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Joyce sat on the couch next to her daughter. "Well, we decided Dru should try to breast feed as well as give the baby formula. Never know what a vampire-human hybrid might need." She sighed. "So, is this common for you?"

"Umm, not quite. Fighting. Killing demons. Stopping armageddons and the like, yeah. Constantly." She shrugged and looked over at her friends laying on the floor and various chairs. All exhausted. "Birthin' babies that are half human, half vampire? No, not so much."

"We're still not done discussing this young lady. There are going to have to be ground rules regarding all this slaying business." She glared at Giles. "And as for you Mr. Giles, to keep something like this from her mother, well. I suppose the police are out of the question, but…it may take a while for me to forgive you."

"Yes, indeed, Mrs. Summers. However, you'll need to understand just what it is your daughter is…"

"Not now Giles. Please not now." Buffy pleaded as her eyes never left Angel's.

Angel smiled at her. "Yeah, not now Giles. Later will do." She knew what he was referring to and gave him a shy smile back.

Buffy lay in Angel's bed, her head on his chest, his hand protectively covering her bare stomach. "It's been a month sweetheart, we're going to have to tell your mom soon."

"I know, I just wanted to wait until Dru and Graham left. Mom's gotten really attached to Dru and the baby. I know it'll be hard on her when Graham gets back and they leave." Graham had resigned his commission and had spent the last two weeks on base, waiting for his release forms. "Once they go and Mom's back to normal, then we can tell her." She drew small circles on his stomach, loving the reaction she caused.

"Baby, stop. You're killing me." Angel groaned.

Buffy giggled as she rolled on top of him to straddle his hips. "So don't want to kill you." She leaned down to kiss him.

"Buffy, not now. Once we start we won't get back on track for hours." He pushed her onto her back and covered her with the sheet before he got up and put on his sweat pants.

"Have you decided how we're gonna handle this? Will you move in with me? Will you continue at school? Will you marry me?" Angel questioned her.

She sighed deeply. "How about yes to the first two? I'm still 17 and will be until after the baby comes, and I know mom's gonna freak, but I know I can reason with her. After all, she's accepted me as the slayer. I'm sure we can talk her into me being a teenage unwed mother. Right? I mean she knows I'm out slaying all the evil baddies and you're out with me every night, so…is premarital sex and out of wedlock children really so bad?" She laughed when she saw the look on his face. "It'll all work out. Dru told me so."

"Oh, so now you're trusting in Dru's visions?"

"No. She just said if someone like her, a crazy bitch vampire without a soul, could find love, maybe even twice and give birth to a perfect baby then I certainly could make things work with a guilt ridden martyr like yourself." She smiled up at him as she got out of his bed. "Well, if you aren't going to have sex with me anymore today, then we might as well get dressed and head over to my house. Graham'll be picking Dru up tonight and it'll be nice to spend a little time with Riley. That baby is really cute."

Angel pushed her back down on the bed. "Who said no more sex today? We don't have to leave for another hour or so. Just enough time for a quickie. Or at least this guilt ridden martyr thinks." He quickly removed his pants and got into bed with her. "Hey. And why won't you marry me?"

"Okay, so what time were Buffy and Angel supposed to be here?" Xander popped open another can of soda.

"You know the two of them. If they were anywhere near a bed they'll be an hour late." Cordelia took the can from her boyfriend and took a drink. "Not diet? What are you thinking?"

"I was thinking that it was for me and not for you?" He asked.

"Um, excuse me. You have to think ahead Xander. I might want just a sip, so of course you should've chosen diet." She explained.

"Of course. Won't happen again Cordy." He rolled his eyes at Oz.

"Dude, gotta take care of the ladies." The werewolf stoically stated.

"Thank you Oz." Cordy smiled as she squinted at him. Was his hair black yesterday, she asked herself? Oh well, whatever.

Buffy and Angel rushed in, Buffy looking flushed. Angel, with a satisfied smile on his face. Yeah, Xander nodded and looked at Cordy who raised an eyebrow and gave him her best 'I told you so' look.

"Sorry we're late, had to wait for the sun to start going down." She offered as an excuse.

"Umm hmm. Wasn't that more than an hour ago?" Cordy smirked at them.

"So, is Graham here yet?" Angel asked, ignoring her snide remark.

"Yeah, he's upstairs getting Dru's stuff. I'm not so sure your mom's gonna let them leave." Willow came in from the kitchen, a mug in one hand for Angel and a diet soda in the other for Buffy.

"Thanks Will." Buffy smiled at her best friend.

Drucilla was the first one down the stairs, holding her son as Graham and Joyce followed closely behind. "Graham, I still don't know if it's such a good idea for you to take them so far away. She just had the baby a month ago." Joyce was whispering in his ear, forgetting that Dru could pick up on every word.

"Really Joyce, Washington state really isn't that far. Were just a phone call away and an hour by plane." Graham knew that Mrs. Summers was going to resist, but he needed time alone with Dru and his son. He also knew she was still mourning Riley, as was he, but he'd wait. Give her all the time she needed, if they could be alone, get to know each other, maybe someday…he shrugged to himself, who knew. Maybe never, but…who knew.

"Mrs. Summers, thank you for all you've done for us. But we've intruded long enough." Dru was almost ethereal as she floated down the stairs. It still struck Buffy just how beautiful she was. As if reading her mind, Drucilla smiled and motioned the young girl into the kitchen as she handed the baby over to Angel. "Here, say good bye to your grandchild."

Angel took the child uncomfortably and as soon as the two women were gone, handed the boy over to Graham. "I'm not too sure how to hold them."

Graham took the child and whispered to the vampire. "Well, you better learn, my man."

Drucilla looked at Buffy from under her lashes. "I just wanted to thank you for accepting, well, at least tolerating me. I know how difficult it was, what with my past and all." She fidgeted with a cup on the counter.

Buffy shrugged. "Well even if you wanted to Dru, with that chip you are pretty helpless." She cringed. "Sorry, that didn't come out quite right…"

"No, I understand. But I am different Buffy. And now, so are you. You're going to be a mother soon. A mother to a child that will change the world…"

"Really Dru, I think all mothers tend to believe that about their kids. Then they end up piercing their noses and getting tattoos…"

She looked deeply into the slayers eyes. "You know our children will be different. They will be two of a kind. The first of their kind. We must protect them." She looked out the door, knowing it was almost time to leave. "You and Angel, it will all be fine. The two of you are meant to be together. It won't be easy… but you know that, don't you?"

She smiled. "Yeah. What about you and soldier boy? Are you meant to be together?"

"Eventually, perhaps. We both need time. Me more than Graham, but time will tell." She smiled. "It has only been a month Buffy. I know I used to be quite the fickle tart, but Riley. He was the first man I ever really loved."

"I didn't realize…" Buffy blushed at her insensitivity.

"Of course not. It still amazes me, I have no soul yet I loved him." She shrugged and turned to go. "Have a good life Buffy."

"Wait. Are we ever going to see you again?"

She laughed. "Of course. I don't think your mother would have it any other way. We'll never be the best ofmates Buffy, but we have a bond. Angel. And our children. Of course we'll see each other again. That little island off the Puget Sound isn't all that far away."

Buffy sighed as she folded the last of her things into the drawers Angel had cleared out for her in his dresser. "This is all so weird, isn't it? I mean just a couple of months ago I was a virginal teenager slaying vampires and keeping the world safe from apocalypses. Now, here I am after a night of patrolling moving in with my 250 year old lover, whose miracle child I am carrying." She pursed her lips and sat next to Angel as he leaned back on the bed.

"Well, that about covers it in a nutshell." He chuckled and took her hand in his. "We both knew how hard this was going to be. At least your mom hasn't disowned you. It may be a while before she invites me back into her house, but you still have a relationship with her."

She smiled and nodded remembering her mother's first reaction to her news.

"Oh my god Buffy. Pregnant? You're only 17. If he were only human I could have that pervert arrested!"

"Mom, please, he is not a prevert. You just don't know him. And you don't know me, not the real me of the past three years. I'm not some naive little girl. I'm the slayer and I know what I want, what I need. And I need him. It's not just sex, it's so much more. I never meant to hurt you mom, but I have to live what life I have left and I have to live it with him." Buffy pleaded.

So with a tearful good bye, Buffy moved in with her very own vampire. "This has to be one for the watcher journals." Buffy giggled as she snuggled up toAngel. "Vampire slayer moves in with souled vampire who has control chip in his brain and has his miracle child." Buffy suddenly became serious as she lay on Angel's chest. "We're starting a life here Angel. You up to it?" She questioned him.

Without hesitation he answered. "Oh yeah baby. I feel like I've been waiting my whole life for this. For you. And I am so up to it. How about you?"

She smiled. "Oh yeah." She echoed his sentiments. "This is what I was born for."