spoiler for the first scene of 'Donut Run'

Ok so everyone keeps telling Veronica that she's self centered aaaand I don't see that. Ok so sometimes I do but... not in this story! So… who knows where it'll go. Buuut this is my first VM fic, but CERTAINLY not my first fic ever. Soooo, tell me what you think!



If there is a pairing, it certainly won't be no VenerealDisease. We practive safe sex here, so it'll be LoVely.

Veronica hadn't resorted to this in over two years. But today, everybody's looks and everybody's criticism was just too much.

So here she sat, just like the first two weeks after Lily died, alone and locked in a stall in the girls' bathroom while the others ate their lunch. Veronica didn't have the energy or desire to eat, so she sat on the very edge of the toilet with her elbows rested on one of her binders as she waited for the twenty-five minute lunch period pass.

Was she really as selfish as people said she was? And not only that, but did they really expect her to not watch out for herself? If she didn't, then who would? Clearly, if today had showed her anything, it was that nobody would.

Maybe she should have paid more attention to her warning to not approach Duncan about it... was The Dick actually trying to... not be a dick? But how could she be expected to just ignore the town's loosest skirt showering in her boyfriend's bathroom...

"Stupid," Veronica whispered to herself, unsure of whether or not she was calling herself or Duncan the name.

"So…Where were you yesterday?" She had wanted to approach him in a nice way, hoping to get some kind of semi-acceptable answer.

"I stayed home."

"No you didn't…I came by." Had Logan told everyone, including Duncan, about it? Had Kendall?

"I stayed home, then in the afternoon, I went for a drive." The poor boy must miss the days when his puppy-dog eyes and sweet tone could get him out of trouble.

This is where Veronica started to lose her patience. "I called your cell ten times."

"I had it turned off."

"Yeah, I figured that out."

"God, what's the problem? I needed some time to think." This would have been enough, if the whole Kendall incident had just been a bad dream.

"My problem starts with finding Kendall in your shower."

'Kendall?" She lost all hope then; Duncan didn't show any remorse, no guilt at all. "She probably got the bedrooms confused-"

"Don't lie to me!" She had snapped right then, all patience with her 'perfect boyfriend' lost. "I trusted you the first time, but I'm nobody's fool-"

"Perfect," He interrupted. "Meg's dead, I can't see my daughter- But by all means, Veronica, let's make this about you. Why shouldn't this be like any other day?"

"God- SHUT UP about meg." She was shouting now, and perhaps being a little offensive. "I'm alive, I'm your girlfriend."

Duncan gave her his signature sideways look, a silent and instant warning, before he answered, "Not anymore."

Veronica sighed and shook her head as she looked down at her phone. There was still too much of the lunch period left for her to head to class, but she wasn't sure she could take the silence anymore. She wasn't exactly as broken hearted about being dumped as she expected to be after the words left his mouth, but she still felt horrible.

How could they all think she was so selfish?

A few people had come in and out of the bathroom quietly during the off period, but she had been left in peace. But now, she heard the door open and noted that it didn't close again. Feet shuffled for a moment before someone spoke loudly. "Maintenance, maintenance... any ladies in here, maintenance..."

She had heard this before. Staying after school for journalism every week sometimes left her impatiently bouncing outside the girl's room as it was cleaned.

"Yeah, yeah- I'm coming out." She answered, just loud enough for it to echo back into her own ears. She grimaced and stuffed her binder back into her bag and pocketed her phone.

As Veronica rolled up her sleeves and opened the stall door, intent on washing her hands and leaving, she heard the door shut and turned to see who was wedging the door shut just before a girl tried to push it back open.

"Great," she mumbled.