Monkeying with the side-kick.

By: NoDrogs

Story Six in the Small Possibilities Series.

Kim Possible, Shego, Ron Stoppable, and other characters property of the Walt Disney corporation and used without permission. Other characters (Kasy Ann, Sheki Go, KIGO/Kimminator Mark One) are my not-so-original creations and may be used, as long as I get mentioned. In case you haven't read any of my other stories, this is a KIGO story, as in Kim and Shego in a relationship (married).

Kim Possible rushed through the halls of the monastery, the stolen artifact clutched in her hands. The Priesthood of the Coming of the Great White Hanky chased after her. The thought of those crazed men, and their very serious desire to end the world, spurred her feet to greater effort. The Kimminator was visible, now, hovering just outside the compound. The main door was open, and she could see her wife, Shego, standing in the doorway.

Kim Possible leapt. Shego extended her right hand, the arm fortunately having finally fully healed, and pulled Kim and the glowing yellow artifact into the plane. "We're in! Full lift!" Shego yelled to the computer system that operated the Kimminator when Shego wasn't in the pilot seat.

KIGO (Kimminator - Integrated Governing Operating system) obediently fed more power to the hover pods on the underbody of the plane, lifting the Kimminator out of range. Below, the priests were shaking their fists up at the fleeing plane, in pointless rage.

Kim set the yellow artifact down on the scanning table, her face flushed with excitement and triumph. As Shego looked at the red-head's face, Shego wondered once again how she could have ever allowed this woman to sink into the 'Suzy Homemaker' role.

Face it, Shego… Shego thought to herself. This is what Kim was made for… saving the world. And redeeming a certain super hero turned villain turned hero. "Let's pick up the moles and get this artifact back to Global Justice, to let them know they can take these guys off the Alpha One list."

Kim nodded. "Right… and then, the victory party." She snuggled against Shego. "I'm sure my parents won't mind watching the twins over night…"

Shego laughed. Saving the world seemed to make Kim extremely affectionate. Which was perfectly fine, in Shego's book. Being around a physically affectionate Kim put Shego in a mood to fully reciprocate.

Shego turned to the cockpit of the Kimminator. Kim finished strapping the artifact, which looked like a glowing yellow tissue box, to the scanner table for safe keeping. Her attention, though, was on the sight of Shego walking into the cockpit. Shego was wearing, as usual, a green and black jumpsuit. This one had been redesigned by Monique. It features two ankle pouches, one on each leg, with a zigzag pattern running down from Shego's left shoulder to her crotch. The left side of the outfit was bright green with black fittings (black glove, black ankle pouch) while the right side of the outfit was jet black with green fittings. On the front of the suit, just above Shego's left breast, was a stylized logo consisting of the letters 'TP'… short for Team Possible… in bright green. The outfit was skin tight… Shego insisted it was so no excess material could get caught in machinery, but Kim was sure it was to show off Shego's body… a body worthy of a goddess. A very sexy goddess…

Kim shook her head. For some reason, finishing up a mission always made her randy… but she had to keep her mind focused until AFTER the mission was fully complete. They weren't done quite yet.

Kim entered the cockpit and sat in the co-pilot's seat. Shego was busy at the controls… the Kimminator's chameleonic skin altered, turning from the vivid black, green, and pink striped paint job to a bluish-white color designed to blend in to the sky. The hover pods were switched from maximum output to 'Silent' mode, and the Kimminator's powerful engines were throttled back until the engines no longer roared but only whispered.

The Kimminator, now as undetectable as the military-grade, cutting-edge technology onboard could manage, nosed around the other side of the temple. With any luck, the priests would be too distracted to realize that one of 'them' was actually a traitor… a spy, who had joined their nihilistic cult for the purpose of providing information, and who should now be waiting for pick-up.

"There they are!" said Kim, pointing.

"Right… dropping to low hover." said Shego.

The Kimminator descended, until the belly of the plane was almost touching the ground.

A figure, dressed in the white robes of the Priests of the Coming of the Great White Hanky, waited. As he saw the outline of the Kimminator, he pulled the hood back to reveal dirty-blonde hair and a smiling, freckled face. A second head, smaller and much more pink, also appeared. As the doors opened, Ron Stoppable and his side-kick Rufus rushed to climb aboard.


Dr. Director smiled as she saw 'Team Possible' entering her office. Kim, in the lead, was cradling the yellow 'Tissue box of the Titans', the mystical artifact that the priesthood had tried to use to destroy the world. Shego and Ron Stoppable followed her. There was a time when Shego, in the headquarters of Global Justice, would have raised an alarm that would have sent heavily armed men running in.

"Kim Possible." said Dr. Director, with a smile. "We have to stop meeting like this."

Kim smiled back, as she set the box down on a desk. "Worried my wife might not understand?"

"No, I mean you saving the world as an amateur." said Dr. Director. She let her smile drop.

Kim blinked. "What? What's wrong with the way I save the world?" she demanded.

Shego growled, letting her hands light up. Ron Stoppable looked uncomfortable but braced himself. It was obvious to Dr. Director that Ron Stoppable was ready to back up his team-mates, even if he was the least aggressive of the trio. Nonaggressive did not mean not dangerous, however… Dr. Director suspected that she was much more aware of Ron's full capabilities then Shego or Kim were.

Dr. Director held up a hand, to quell the incipient violence. "Kim, Shego. What I am saying is NOT intended as a slur on your abilities. Kim, you and your team are the best I've ever seen at what you do. If I could clone you guys and make an agency of Kims, Shegos, and Rons I would."

"Then what's the problem?" said Kim.

"You're growing up." said Dr. Director. "You're twenty, now… your next birthday, you'll turn twenty-one. So far, your status as a minor and Global Justice have protected you from legal ramifications."

"You're asking me to quit?" said Kim. "Just because I'm about to turn twenty-one?"

"No!" said Dr. Director. "I'm asking you to turn pro. Sign up with Global Justice. Part time, full time, contract… call it whatever you want. But take the pay check, so that we can legally protect you."

Kim blinked, then glanced at Shego and Ron. Shego shrugged. As far as Shego was concerned, saving the world was fine… and she saw no problem with getting paid for it. Ron's face showed his usual attitude… that he'd stick with Kim, whatever she chose to do.

Kim considered. For her, money wasn't an issue. She just wanted to make a difference. "I'd want the right to refuse missions." said Kim. "Times I'd need to stay with Kasy and Sheki, or if I didn't feel a mission was morally right."

"Agreed." said Dr. Director, instantly. She had already considered those issues. As the head of a global organization dedicated to stopping evil-doers, Dr. Director knew there were times her actions were less then ethical. She had plenty of assasins and ninja-types on her team. She was perfectly willing to work with a paladin, a white knight.

"Would I report to you, directly, or to a bureaucracy?" asked Kim.

"Kim, if you have something important to say to me, my door will be always open." promised Dr. Director. "However, my job takes a lot of time. I'd prefer if you'd be willing to work with an intermediary, however… I have in mind a high ranking GJ agent with considerable experience in Middleton."

"Who?" said Kim. "Not that Will Du, is he?". Even after working with Will, Kim wasn't comfortable with him. The boy was too 'by-the-book' for Kim's taste… with an unwillingness to improvise that was foreign to Kim's "Anything is possible" attitude.

"No… someone you're more familiar with." said Dr. Director, pushing a button on her desk.

Kim wondered who Dr. Director meant… as far as she knew, Dr. Director and Will Du were the only two GJ agents Kim had even spent significant time with.

"Attention!" a loud, familiar voice shouted. Reflexively, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable both jerked upwards, their spines stiffening. Shego, bemused, turned to look at the large-chested man entering the room.

"Good afternoon, Command Agent Barkin." said Dr. Director, smiling.

"A pleasure to see you again, Director." said Mr. Barkin, nodding to her.

Kim blinked in surprise. "Mr. Barkin is an agent?" she said. "Since when?"

"Since I left the military, Mrs. Possible." said Mr. Barkin. "And it's Command Agent Barkin to you, if you join with the GJ."

"Wait a minute, I thought you were a substitute teacher." said Ron.

"Negative." snapped Barkin. "Substitute teacher is only my cover identity, as well as part of my permanent assignment to Middleton. Apparently, you two do not realize that Middleton High is actually a covert advanced training facility to prepare people with… special skills. Skills that could benefit the world."

"My high school?" said Ron, startled.

"Yes, Stoppable." said Barkin. "Normally, none of you people of special interest would be informed before your twenty-first birthday."

"Whoa, HE'S on your list?" said Shego, pointing at Ron.

Dr. Director opened a desk drawer, pulled out a folder, and handed it to Command Agent Barkin. He opened the folder and glanced inside. "Ronald Stoppable. Potential recruit, Linguistics." Barkin read off calmly.

"The guy can't tell French from Swedish!" snapped Shego.

"And a salt-water fish couldn't tell the difference between the Atlantic and the Pacific." said Barkin. "Mr. Stoppable has been gifted with an incredible linguistic talent; after a brief period of exposure, he can understand and communicate in practically any language. So powerful is his gift that he can even learn non-human languages, such as naked mole rat and cockroach."

"There are others, of course" said Barkin. "Bonny Rockwaller: Field agent, group leader. Perfect field command temprament, along with a pragmatic nature that you, Mrs. Kim Possible, lack. Justine Flanner: Research and Development. Josh Mankey: Keen observation skills, he's marked for intelligence/infiltration. Spying. "

"What about me?" asked Kim.

"Kim Possible." said Barkin, glancing down at the folder. "Administration."

"Administration?" said Kim, confused.

"Red tape. Forms." explained Mr. Barkin. "You'd be amazed how much paper work saving the world can involve. Someone has to stay at her desk, filling out the forms, so that others… like Bonnie Rockwaller… can keep working in the field."

"There is NO way I'm a desk-jockey and Bonnie is a field agent!" said Kim.

Dr. Director cleared her throat. "Kim… Those files are only based on our personality assessments of you. Obviously, there is room for error. For now, I want you and your team… including Shego and Ron… to remain a team. A group of elite problem solvers. Command Agent Barkin will pass on assignments to you, which you can refuse if needed. He will also let you know what training and equipment we have for you."

"Well… ok." said Kim.

After finishing discussing details, including a salary package that had stunned Kim and which Shego considered barely adequate, the trio left Dr. Director's office.

Kim shook her head. "I still can't believe they wanted to put ME in administration."

"Well, you are good with numbers." pointed out Ron.

Kim glared at Ron.

"Relax, princess." said Shego. "Come on, we still have a victory party to enjoy."

"A party?" squeaked Rufus, poking his head up.

"Hey, great!" said Ron. "I can get Monique and we can…" he stopped, as he saw how Shego had slipped an arm around Kim and was now glaring at Ron. "Oh, wait… did you mean party as in 'Have some friends over' or party as in 'naked adult fun'?"

"Naked adult fun." said Shego, firmly.

"TMI!" said Ron, holding up his hands.

"Huh, Monique is really rubbing off on you." said Kim.


In Dr. Director's office, Betty Director smiled. "My my… looks like Kim didn't like hearing she was slated for administration."

Barkin smiled back and asked, "With respect, ma'am, how did YOU react when you were told they had you marked for Administration?"

Dr. Director shrugged. "Screamed and told them they were out of their minds. Nobody explained that the directorship of Global Justice was the 'administration position' they had in mind."

"Well, if not telling you worked out,' said Mr. Barkin, with a smile. "I think Kim Possible can be kept in the dark for a while longer yet. I wouldn't want her to get a swelled head knowing we're grooming her to succeed you, in another twenty years or so."

"Be interesting how Shego will fit into that equation." said Dr. Director. "Anyway, on to other matters. Any more news of the Alpha-Three threat Fisk?"

"Still in hiding, ma'am." said Mr. Barkin. "We believe his main intention is to hide from D.N.Amy, but he's doing an excellent job eluding our search nets as well."


Senor Senior Sr. smiled reassuringly at the large woman in front of him. "Please, Amy… I may call you Amy, yes?". He waited for her brief nod, then continued. "Please, be assured that I and my colleagues plan to do nothing that will physically harm Monkey Fist. It is just that we have need for his… special abilities. Just as we have need for your abilities."

Gemini and Dr. Drakken watched, from behind a one-way window. "Bah, why is he flirting with her?" complained Dr. Drakken.

"Jealous?" asked Gemini, raising an eyebrow. "I seem to recall you having a brief… fling with the young lady."

Dr. Drakken growled. "Don't be ridiculous, Gemini. It was only a brief affair, where I made use of her genetic engineering knowledge for my own purposes. There was nothing between us. "

"Then relax, doctor." said Gemini, laying his cybernetic hand on Drakken's shoulder. "Calm yourself. D.N.Amy's abilities with genetics will prove quite useful for Project Ultimate Evil, as will Monkey Fist's involvement with our project. His unwilling involvement."

"That's another thing." snapped Dr. Drakken. "You haven't told me what D.N.Amy or Monkey Fist will be doing for this project of Senor Senior and yours."

"All will be revealed." said Gemini. "You just get busy with you De-juvinator and your cloning tank."

Dr. Drakken walked out, descending the stairs to his lab. Apparently, Gemini wasn't as well informed of Senor Senior Sr.'s plans as Dr. Drakken had thought. Senor Senior Sr. had Dr. Drakken create TWO clones from the human DNA sample Gemini's agents had provided. Who the DNA sample was from, Senor Senior Sr. had refused to say; only to tell Dr. Drakken that it was from a person with the greatest evil potential the Spanish gentleman had ever seen. Whoever the donor was, Gemini too seemed to believe the genetic source had great potential. One clone had served as the guinea pig for the De-Juvenator, aged by the device to about two and a half years old. The other clone would be age-accelerated to the age of twenty-one, with all the knowledge of evil and villainy the three super-villains could provide, along with the knowledge of Monkey kung-fu that Senor Senior Sr. planned to drain from Monkey Fist's brain.

With the perfectly genetically created, electronically trained super villain to lead them, Dr. Drakken knew that soon the Evil Brotherhood would rule supreme!


Monkey Fist glanced around nervously in the empty temple. His loyal band of monkey ninjas followed him, each nervous for what may lay ahead. Police, or even Kim Possible, the monkeys were prepared to face. If D.N.Amy showed up, their half-monkey leader was on his own.

"Right." Monkey Fist said, taking an object off a pedestal. The object was made of silver metal, with small, precious jewels inset on it. The object was in the shape of an upside-down banana peel. "Once I have all three of the mystical Peels, I can gain ultimate slippery powers… I will become the Monkey King!"

"Eep eep?" asked one of the monkey-ninjas.

"No, no Timothy." said Monkey Fist, reassuringly. "There will be no Gorilla Queen, not once I am truly a-pealing."

The squad of monkey ninjas sighed in relief.