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All right this is the part just before they go into the P.C.

"Misty I don't know what Ash wants but I know whatever you do, Ash will be happy." Wally spoke softly just above a whisper. "Come on lets head inside." I nodded and slowly followed inside.

The next morning I woke up early and sat myself down in the lobby wondering what I should do. Pikachu was curled into a ball on my lap, snoring happily away.

"What should I do?" I wondered aloud to the darkness. "I wonder if Ash even wants to be brought back." So many doubts had clouded my mind. I sighed and looked down at Pikachu.

Who will look after Ash's Pokemon if I don't bring him back? I wish I knew what his Pokemon wanted… O well maybe…

Someone began to walk down the stairs. I looked up, there was Wally followed by a Pokemon I decided to take for his Gardevoir.

"Misty, have you made your decision?" I looked at him then at his Pokemon. When I saw it I knew what I had to do.

"Wally I have." I got up. Wally followed me out the door. He released his Salamance and we went to the cave.

We wandered around for hours in the cave. I just was about to give up hope when Pikachu called out somewhere in the gloom.

"Pika pi ka chu chu ka!" He kept shouting till Wally and I made our way over to him. He showed us a ladder that we had missed in our search. We went down into a dark room…

"Jirachi?" A strange voice whispered. Suddenly the room transformed into space. There were stars floating all around, or so the illusion implied. I walked over to Jirachi. He was small and cute. He had a large star shaped forehead, there were many pieces of paper on the ground. Most likely from previous withes he had granted.

"Jirachi?" He turned his head toward me. "I Misty Kasumi Waterflower ask you to bring my friend Ashton Satoshi Ketchum back from the dead." Jirachi's head glowed a cosmic blue, a bright flash of light came and passed. When my eyes were adjusted there he was.

"Misty?" A questioning Ash wondered.

"ASH!" I ran into his arms. He pulled me into an embrace and we held each other for a moment.

"Misty I guess you wont need me anymore." Wally turned and began to walk away.

"WALLY!" I cried. "Wally if it wasn't for you I never would have seen Ash again. I owe you. Come quickly make a wish." I motioned for him to come to Jirachi who was growing weaker by every second. Wally ran over to Jirachi whispered something in his ear, and once again a cosmic blue shone around Jirachi. A bright light flashed. Jirachi had granted his wish. Jirachi finished up with the wishes on his forehead and slowly fell asleep.

"Wally." Ash began. "I want to thank you for… everything… I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!" Ash hadn't been back for five minutes and he was already asking for a battle. You know what I did people. I pulled out my old trusty mallet and whacked him on the head.

"Ash maybe later ok? First I think you and Misty should have some time." Wally left. I was silent for a moment. Then remembered.

"WALLY YOU ARE OUR ONLY WAY OFF THIS ISLAND! GET BACK HERE!" I ran to the exit with Ash by my side. We were too late. We saw his Salamance fly off. "Drat!" I was angry there were whirlpools in the water I wasn't sure my Pokemon could handle. Ash and I stared at each other and laughed. We would find a way so I released my Starmie, and off we went.

We had a long battle home, but we made it. Everything was starting to feel right again. I haven't traveled with Ash in so long.

"Misty…" Ash went down on one knee. "When we are a little bit older… Will you marry me?" I looked down at Ash and grinned. Pikachu hopped on his shoulder.

"Ash… I accept." We then went into each other's arms (Pikachu leaps off Ash's shoulder not wanting to be in this) and we held a long kiss. Finally.

After it was over we started our journey home to Kanto. Hand in hand.

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