A Simple Sorrow

Ame: Hi ya! My mind has been a little messed up lately and I have decided that A Rose Amidst the Snow is the sequel to this fic! Yays! Congrats to me! I hope that you all like this fic because I sure do! If you see anything wrong with it please tell me and if you want me to put in anything or something or other please tell me! Yays!

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Bucket: Why am I stuck with this job?

Ame: Because I said so! YAY ME!

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Ame: Oh and this first chapter is a little strange and kind of like a big introduction. Hope you like it! Oh and please just preview the next chappie because this first chapter is in a different format than the rest. It's just an opener. A Prelude. Please read on. This chappie just gives background. You don't really even have to read it.

Bucket: You need to stop.

Ame: Yeah.

--Chapter 1: Prelude to Reality--

A simple girl in a complex world. Nothing but this girl and everything else. Sounds stupid, no? Well it is. She couldn't think of anything to do in the world. She was stuck. Not physically… no. Not at all. She was perfectly fine physically speaking. That is not why she was stuck. She was stuck in a different way. She was mentally stuck. There was nothing she could to about her problem. She was forced into the way she was living and there was nothing on earth that she could do about it. Life around her was considered pointless and annoying to her. They needed to start over. This is this lonely girls story. Well… More my story. I'm this girl and this is my story.

I have issues and… Oh wait. Where am I going! You don't even know my name! I'm Amebara Yusleev Acaia Lomali Sevrita. My short tresses are naturally jet black, my eyes a shimmering shade of grey. I'm average height for my age of 16 years. My favorite color is orange because it is a mix of the love or hatred that is red added to the cheery attitude of yellow, thus describing my personality perfectly. I do tend to swing moods quickly and if I'm really emotional about anything my eyes tend to turn slightly orange, redder if angry or passionate, yellowier if cheerier.

I'm not your average human. That's right. I was born demon. Well… She's a part of me. Her name is Hisui and she died protecting her cousin and best friends honor. She sent her spirit into an unborn embryo and thus became a part of me. So now I'm a part of her and she is a part of me.

Looking out on the world I see so many things wrong with it. "You're not pretty enough!" "Where's your sense of style?" they say. I'm not all that smart but I am smart enough to know that these are stupid things. I know that they're wrong. Yet, still, on a daily basis I see things like this happening. I want to stop them. There's people crying, dying, lying to themselves more than others, and here I am… Trying to see the reason behind it all. And am I having any luck? None whatsoever.


Ame: Well? Yeah I know it was short. It's just a Prelude though. My other chapter that I have written is 18 ½ pages long written on paper. Ugg. It took weeks. Though I am turning over a new leaf and am planning to write quite a bit. And I know R-K-M will help with that.

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