A Simple Sorrow

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--Chapter 3: When a Secret's Revealed--

Ame yawned and opened her eyes only to see darkness, solely pierced by the light of her alarm clock reading 5:43 am. Rising to her feet, Ame tiptoed to her door, relieving herself to go downstairs. Once at her destination, Ame began to prepare breakfast for Nixy and herself.

French toast sizzling in the pan, Ame reached for the powdered sugar and maple syrup, placing them on the table. Ame once again tiptoed this time up the stairs to Nixy's room where she opened the door slowly. Studying her prey, Ame created her plan of… How should we say… Attack. Pulling out from under the bed a hockey mask and chainsaw previously placed there, Ame smirked. This might have been the best plan of them all.

Ame moved the chainsaw closer to Nixy's forehead and… VROOOOOOOOM! Up started the chainsaw. The next few moments happened in a blur. Once the chainsaw had started, Nixy nearly immediately screamed and ran into the bathroom where a bucket of flour waited to dump on her head.

Ame made her daring escape, speeding past doors, while Nixy continued to slide in the flower coated bathroom landing herself in the bathtub of feathers, then for Ame it was down the stairs where she landed herself at the dining room table, grabbing her tea. Nixy marched downstairs, covered in flour making her look like a ghost, where she then turned on her heel and glared at Ame now sitting at the dining room table, clutching her tea, trying desperately not to laugh at Nixy covered in flour, steaming in the doorway.

"You," Nixy spat "I will have my revenge."

Nixy turned once more on her heel and steamed herself back upstairs to wash the white out of her naturally caramel streaked chestnut hair setting off her eyes that could only be described at dark cider. Ame still tried not to laugh. The pranks they played kept things interesting and full of surprises. True, Nixy would most likely get her revenge but not without ensuring another harmless prank to herself.

After the caramel chestnut hair was clean, Nixy returned downstairs to ear breakfast. The plates clanked in the sink as the two girls washed them respectively. Sitting down in a chair, Nixy returning to her room, Ame tried to sort out her jumbled thoughts of what to do on this wonderful Saturday on which she had nothing planned. The mall maybe? No, too many shops, besides, Nixy would kill her if they went there. Nixy was tagging along… Right? Maybe she should have some say in this.

"Hey, Nixy," Ame called to the girl in her room.

"Yeah," Nixy responded, glumly, poking her head outside of her bedroom.

"What do you want to go do today?"

"OOH! We could go sit in a shoe!" Shii cried happily, bursting through the dark cherry colored front door after her impatience overpowered her slyness and patience to try and stalk Ame and Nixy for that entire Saturday.

"You just had to give her a house key," Nixy glared at Ame shaking her head.

"Well someone had to take care of the foxes while we were away," Ame tried to fight back.

"Any hoo… Thanks for the suggestion, Captain Random, but we were thinking something more normal," Nixy and Ame chimed, almost convincing the audience that they had rehearsed.

"Then again," Shii commented, glancing around, "we may not all fit."

Both Ame and Nixy sweat dropped. "Well," Ame began "I don't have to teach today," thoughts flooding her mind of something that they would all enjoy and possibly distract Shii and Nixy enough that they wouldn't argue so much "maybe we should go to an amusement park!"

"Yeah," Shii and Nixy cheered.

"Wow. That's about the first time I've seen you two agree!" laughed Ame.

"Hey!" yelled both Shii and Nixy.

"Bad girls! Now spell ScooberPotomus!"

"Uhh," both girls were utterly confused over Ame's sudden outburst of spelling-ness. "What's up with the spelling thing?" Shii questioned.

"The spelling bee must be getting to her head," Nixy stated, making the obvious occurrence of the failed spelling bee aware to Shii.

"Hmm hum," Ame's neck creaked.

The decision of the day was to go to an amusement park and spend the day on thrilling rides, screaming at the fun. Ame, Shii and Nixy's screams of entertainment were heard as they were pulled up, down, loop-d-loop and corkscrew through the rollercoaster ride. Stumbling out of the rollercoaster cart, Ame turned, dizzy, for a few seconds before stating her opinion on that certain roller coaster.

"Man! That's more fun that a barrel full of monkeys with Dippin' Dots and Crocks!"

"Even more fun than going on a date?" Shii questioned, referring to Ame's ever present aura of dumping any boy that dared try and ask her out.

"No, it's just that if any of them were actually nice and wouldn't try to use me because of my wonderful thieving ability…"

"La la la! Not listening," Shii interrupted, just wanting to annoy her raven haired friend.

"Oh, shut up you stupid cat." (Gosh! She sounds like Yuki from Fruits Basket!) Ame retorted.

"Nixy laughed. "Since when do you two fight?"

"Since never!" Ame and Shii blurted causing Nixy to just bubble over with the joy of annoying people to the fullest extent that she could, bursting forth, loosing her balance, and ending up on the ground, howling with laughter.

Ame sweat dropped." Well… Which ride should we go on next?"

"OOH!" Cried Shii "The… It's a Small World ride!"

"NOOO! Anything but that!" loudly objected the two younger girls.

"Aww… Why not?"

"Anything but that… NIGHTMARE," Nixy fell to the ground in fear, grasping the sides of her head.

"It's a small world after all! It's a small world after all," sang Shii and Ame tormenting Nixy farther into the ground and into a fetal position and then Nixy's repeated cries of something Ame now insists was 'The noise… The people… NO MORE OF THE TORTURE AND LICORICE!' Why it was licorice is still unknown but obviously it caused Nixy to be frightened. For some reason, Nixy just didn't like it.

After the minor setback of tormenting and… Licorice… Shii and Ame dragged Nizy onto a calm ride far, far away from anything resembling the… Dreaded ride of doom. That didn't stop Nixy's objection of calmness, but it did get her to calm down. Another ride to go on was their next goal. Humm… Perhaps the Troika would be a fitting ride…

"I know! Lets go on the Troika!"

I suppose it was a good idea after all. Thank you Shii. Now back to my story…

"RED AND GREEN #7! WE DON'T WANNA DIE!" cried Shii and Ame.

"Gosh," yelled Nixy "Don't scream so loud! People are starting to stare!"

Ame smirked. Concern. That was a rare one for Nixy. But even so, Ame turned her head, people were starting to stare.

"That's all right! That's okay! You don't know us anyway!" Chanted Ame and Shii, their colorful clothing ruffling in the strange summer-like breeze.


With the girls bursting into a fit of laughter, three pairs of eyes turned away from the trio of Shii, Ame and Nixy.

Once they avoided the 'It's a Small World' ride and arrived at the Troika, they found themselves in a line. Who would have thought? A ride at an amusement park. Oh fun.

"Maybe the stupid narrator would shut up," barked Nixy "It's starting to annoy."

"Oh, you shut up, Nixy! Or should I say… Phoenix…" The Narrator retorted.

"Oh no you didn't!"

"Oh yes I did!"

And with that, somehow, Nixy just shut up. Or should we say that she didn't even have a mouth to speak with anymore. But you could hear some annoyed grunting that seemed to be coming from Nixy. While others in the line stared, Shii and Ame tried to figure out what had happened to their dear friend. Was her mouth gone forever? Who had done it? Why? When? And most importantly, how on earth did this happen? Another grunt.

"What was that Nixy?"

Nixy mumbled some more.

"Sorry. Still can't understand you!" (I just stole RKM's pencil.) (It's pink.) ((Pets Roy)) (Kurama, Save me!) (RKM wants to stab me with a pen.) ((Pets a ponie)) (RKM says ponie is spelled with a y not an ie. It's ie. Go flame her. But she's the only one that reads this story!) (Dang it!) (Go flame yourself, RKM.)

"Maybe the author should shut up," Shii yelled, somehow drawing even more eyes to the group, so many already being on them because of Nixy's mouth fiasco, the chanting and… Licorice… earlier, and probably something else that Shii had done… Hey! Part of the Cotton Candy stand is missing! Shii did it. Back on topic, Nixy glared at the narrator, her mouth magically reappearing, the shouting that was just recently mumbling now existing as the screaming she had intended it to be. Though I, the wonderful SUPER NARRATOR will not put it here as to retain the sanity, or what's left of it, with you wonderful readers. (Or you just can't think of anything!) Maybe so but you write this stuff! (So? What does that have to do with anything?) You write the stuff! You have to think this stuff up! (You think I actually think this stuff up? Man people are stupid!) Ya think? (Not really.) ………… Never mind. Back to Nixy's screaming. It's getting pretty loud too.

"NIXY! SHUT UP!" demanded, or maybe more pleaded Ame and Shii.

Calming down, Nixy sighed. That was the last argument she ever had with any narrator. She was right to decide that so. 'Cause… WE GOT THE POWER! The…. SUPER NARRATOR POWER!

"Why did you argue with the narrator, Nixy?"

"Why? WHY? Well maybe I was curious!" Nixy sarcastically remarked, somehow earning more eyes to the three and Shii and Ame staring at the furious girl. "What? Is there something wrong with being curious?"

"IT KILLS CATS!" cried Shii and Ame.

"Like that's a valid answer! Now lets get on the ride!"

Shii and Ame turned away from their entertaining argument with Nixy to realize that the line had depleted during their argument. They also saw even more people staring at them like they were freaks. Which they were. Imagine that. Poor cats.

"Shall we do the chant again?" Ame questioned the blonde girl.

"Lets shall!"

"NO!" screamed Nixy, angry that her 'friends' were acting so immature.

"Would Ame Sevrita please come to the customer's service desk? Would Ame Sevrita please come to the customer's service desk? That is all," rang over the loudspeaker, silencing the furious Nixy and stopping any hopes of Ame and Shii's wonderful chant and earning Ame a "What did you do this time?" from Shii and Nixy as well as their minds being filled with… Creative ideas for what Ame had done.

"The voices…. The voices are back! NO! NOT THE VOICES! WHY CAN'T YOU PEOPLE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" Cried Ame, curling up in a fetal position, wondering seriously why these voices wouldn't leave her alone.

"Would you people just shut up ang et on the ride or go to wherever it is?" Cried random person number one.

"Yeah! Hutty it up already!" responded random person number 3,642,931.

"Jeez," Nixy stated "I didn't think that there were over 3 million people at this park. Sheesh."

"Well I guess there is! Now get on the ride!" yelled back random person number 3,642,931.

"Umm… Ame?" Shii's voice said everything that it needed to, or maybe nothing of concern to the people.

"Yeah, Shii?"

"Shouldn't you be heading to the customer's service desk?"

"Oh yeah!"

"Let's just get going, before I loose my sanity?"

"What is it?" Shii and Nixy peered over Ame's shoulder at the mystery filled box, riddiling all of their minds.

"How should I know?"

"Well, it is yours."

"I just got it!"


Maybe she should just open it!

(Maybe I should erase your mouth!)

Shutting up now.

(That's what I though.) the author almost cooed over the three (Shut… Up.) Ok. (Maybe you should just open up the box, Ame.)

"Thanks…?" she tried.

Ame unravled the tape, unwrapping it from the box and opened the flaps.

"A…. Toaster?" they all questioned.

(Muahahahahahaha((chough chough)) You have no idea what I have in store for you with this toaster!) The author cackled, magically disappearing back to in front of her computer, typing the next events rapidly, pounding at the keys.

Don't break the keyboard! (-RKM)

(Yes, mommy.)

"So," Nixy stated, "What's with the toaster?"

(You shall soon know!) cackled the insane author once again.

"I was asking Ame," Nixy retorted, "It is, after all, her toaster."

"To answer your question, Nixy, I'm not sure. I'm not sure."

The evil cackling faded into the distance followed by a slap and 'ow'. One question was flooding all the girls minds. Where did the toaster come from and how did it get to Ame while she was at, of all places, an amusement park? Did UPS even offer that service? The world may never know. Ok, so more that one question. Finally, the suspense became too much.

"Ms. Author," Shii asked, seeing as she was the sweetest and, seemingly, the most ignorant.

(Yes, Shii?)


(Magical Toaster Gnomes!) exclaimed the author and RKM. (DUH! They also live on the Magical Toaster Gnome world which is shaped like a Magical Toaster. DUH!)

"Oh," Shii realized, "I get it now!"

Both Nixy and Ame sweat dropped. Well, wherever the toaster came from… It was still a toaster.


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