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What if the Initiative came to Sunnydale a few years earlier than we thought? And what if Angel got chipped instead of Spike? Just an idea…


The man crawled into the alley as the rain poured down, blinding him to everything but the pain. Pain. Unspeakable, excruciating pain. All he could do was endure it and pray for death. One moment his euphoria was indescribable, the next he felt as if he were being ripped apart. It was then that the realization struck and the knowledge left a chasm where his once beating heart had been housed. He felt it being torn from him. He was losing his soul.

"Buffy!" The heart wrenching scream was ripped from his now departing soul and he fell to his knees.

Angelus opened his eyes and laughed. Free! He was finally free. Fucking the slayer had set him free. He was incredulous. It was a good fuck to be sure, but good enough to rid this body of the soul? Shouldn't question it. It was a gift from the gods. And he silently thanked Angel that he had given into their baser needs. He stood weakly, the pain had been so fierce that he wasn't quite recovered. A thousand thoughts were running through his head when he heard a slight swooshing sound and felt a pinch at the base of his neck. He reached up and pulled a dart out just as he saw four men in military garb racing up to him, pistols and prods at the ready.

"Fuck me." Were the last words he uttered before he lost consciousness.


Buffy rolled over feeling deliciously languid and totally satiated. She reached over to touch her lover and found that he was missing. She smiled to herself and sat up, grabbing the shirt that had been tossed aside hours before and slipped it on, breathing deeply of Angel scent.

"Angel?" She walked towards the kitchen and noticed that the front door was ajar. Confused, she sat down and tried to figure out where he could've gone. Okay, Angel would never just walk out on me, not after last night. Unless…unless it didn't mean to him what it did to me, she thought. Unless I was a piss-poor lover. Unless…Buffy took a deep breathe. Okay…okay. He probably went to get breakfast, in the sunlight. Yeah, right. Something wasn't right.

"There's an explanation and I am going to find out what it is." She jumped up and took her now dry clothes to the bathroom and got dressed.