to live in the human world."

"Okay…and what would you like us to do, Koenma?" Kurama questioned, in his usual quiet tone.

"Well, you three are to pretend to be student from the Japanese School of Magic, sent to Hogwarts for an exchange program. While participating in the activities of normal students, you are to protect Harry Potter and help him fulfill his part in the prophecy." Koenma finished.

"Hogwarts?" asked Yusuke with a smirk, "HOG-WARTS?" he repeated. "Who in their right mind would name a school Hogwarts?"

Kurama waved Yusuke's jokes aside, and looking at Koenma, asked "Who is the headmaster or headmistress of this school? Should we keep our secrets from everyone?"

Koenma nodded in approval of his questions. "The headmaster is currently a man named Albus Dumbledore. Should anyone find out about your powers, your task would most likely be slowed, understand?

"Sure thing, Jr."

"Of course"


Koenma rolled his eyes at the replies. "Botan will assist you from here. Oh, and Kurama? I expect you to make sure Yusuke and Hiei don't blow your covers."

Kurama bowed at this last comment and Yusuke wore a pained grimace.


"Oh, and good luck! You'll need it."


"Hey guys! Koema-sama said you guys are to leave for Hogwarts right now so I'll just help you get there!" Botan jabbered happily.

Both Yusuke and Kurama's mouth opened at this but Botan cut them off. "Yusuke, your mother has already been informed about this and Kurama, your mother has been informed that you'll be on an exchange program in England, so don't worry!"

Kurama then sighed in relief. "Thank you, Botan. By the way, are you coming with us on this mission?"

"I'm not, but I'll give you a list of instructions and it'll tell you everything you need to know." Botan smiled. "Good luck, guys!"

"See ya later, Botan!" waved Yusuke and with that, the three members of the Reikai Tantei walked through the portal Botan had jus summoned.

Now, the boy who lived, or Harry Potter, was currently sitting with his best friends, and eating an ice cream sundae, with no idea of how lively his year at Hogwarts would be!



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