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Veronica wasn't going to cry.

No one had died, no one had attempted to murder her, no one had been exposed as a relative, no one had abandoned her, and no one had framed her for a federal offence. Ergo, she had no reason to cry.

All that had happened was that she had just made out with her ex-boyfriend, who was a potential murderer, a blackmailer, who possessed a violent nature, too many secrets and who had slept with Dick's mom…

That's all. Nothing major.

Veronica walked into her apartment and quickly closed it behind her before falling back onto it and covering her mouth as she let out sobs that wracked her body.


Logan almost felt guilty for what he was about to do, and it was all Veronica's fault. Well, mostly her fault, partly his. If she hadn't have told him what she felt that night, he wouldn't have kissed her. She wouldn't have given him that signature 'I'm so confused" look with the quivering lip and he wouldn't have started laughing hysterically for no good reason as she fled from his car. And if he weren't so hell-bent on proving himself innocent, he probably wouldn't have decided to show just how committed he was to a false relationship with Hannah today. But... well, this was Logan and that Tom Griffith jerk was messing up everything. Repeatedly.

Hannah was a cute girl and if Logan... wasn't Logan, and didn't have the past that he did, he'd consider her. But as for right now, he was feeling a little selfish as he took Hannah's books from her and grabbed her hand anyway. There were whispers and looks and all out shouts as he made a scene of this new girl, she blushed and he grinned. No one seemed to catch his momentary absence of a heartbeat as the two walked past Veronica.

After an entire night of contemplation, decided on a stance that would mirror her actions almost exactly a year ago. "My lips, for all intents and purposes, are sealed." But that doesn't mean that she didn't nearly scream when Logan walked by with some underclassmen girl. Luckily for her, Mac was suddenly next to her. "Who's that?" Veronica asked innocently.

"Hannah. I'd be that pretty too, if my dad were a plastic surgeon." The comical disdain in Mac's voice made Veronica grin until the words really registered.

She turned to watch him walk down the hall running one thought through her head, 'He's going to get himself killed.' Veronica bit her lip and turned back around, her anger turning back to where it needed to be today.


Shawn nearly skipped through the halls that day. It was only Tuesday, but as far as anyone could tell, every day was a Friday for her. She was holding the hand of her third-base star boyfriend, Brian, and he was barely keeping up with her, but Shawn was apparently dead set to run smack into Veronica Mars. She made a fake grunting sound as she purposefully ran into the little blonde and said, "God, watch where you're going." But smiled at her.

Veronica turned with a mind to kill whoever had run into her, but saw that her apparent 'new friend' was the culprit. "Gee, Mars, you look all distressed." Shawn said in a flat tone.

"Yeah," Veronica answered and started digging in her backpack for her Sidekick. "Hey, have you seen Weevil lately?"

"No I think he made like a banana in Auto this morning and I haven't seen him since." Shawn said and waved 'good-bye' to Brian as he left. "But he's been acting all weird lately... like the loss of the motorcycle is throwing off his natural balance..." Veronica watched as Shawn contemplated. "Maybe he needs Metamucil..."

Veronica lightly laughed before she looked at the clock on her phone after she finally found it in her bag and sighed. "Crap. Hey- I have to get to Dunn's class early. Maybe I'll see you at lunch?"

Shawn watched as Veronica walked away and shrugged before she turned to make her way to her locker in the next hall. Veronica strode right past Ms. Dunn's classroom and slapped open the double doors at the end of the hallway. Just as she suspected, Weevil was pulling his new green rust-bucket into a parking lot just as the first bell rang. She pulled a manila folder and her phone out of her bag and crossed her arms while Eli got out of his car.

"You know, V, people are gonna start to suspect you if ya keep waitin' up for me with that love-stricken facial expression ya got there." He joked, seeing that she was obviously pissed off.

Veronica stared at him with her jaw set and her eyes dark. She realized, albeit extremely late in the game, that everything about Weevil screamed for her to not trust him. The way he spoke to her, the way he approached her and acted so dodgy. His word had never been worthy and she had given him the benefit of the doubt all along.

But now Veronica Mars knew the truth. Weevil was a killer.