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Last Time...

"C'mon! Let's get back to the dorms!" said Jaden, taking his cards.

Ch. 5- Happy Birthday, Syrus!

Two weeks later…

Syrus was walking down the school hallways with Dr. Crowler, but he was wearing a yellow blazer! So, he actually did go to Ra Yellow, after beating his opponent Kocho Ran, the Insect Queen. They seemed to actually be talking.

"I'll serve my detentions whenever you're ready to let me, Dr. Crowler. Maybe even now?" asked Syrus.

"No, no, no, Syrus. I have a place to go to today, so your excused from punishment, since Jaden AND Zane told me what had happened" he said, and he muttered "And they told Chancellor, too, who MADE me excuse you from punishment…"

"Um, I'm sorry, but what was that, Sir?" he asked

"Oh! Uh, nothing of your concern! Besides, I have to go to Mr. Banner's classroom today!" he said happily.

"A place to go to? May I ask where?"

"Well, you'll find out, because you have to come, too!" he said.

At first, Syrus was confused about why he and Dr. Crowler were going to Mr. Banner's room, but decided to just find out and surprise himself.

They finally reached the room and opened the door. The room was dark and they both walked in, whilst Crowler closed the door so that it was completely dark.

"Dr. Crowler? DR. CROWLER? Where are you?" he called out, but got no answer.

"T-T-This isn't funny! What're you up to-" he said, but suddenly, the lights flickered on.


Syrus looked around, seeing that everyone was gathered around a cake with candles, and on the cake, it said 'Happy Birthday Syrus!' on it. He saw that they decorated Mr. Banner's room and that everyone had a gift for him.

"Happy Birthday, Syrus!" said Alexis, passing him a poster.

He opened it and looked it up and down.

"Is that me?" he asked.

"Yeah! It's a picture I took of you when you dueled Kocho Ran! This was your coolest pose!" she said.

"Thanks, Alexis! I love it!" he said, as Bastian came to him.

"Happy 16th birthday, Syrus. Your Sweet-Sixteen!" said Bastian, passing him a calculator "It's my own little invention, with a log, showing all the formulas I've learned!"

"Wow! Thank you, Bastian! I could use it!" he said, and everyone laughed.

"C'mon, Chazz! I saw you getting a gift for Sy!" said Alexis, nudging her fellow Obelisk.

"Alright! Alright! Here's a stupid autograph from the Yugi Motou, compliments of the Chazz!" he said, turning away from Syrus.

"WHAT? Really? Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" shouted Syrus, ouncing on Chazz.

"HEY! GET OFF ME!" shouted Chazz.

After getting Syrus off, Chumley came to Syrus.

"Here's a couple of Grilled Cheeses, cut into the shape of your name, Sy!" said Chumley, passing him a plate.

"Thanks, Chum. When did you learn how to make Grilled Cheese? I always had to make it for you!" said Syrus.

"I just tried it on my own!" he said, happily, and everyone in the room sweat dropped.

"Uh… Thanks, Chum! I'm sure they'll be delicious!"

"Here's mine, Sy" said Jasmine, passing him a bag of cookies.

"I'll bet these will be great, too! Thanks, Jas!" he said.

"Oh! Don't forget me, Sy! Happy Birthday!" said Mindy, giving Syrus a peck on the lips.

Syrus could only stand there in shock, just as much as everyone else did. Jaden finally broke the ice.

"Well, my present is this, Sy!" he said, passing him a pack of cards.

"Wow! These are really rare!" he said, looking through them "Thanks, Jay!"

"You're welcome!" he said "Now let's get this party started!"

Mr. Banner started his huge stereo and everyone started dancing. Syrus was dancing, too, until he noticed that someone was leaning on a wall away from the crowd. It was his brother, Zane. He walked over to him.

"Zane?" he asked, and his brother looked down at him.

"Um… I… What I said that day… I-I-I didn't mean-"

"It's alright. It was my own fault" he said, and Syrus stared at him.


"I thought that maybe if I tried not being there for you all the time, you'd learn more about the world. I guess, I was wrong to do that to you, my only little brother. Especially since I almost lost you to Jinzo…" he said.

"…It's alright…" said Syrus.

Zane looked at him in surprise.

"I forgive you… Big Bro" he said, and Zane smiled.

Then, a question suddenly came into Syrus' mind.

"Uh, Zane?" he asked "You know when you saved me? Who was behind you at the cliff? Before Jaden found you and helped you get me up?"

"Huh?" he said, confused.

"There was a girl with blonde hair and a hat behind you. Who was that?"

"Uh, Syrus, there was no one behind me. I was the only one at the cliffs at that time, next to you, that is…" he said.

"But… Who was-" he suddenly stopped when he saw that right behind Zane was…

'Dark Magician Girl?' he thought.

Hey, Sy! Happy birthday!

'Why did… How come… I was able to see you when I was a kid! Why can I see you now?' he thought.

It was because you started doubting yourself after Zane interfered that duel with that bully. You were too insecure, and therefore, you weren't able to see me anymore. But I still looked after you incase something bad were to happen…

'You helped me a lot… Thank you…' he thought.

You're welcome, but now I have to go, so take care! I'll always watch over you!

With that, she blew a kiss at him and disappeared. Syrus still stared at where she was, until Zane broke the ice.

"Sy, you alright?" he asked.

"Um, yeah! I'm alright!" he said.

"Oh, I almost forgot" said Zane, as he reached into his pocket.

Syrus was confused, but was able to see that Zane had brought a present. He took out what looked like a necklace with a little charm that had his name on it in cursive writing.

"Wow! That's… beautiful!" said Syrus.

"Happy Birthday, little bro… This is to remind you that I love you, Syrus… So don't ever forget it" he said, putting it around Syrus's neck.

"I won't!" he said, smiling.

The party went on for a long time, and everyone enjoyed it, including Syrus. From then on, they lived happily ever after, and Jinzo never returned again.


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