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Getting to know you

By Miztikal-Dragon


It was late out, darkness had control over everything, surrounding the trees and scenery. Her hair flew behind her restlessly, showing the feelings that she couldn't express freely. She was running and she hoped that it would let her be free. No known destination, no thoughts keeping her back, she wanted to get away. To leave the past she once knew behind her. Hard ground collided with her bare feet as she ran, her clothing fluttering and molding to her steadily moving form. Tonight had been the last straw, the final time that she could subdue her heart's desire. She needed to flee and it was what she'd done.

The pink silk that she wore was traditional and it fit her like a glove. Expensive, hell yes, but its purpose only left her soul in ruins. A costume, that's what it was, a simple costume for a dance to please the ruler of her kingdom. Light shades of pastel pinks, a dark colored sash and heavy metals that adorned her body jingled as she ran. She was covered in riches she knew she could never pay for, riches that would take more than a lifetime to replace. Yet they would have to be valuables lost to the unknown because she would not be able to return them.

Faster, she pushed herself harder, tearing off the heavy metal and tossing them away, it was slowing her down and she had to get away. Get away before he could have the chance to find her. If he stopped her she didn't know what she'd do, it would be humiliating, dishonorable, and shame would befall her name. She was trapped by honor, caged by everything else and chained by the watching eyes of every person she knew. They were too much for her, it hurt, they hurt and though she couldn't explain it in words, she understood them. Winding her way into the forestry, she tore at the branches that tried to hold her back, she needed to be hidden and around large things that could keep her safe.

Clothing caught and ripped but she didn't stop, she couldn't stop, not now with all the sins hanging over her head like vultures. Tears, they stung her eyes and some slipped down her face only to be dried by the wind against her cheeks. She was leaving her pain, she was leaving the life that she knew for something with no security, nothing. But it was exactly what she wanted. Her foot landed in a small dip in the ground and she tumbled to the ground, the lavish head piece that held her hair up tightly buckling and breaking into a few pieces, her hair falling in her face. She wanted to give up.

Her fingers dug into the dirt and her normally pale skin was flushed from the unplanned exercises, yet she could only feel the coldness as it seeped into her bones. She had had enough of everything, it hadn't been easy for her to get where she was no, but her careful strategy had gone off with out a hitch. Sure it was something to be proud of for a human, managing to outsmart a castle filled with youkai. It was dangerous, a one-to a million chance of succeeding, but somehow it worked and here she was, a few miles away from the beautiful castle that she had called home for most of her life.

But it wasn't her home, no how could it be? To her that place was a disease, something contagious to all, and she yearned to escape from it, to be away from it all, and now she was. However, it hadn't always been that was for her. It had been a godsend at one point in her life, a refuge away from every harsh reality, a place where love seemed to radiate from the very pores of almost everything.

Gathering her bearings, she pushed herself off the ground and brushed off the dirt from her torn pants and skirt that had a slit up to her thighs. Extravagant, it had been, but not anymore, now it was a pile of rags and she wanted to cry. Her muscles were tired, aching and her blood racing her breath coming out in heavy pants. She had come a long way and looking back in the direction of the said castle, she could barely see the lights, the festival would last all night and by the time they realized she was gone, it would be too late. She would be far enough away that she could start her life over again, the way she wanted it to be. The way that it was supposed to be.

Taking it a little slower, she headed deeper into the forest, the sounds frightened her, but she concentrated on moving forwards. It was better to continue despite the fear than to stop because of cowardice and be caught. The noises grew louder as she walked, the animals were laughing at her, she could feel it in the very depths of her being. She frowned stepping carefully over a fallen tree, she wouldn't let them get the better of her, no she would prove that she was strong.


The wind was whispering her name and her blood ran cold. A howl in the night, the rustling bushes, the sharp pain in her shoulder blades, he was coming. Her heart sped up as she pushed herself harder than before, she had to hide, quick, but she had to hide now! Branches reached out to hold her back, tearing the fabric from her arm and cutting her flesh. Blood, it seeped from the small cut and she nearly screamed. He would find her for sure now, and boy would he be mad. Her mind begged for him to pass her by, to search down a different path, but she knew he wouldn't. He was too smart for that, he was a hunter after all, the best in the land. He was her king.


She bit down on her lip as she darted out of the forest and back onto the road, she had to keep moving. She had to make her scent undetectable, or at least hard to follow, she had to trick him. Her arms pumped and she ran faster, her breathing ragged and the cold air stinging her lungs, she didn't know where she was going or which direction but all she knew was that she had to get away fast. Another howl erupted into the night, and she spared a glance behind her, he was calling for back up, there were more than one..

'NO!' she thought practically screaming to herself. "Please let me get further, he can't find me! Oh god please not now! Father! Mother, please let me escape! Don't abandon me when I need you!"

She could hear the rushing of the ocean not to far away and she knew immediately where she was. It was miles away from the castle, at least five or more, but how she had gotten so far away was beyond her. All she knew was that she had to get to the ocean, water, the water it would hide her scent and she could swim to safety! It was a stupid plan, but she could pull it off, she knew she could. But she had to get there first.

She stumbled but was able to keep herself balance and she continued, it was in sight, the ocean it was! Something in the back of her mind screamed for her to stop, it didn't look right but she couldn't. Her body was running on adrenaline alone and she wouldn't be able to stop unless the ground came out from underneath her, which it was planning to do. She was nearing a cliff that overlooked the dark blue ocean, and she couldn't stop, he was practically breathing down her back, and at any moment he would be there to punish her for her actions. She couldn't stop, death wouldn't stop her, no nothing would, she would fly like a bird into the heavens.


It was his voice and her heart jumped. His voice was loud and commanded submission, and out of reflex, her body turned and it was him. Long Silver hair fluttered in the wind as amber eyes flashed wildly. His royal silk white robes was fit for a god, and that's what he looked like, a god among kings. Her breath hitched in her throat and her heart pounded frantically, she was like a mouse caught in a trap and her body was so heavy. She couldn't move, she couldn't escape. She had failed. He stepped forward and her stomach lurched, he was closing in on her and soon he would be face to face, anger in his eyes and she couldn't take it. She couldn't take it!

"No," she whispered brokenly into the wind. "Please god kill me now, please leave me alone Sesshomaru!"

Just as those words spilled from her lips the ground beneath her back foot gave way, the edge of the cliff couldn't support her weight any longer. Her eyes were wide and a scream erupted from her lips as she fell backwards and down. They were giving her what she wanted after all, freedom, but not in the way she wanted. Her shoulder hit the side of something hard and a roar of her name pounded in her ears. It was all drowned out as the tears fell from her eyes. Death it was the only way that she could escape him, the only way that she would be allowed to be alone. Death, it was too final for her, too scary, but now it was upon her as the rocky water below came closer by the second.


Her body jerked roughly as something grabbed her, claws digging into her arm as she was pulled close to something soft and hard at the same time. She cried out in shock and pain, the cold spray of the water hitting her face as she was swung upward. Death, it was being torn away from her, or she was being torn from its grasp, which one she didn't know. Her head was swimming and she didn't dare open her eyes, the wind was too strong, and her body throbbed, she couldn't move.

She felt like she was flying upwards, something soft brushing against her cheeks and her stomach lurched again, her fingers clutching the soft material underneath them. Weakness, she was nothing but a weakness for him but why? Why was he holding her and saving her from the death she deserved? She had deserted him because of the eyes, of the pain that she felt in her heart from the harsh words. She didn't want this, she didn't want any of this, but why didn't he let her go? Why didn't he give his people what he wanted? Why didn't he let her go?

Ground touched her feet and the arms that surrounded her only tightened. Her tears feel and she couldn't stop her sobbing, but wrapped her arms around his waist. She loved him, oh god she loved him with all her heart and she had for many years. She would have given anything for this moment before now, to have him hold her close, his head resting on top of hers, his beating heart loud in her ears. But why now? Why not before? This was too much for her to handle, it was just too much and she didn't know what to think of it. How was so supposed to react? What was she supposed to do?

Pulling out of his arms, she took a ragged breath and glanced up to meet his eyes. His amber eyes they were filled with gentle knowing, and understanding. It was something she wasn't used to seeing in his cold golden eyes, kindness, something akin to love, they looked overwhelming from him. Why had he chosen her? Why?


And everything went black.

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