-1Monkeying with the Sidekicks: Chapter 9

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Added some pieces, to explain what Shego and Kim were doing while Ron and Yori were cough Ahem… well, you'll see.


Shego and Kim moved quietly to the door in front of them, and looked at each other. "Ok…" said Kim. "Let's split up. You tell Mrs. Lipsky, I'll tell Bertha Director."

"Are you sure you don't want to switch?" said Shego. "It worked when telling our families…"

"Shego, look…" said Kim. "I don't like this any more then you do. But we both agree they deserved to be told, and soon. If I had my choice, I'd be staying with Ron while Monique and Rufus were in the hospital. But mom said Monique and Rufus were going to make it, and you and I both know if we don't tell them now, they'll probably hear it from someone else. Someone who won't break the news as gently."

"Your mom only said they'd PROBABLY make it." pointed out Shego.

Kim smiled. "Shego… my mom has never lost a patient who 'probably' was going to make it. Especially not someone with as much will to live as both Monique and Rufus have."

Shego took a breath, and realized she was stalling. "All right. Let's get this over with."


Shego glanced nervously at the the door. The last time she had been this nervous had been at a Possible family dinner… when she had been planning to ask Kim's parents for permission to marry her. Unfortunately, the reason for this visit was not the hope of a joyous event. She knocked on the door.

"Oh, hello." said Mrs. Lipsky as she opened the door. "Come on in… I was just brewing some tea."

"That's not necessary, ma'am…" said Shego, glancing around nervously. Mrs. Lipsky's apartment at the Golden Gun Girls' retirement home was decorated in bright colors and posters. Hoping for something to use as a gentle segue to the reason for her visit, she glanced at one of the posters. "The Day The Earth Stood Still?"

"Oh, yes." said Mrs. Lipsky, getting an old fashioned tea kettle from the stove and setting it on the table. "I just love old science fiction films. Why, I can't recall how many times little Drewby and I would sit, watching them… the ones with mad scientists were his favorites back then. Does he still watch them, do you know?"

"Ummm…." said Shego, trying to decide how to respond.

"Do you take milk or sugar in your tea?" asked Mrs. Lipsky, setting two saucers and matching china tea cups on the table.

"Just plain." said Shego.

"Oh, good… so do I." said Mrs. Lipsky, pouring the tea into the cups. "Don't meddle with things if they don't need it, that's what I say. Drewby of course can't resist meddling. He always says 'trespassing in God's domain is what God's domains are for'."

"Said…" said Shego, before she stopped to think.

"What was that, dear?" asked Mrs. Lipsky, picking up her cup of tea. "Have you heard from Drewbie?"

"Um, yeah." said Shego. "Drewbie got… tangled up with something he shouldn't have."

"Oh dear… trying to take over the world again? Or at least the evil chess club?" said Mrs. Lipsky, as she took a sip from her cup."

"No…" said Shego. There was no soft way to say this. "He's dead."

"Dead?" said Mrs. Lipsky.

"He was working on a cloning project with some other villains…. He was apparently killed by his own creation." said Shego, aware she was babbling. "In a way… I think it was the way he always wanted to go…"

The china cup slipped from Mrs, Lipsky's fingers, shattering on the tile floor below.


"He was apparently shot while working to escape." said Kim. "There was no security footage on the docks, and none of the criminals Global Justice captured saw what happened."

"Oh dear…" said Mrs. Bertha Director. "I wonder how Betsy will take this…"

"Betsy?" said Kim. "Do you mean Betty Director?"

"No, dear… Betsy Farm. Sheldon's fiancee." said Mrs. Director. "She must be devastated… Sheldon meant the world to her."

"I don't know." admitted Kim. "This is… hard. I never had to tell someone their child died."

Mrs. Director smiled sadly. "It's all right, Kim. Sheldon… I always knew he wouldn't die peacefully. Even as a child, he was so full of passion… of rage. The brightest star burns the fastest and all that. In a way, I never expected him to last this long."

"You're taking this very calmly…" said Kim.

"Dear, when you get to be my age, Death isn't something to be feared." said Mrs. Director. "It happens to all of us, in time. I'm more worried about you."

"Me?" said Kim, surprised.

"If… my daughter's plans for you go through, this is a duty you may have to get used to performing." said Mrs. Director.

"I don't know what you mean." said Kim.

Mrs. Director looked at Kim. Mrs. Director knew that Dr. Director was grooming Kim to someday replace Betty as the head of Global Justice's North American division… and that one of the hardest duties Betty faced was having to tell the families when one of her agents paid the ultimate price. "That's ok, dear…" said Mrs. Director. "Just chalk it up to one old woman's ramblings."


TIME: Near the end of Monkeying with the Sidekick

Kim walked out of the hospital, looking around. Her mother, Mrs. Dr. Possible, was sitting on a bench with Sheki and Sheki's new Tig-Guin cuddle buddy. Shego and Kasy were busy playing patty-cake…with a unique twist. Both participants had their hands glowing bright green, with a crackling of energy as plasma-charged palms met.

"Hey, Shego." said Kim.

"You 'kay, mommy?" asked Kasy, ending the game. Shego turned to look up at the woman who could do anything.

"Yeah. Just seeing Monique like that…" said Kim. She relaxed as Shego moved to stand by her, pulling Kim into a hug.

"It wasn't your fault, Kimmy." said Shego. "We didn't even know Monique was going to be there…"

"It just feels… odd. Bad." said Kim. "Ron saves the day and, for once, we're just there to pick up the pieces. And people got hurt."

"Sometimes people do get hurt." said Shego. "We just do what we can to make the hurting less. You've always done that. I… wish I could say the same thing."

There was a pause as the two just held each other, tightly.

"Mommy?" said Kasy, worried at seeing her two parents stay quiet so long.

"We're fine, Kasy." said Kim.

"How is Monique?" asked Shego.

"She's… adjusting." said Kim. "I think she's mostly worried about how Ron will react… if he'll see her as less of a woman, as damaged goods."

"Pfft… Ron should count himself lucky." said Shego.

"Shego… after this, I'd think you'ld learn to stop underestimating Ron." said Kim.

"I have, Kim." said Shego. "But I've also learned how important the love of a good woman is. And anyone… me especially… is lucky to receive that."

Kim pressed against Shego, kissing her. Even after being married for months, there were times when Shego could still surprise her with saying something so cornball, so mushy, so… sweet.

Mrs. Dr. Possible coughed. "I am here, you know."

Blushing slightly, Kim broke the passionate kiss she had been sharing with her wife.


There are some people who argue that love is the most powerful of all human emotions. Others, namely more cynical others, claim it is greed. A few argue that it is pride. While all these are powerful motivating emotions, there is one emotion that reins over all of them, as Ron Stoppable is currently discovering.

That emotion is: Guilt. Love may make a man willing to abandon his family, greed may make a man betray his friends, and pride make a man shut off the world to accomplish his masterpiece, but only guilt will make him feel really, really bad about it afterwards.

Guilt is why, at roughly 5 AM in the morning, Ron Stoppable was staring at the ceiling. The warm body snuggled next to him was not his current girlfriend, Monique Thenewe. It was not even Rufus, the companion he has had for more then half his life time, who has helped save Ron's life more times then Rufus can count on all four paws. Both Rufus and Monique were at the Middleton Medical, their very lives still in jeopardy after Ron's defeat of his evil clone, Noir Goable.

"I have done a very bad thing." Ron said.

The person next to Ron stirred. Somewhat to Ron's surprise, she didn't ask what he meant. In some ways, this woman was even a better fit for Ron then Monique was. She had known, right from the start, that Ron's buffoonery and jokes were merely armor for a person who was, in many ways, as much a warrior as Kim Possible and Shego.

"You needed someone last night." Yori said, reaching out to take Ron's hand. She ignored the fact that they were both naked, her other hand reaching out to stroke his cheek. "As did I… after the death of my betrothed, I have been focused only on finding his killer. That killer is gone, dead… we both needed this release."

"Monique will never understand." said Ron. "She'll think I betrayed her… that I don't love her… and she's hurt. So badly hurt… by that BASTARD who wore my face…"

"He had your face only, Ron-san." said Yori. "He did not have your heart, or your spirit. Monique will understand."

"I have to explain to her…." said Ron, but his face crumbled. "If she is still alive…"

"Alive or in the next world, Ron-san…" said Yori, cradling Ron as tears began to flow down his face. "We will explain it to her, together…."


Last night…

Mrs. Dr. Possible looked from the body on the operating table, to the attached monitoring equipment. "Ok… that's confirmed spinal damage, complete paralysis of the lower body."

Dr. Renton nodded. "As you knew, before we even got the scans started. Just as you also knew that the cyber-spinal grafting I'm working on is still in testing at the mouse stage, nowhere near the level I'd need to use it on a human, like my son Felix."

"We have to do it." said Mrs. Dr. Possible. "Not just for the patient, but for Ron also…"


"Auntie Nique! Auntie Nique!"

Monique pushed herself up from the bed, smiling as Kasy rushed into the hospital room, the pale skinned red-head climbing onto the bed to give Monique a hug. "Hey there, how's one of my favorite honorary nieces?" said Monique, tussling Kasy's hair.

"We brought you some chocolates!" said Kasy excitedly.

"I can see that." said Monique, smiling… a ring of dark chocolate was smeared around Kasy's mouth. "Are there any left?"

"We bought two boxes." said Kim, walking into the room. Sheki was right beside her, in one hand carrying a brightly orange-and-blue colored striped penguin, in the other holding a large bouquet of flowers. Kim set an unopened box of chocolates down on the bed stand, as Sheki presented the flowers to Moniqe

"Thank you, Sheki…" said Monique, taking the flowers and setting them in a vase. "Where's Ron and Shego?"

"Shego's got a… thing… about hospitals." Kim said. She shrugged. "After the asteroid hit, she and her brothers apparently had to undergo a lot of medical tests. She built up a real aversion to hospitals, gets antsy if she has to go in one. As for Ron, my mom wanted to talk with him a bit before he came up to see you."

"Are you going to be ok?" asked Sheki.

"Sure, I'm going to be fine." said Monique. She looked at Sheki, then frowned.

"What's wrong?" asked Kim.

"It's… it's nothing." said Monique.

"Sheki?" said Kim. "Why don't you and Kasy go see if you can go find Nanna Possible , and show her Tigguin, ok?"

"'kay" said Sheki.

"Come on!" said Kasy, hopping off the bed and grabbing her sister's hand. "I'll bet she's still in the doctor's lounge, wit' the hot choc'wate machine!"

"Don't run in the halls!" Kim called as the two twins rushed out. Kim then pulled a chair up and set down, staring at Monique.

"Sending the twins off alone?" said Monique. "Sure the hospital can stand it?"

"Monique." said Kim, firmly. "What's wrong?"

"Oh, an evil Ron clone stabbed me, your mom stitched me up. I'm fine." lied Monique.

"Monique…." said Kim, making it clear she wasn't buying Monique's cheerful act.

Monique sighed and began to tell Kim what Noir's sword strike had done to her.


"She's WHAT?" gasped Ron.

Yori gasped also, staring in horror at Mrs. Dr. Possible. The news they had just received was shocking. Better a clean death in combat, Yori felt, then to suffer the fate that Monique had suffered in combat.

"I'm afraid so." said Mrs. Dr. Possible. "Ron… we did our best, but there are some things medical technology can't fix. And where she got stabbed…. That's one of them. I'm afraid it's permenant."

Ron slumped. "And… and Rufus?"

"He was badly hurt too." said Mrs. Dr. Possbile. "Not as much blood loss as Monique, of course, but severe internal injuries. Dr. Renton worked a miracle, in my opinion, with Rufus. We can discharge Rufus… in fact, both of them… in a few days."

Ron nodded in understanding.

"Now, the cyber-spinal grafting will mean adjustments for both of you." said Mrs. Dr. Possible. "It's experimental technology, but frankly it was the only way to provide any feeling or movement in the lower limbs after the injuries…"


"Oh, Ron…" said Yori, as the two walked out. "To find out that Monique…. That…."

"Yes…" said Ron. "And after what we did last night, and now to know Monique can't…. that she's impregnable…"

Yori reached out, hugging Ron as he began crying again, not even bothering to correct Ron's English.


After hearing the news, Ron could not bring himself to immediately face Monique. Instead, he and Yori went to Dr. Renton's lab, where Rufus was recovering.

"Hi!" squeaked Rufus. The molerat was gripping two metal bars, the grip helping him balance. His tail, legs, and lower body had electronic chips sticking out, his pink skin already healing arround his new cyborg implants.

"Hi, Rufus…" said Ron. "How's the… um…."

"Fine!" squeeked Rufus. The mole rat released the bars, managing to balance on his rear feet for a few seconds, before suddenly flailing and grabbing the bars.

"He's making excellent progress, Ron."

"Felix!" said Ron, turning. "I didn't know you were here."

"I'd been helping my mom with the Cyber Spine experiments." said Felix. "We're just lucky that Rufus's rodent physiology is similar enough to the lab mice we had been testing with, that she was able to adapt the equipment for Rufus."

"Will he be ok?" said Ron.

"He's ok now." said Felix. "Being paralyzed may be a handicap, but it doesn't mean there's something wrong… just different." Felix looked at Ron's face, then sighed. "I'm sorry… that was a shitty thing to say. Call it… overcompensation for being paralyzed myself."

"Will this cyber spine stuff help you?" asked Ron.

"One day, maybe." said Felix. "It won't be ready for humans for years. Having it in Rufus may actually accelerate the progress… so far, he's the first recipient we've been able to talk to."

"Yay for science!" squeaked Rufus, causing Ron to smile despite his worry over both Rufus and Monique.

"He's going to have to relearn how to use that part of his body again." said Felix. "The good news is the cyber grafts are showing no sign of rejections, and they've completely bridged the damaged spinal area. Once he and the implants have finished integrating, he's going to be faster and able to jump further then he can below."

"The six million dollar mole rat, huh?" said Ron. He looked at Rufus, who was trying to take a step. One cyber-implanted leg kicked out too far, then jerked as Rufus tried to get it on the ground. "I'm sorry about this, buddy."

"Not yer fault." said Rufus. He looked at Ron. "How 'Neek?"

Ron swallowed, his throat suddenly feeling as if he'd tried to swallow one of Kim's jumbo meatballs, from her early days of home ec. He found himself unable to speek.

"She will live, Rufus-san." said Yori, filling the silence when she realized that Ron was unable to. "But… the sword strike was low. It missed her heart and lungs, but it pierced her uterus and ovaries. She will never be able to have a child."

"Uh-oh…" said Rufus, then looked to Ron. His new, untrained cyber implants made it impossible for Rufus to go to Ron, as much as the now cyborg mole-rat might want to.


"Ron and I never talked about having kids." said Monique. "But… well, you know how good he is with Kasy and Sheki. I'm sure he wanted to have them. And me… growing up in a small family…."

"You always wanted a big one." said Kim. She took Monique's hand. "I understand. Shego and I… well, we both know that unless another mad scientist shows up, Kasy and Sheki are probably the only children we're going to have. But you and Ron can still adopt…"

"I know, Kim." said Monique. "Your mom already mentioned that. For me, that's not a problem. But for Ron…. I've seen the way he looks at Kasy and Sheki, seeing you and Shego in them, and I think he wants a son. One he can look and see part of himself in."

"Monique… I'm not sure what to say." said Kim.

"The girl who can do anything, speechless?" said Monique, smiling.

Kim sighed. "I wish I could do anything. I wish… I could wave a magic wand, or wish upon a star, or something, and make you completely healed… back the way you were."

"Can't go back… just forward." said Monique. "It's called life."

Kim looked into Monique's eyes. "Monique… You've always been there for me, since the first time we met. I'll be there for you, always…. Whatever happens."

"Thanks, GF." said Monique, who impulsively leaned forward and hugged Kim.

Kim wrapped her arms around Monique, hugging back tightly.


Ron knocked hesitantly on the open hospital room door. "Can we… I… we come in?" he asked.

Monique leaned back, finishing her hug with Kim. "Sure, MTM… the more the merrier."

"Hey, Yori." said Kim, seeing Yori enter. Kim frowned. Yori was wearing the same outfit she had on last night, and a guilty look on her face. Was Yori blaming herself for Monique's injuries.

"Monique…" Ron said, moving to kneel by Monique's bed, looking up at her. "Are you…. Is everything…"

"I'm going to be fine." said Monique. "Well, maybe not fine…. But Kim's mom said I should be ok for moving back to my own bed… our own bed… in a week or two."

Monique frowned, seeing Ron flinch at her words. She turned to glance at Yori, then something clicked in Monique's mind. "Kim?"

"Yes, Monique?" asked Kim.

"Could you leave us alone?" said Monique. "It's… a family issue."

Kim blinked. "Ok, Monique… Come on, Yori."

"No…" said Monique. "Yori had better stay. This affects her too."

Puzzled, Kim left.

For a few minutes, the three just stayed where they were; Yori standing, Monique laying on the bed, and Ron kneeling next to her.

Finally, Monique broke the silence. "Well?"

"Monique, I swear, it was just a one time thing, I can explain…" babbled Ron, as if Monique's one word had uncorked a dam.

Yori was babbling just as much. "We were both lonely, it was my fault, I should not have gone with him, but…"

Monique held up both hands, silencing them.

"Ron." said Monique. "You slept with Yori. Yes?"

"Yes." admitted Ron, staring at the bed. He tried to brace himself for an onslaught of furious demands and incriminations, which he knew he deserved and more.

Monique turned to look at Yori, then back at Ron. "How was she?"


Monique sighed, laying back. "It's called polygamy, or a plural marriage…. I got interested in researching alternative marriage styles while researching for Kim and Shego's wedding. To tell you the truth, it sounded interesting to me at the time." She looked at where Ron and Yori were still staring at her.

"Oh come on… Ron, you and I -both- baby sit the genetically-engineered daughters of a lesbian couple, and your best friend looks like… and lets be honest here… a penis with arms and legs. This should NOT be that strange of a concept." said Monique.

"Monique-san?" said Yori. "You wish me to marry you and Ron?"

"No, because that sounds like you'd be performing the ceremony." said Monique. "Look… I'm not sure any of us are ready for a marriage yet. But Yori… I know you're attracted to Ron. And I believe that I know Ron well enough, to know that he'd never have sex with someone he didn't care about. I'm just saying… We keep an open mind."


Time: Several weeks later.

Shego sat a tray of lemon squares, made to Kim's Nana's recipe, on the table. "Any idea what Monique wanted to discuss with us?"

"I don't know…" said Kim. She was sitting at her desk, typing on a Global Justice computer. Her Kimmunicator was resting in a custom docking station attached to the computer. "Shego, do these fast response patterns look right?"

Shego rolled her eyes. "Kimmy…. They're fine. I don't see why you're so worked over a homework assignment from Betty Director."

"Well…" said Kim. "It just feels like we dropped the bill with the evil triumvite…. And Senor Senior Sr. is still out there."

Kasy and Sheki looked covetously at the tray of hot-from-the-oven lemon squares, then at each other. Kasy grabbed Shego's hand and tugged. "Mom! What's that?" she asked, pointing at Kim's computer screen. Behind Shego's back, Sheki reached to pluck two of the lemon bars from the tray.

"I think…." said Shego. Her free hand reached back, grabbing the back of Sheki's dress. "… that it's my two daughters trying to be sneaky."

"Uh-oh… busted." said Kasy. Sheki stepped back from the tantalizing lemon treats.

"Those are for Uncle Ron and Aunt Monique." lectured Shego. "No sampling until after they get here."

"Aunt Yori coming also?" asked Kasy hopefully. The oriental woman had been granted 'Honorary Aunt' status after showing the twins a few karate moves that Kim and Shego hadn't introduced the girls to yet.

"She is." said Kim. "Actually, she's been spending a lot of time with Ron and Monique."

"Maybe she's the reason for why Ron called the meeting." said Shego. "Maybe Yori has introduced Monique to the joys of lesbianism, and she wants to tell us all she's dumping Ron and moving to Japan."

"Shego!" said Kim, blushing hard. "Monique and Ron are in love… And even if they weren't, I don't see Yori being the type to like girls."


Monique moaned in pleasure as Yori's hands stroked over her body, rubbing some more almond scented oil onto the dark skinned woman's bare body. Even in the dim bedroom light, the oil made Monique's skin glisten as if she was some sort of living jewel. Yori grinned down at her new found lover. "Again?" she asked playfully.

"What IS it with you ninja types?" said Monique. "I thought I was in good shape, but either you or Ron can get me totally exausted me and STILL be ready for more."

Yori tilted her head. "Are you still week from your injury?" she asked, concerned.

"A little." admitted Monique. "But Kim's mom swears I'm going to be fully recovered soon…. Well, as fully recovered as possible, rather. But it's not just that… you and Ron…"

"I told you, Monique." said Ron, coming into the bedroom. "A foolish warrior works to increase his strength. A wise warrior works to increase his stamina.".

Yori nodded. "Defeat is the point at which you can no longer stand." she said. "But do not worry, Monique-San. If you wish, I am certain both Ron and I can train you in the ninja ways."

Monique looked at Ron, laying in sybaritic repose on the bed. "So, there a reason you disturbing us two fine ladies? Hmmmm?"

Ron nodded. "Yeah, to remind you we're supposed to be meeting with Kim and Shego in an hour."

Monique jerked to her feet, glancing at a clock. "My massage took that long?"

"It was.. Interrupted." said Yuri, smiling. "Several times, as I recall.".

"I gotta shower…" said Monique. "How hard is this oil to get off?"

"Not hard at all… if you have someone in the shower to help you." said Yori.

"Speak for yourself." said Ron, staring at the two naked women in his bedroom. "I can tell you, I'm very hard!"

It is somewhat surprising what three people can do together in a shower, especially when two of them have trained in a school of hand-to-hand combat that emphasized grappling techniques and flexibility.


Kim rushed to the door when she heard the doorbell. Shego was busy protecting the still cooling plate of lemon squares; she had Sheki under one arm, and Kasy under the other. Due to Kasy's somewhat more energetic attempts to escape, Kasy was being held upside down, her bright red hair streaming to the ground.

Kim glanced out the window in the door to see Ron, with Yuri and Monique on either side of him. Rufus was proudly perching on Ron's shoulder, the naked mole-rat's control over his medically augmented legs at the point where he could move and stand naturally about.

"Hey, guys." said Kim as she opened the door.

"Me want cookies!" cried Kasy, in her best cookie-monster impression. Shego temporarily released Sheki, to allow for a tickling attack on Kasy's tummy.

"Just another normal day at the Possible home." said Kim, smiling at the sight of her wife roughhousing with one of their two daughters.


The five adults sat around the table. Kasy, Sheki, and Rufus had claimed about half the lemon bars, and retreated to the kitchen. Kim trusted that Rufus would make sure the twins wouldn't get into too much trouble while the grown-ups talked.

"What's the sitch?" asked Kim.

Monique took the lead. "Kim… Yori has to go back, to help rebuild the secret ninja school. Ron and I… have decided to go help her."

Monique looked Kim straight in the eye. "You're going to need another baby sitter."


One year later…

Everyone agreed it was a beautiful wedding, even if it was a little unusual. Sheki, in her pink dress, was an absolutely adorable flower girl, and Kasy was perfect as the ring bearer. And, even if there were two brides for only one groom, and the best man was less then a foot tall with electronically rebuilt legs…

Well, it was still a beautiful wedding.


And, just so you don't think I tied up all the loose ends…

Monkey Fist paced the golden sands, looking longingly at the horizon. "He'll come for me! One day, I know, he'll come back for me, to take me away from this tropical paradise! I know he will!"

"Oh Monty…………."

"I know he will, I know he will, I know he will…." Monkey Fist chanted desperately to himself.


Ok: Just to make sure it's clear:

Rufus has suffered spinal damage. He has been implanted with cybernetic equipment that bypasses the damage, but the technology used to make the repairs is still experimental. Malfunctions may occur, however, he can run faster and jump higher then before. (Not quite as fast as with the super shoes, though)

Monique can walk, move, all that. However, she can never reproduce 'naturally', her reproductive organs were too badly damaged by Noir's attack.

Monkey Fist / Montey and D.N.Amy are still on the island; Ron, Yori, and Monique forgot about them.

The little wedding snippet is a possible glimpse of Ron's wedding to Yori and Monique.