This is a Sasuke/Sakura/Neji fan fic. Hopefully this turns out better thatn other other one I typed. Okay, please read and review.
Leaving Her Chapter one: The Mission

Sakura was on her way to Sasuke's apartment, because Sasuke had invited her over for dinner. She arrived and knocked on the door. Sasuke opened the door and wrapped his arms around Sakura's waist. Sakura and Sasuke have been together for almost 2 years now.
"Your finally here."Sasuke said. Sakura smiled and walked in his apartment. She sat down at the table and looked at the food Sasuke prepare. It look like they were in a 5 star restraunt. Sasuke sat down and they started to eat. When they finished, Sakura got up and took the dirty plates and walked them over to the sink. She started washing them when she felt two arms wrap around her waist.

"Why are you cleaning up when I haven't even eaten dessert yet."Sasuke smirked. Sakura turned around and was then kissed my Sasuke. The kissed passionatly until both were out of breathe. Sakura was blushing, but it's not like they have kissed before. They are 18 fer christsake. Sasuke grabbed Sakura's hand and pulled her into his room and let her sit on his bed. Sasuke started kissing Sakura again and they both were now lying down. Sakura opened her eyes and looked at Sasuke kissing her. Maybe she was ready to take a big step and finally be happy. Sasuke probably wanted it, but she wanted it too. Sakura pushed Sasuke up and looked into his onyx eyes. Emerald and Onyx. Sakura put her hand on his cheek and gave him a peck on the lips.
"Sasuke, is it okay if we... ummm."Sakura was to emberassed to say it. Sasuke understood and carried Sakura. He moved her into the middle of the bed and started removing her shirt. He started nipping at her neck making her moan. She was finally going to lose her virginity. Sasuke removed her pants and removed his shirt. Sakura saw him and blushed at the sight of his bare chest. He was indeed a man now. Sasuke lowered his head and started kissing Sakura. while doing that, he removing her bra to expose what was underneath. When it was completely off Sakura quickly covered her chest.

"Umm... I'll let you look at me when I'm fully exposed."Sakura said. Sasuke smirked. Sasuke removed his pants and now had his boxers on. Sasuke moved down to her stomach and started kissing her stomach, moving down. It tickled Sakura when Sakura had kissed her there. Now, Sasuke was where her underwear was. Sasuke carefully removed it and threw it onto the floor. Sasuke moved back up and looked at Sakura, who was now blushing like a tomato.

"Do I get my prize now?"Sasuke asked. Sakura hesitated for a little bit and slowly moved her arms. When she put her hands down at her side, she saw Sasuke staring at her from head to toe. He looked like he was trying to save this image into his mind. He moved his head down to her ear and whispered,"Don't worry Sakura. I think your very Beautiful."Sasuke said. Sakura smiled.
"Don't forget, you have to too."Sakura smirked. Sasuke started blushing too. Sasuke removed his boxers and threw it to the floor. Sakura gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. "He definetly is a man"She thought. Sasuke lowered himself on top of Sakura and moved her hands. He started kissing her and started exploring her body with his hands. He felt Sakura moan in the back of her throat. Sasuke started blushing at the thought, he learned all this from Kakashi. Sasuke stopped and asked with a husky voice,"No turning back now"
"I'm okay. Please continue."Sasuke replied. Sasuke positioned his member at her opening and slowly slid in. Sasuke never knew that a girl, a woman's opening would be so tight. Sakura slightly winced at the pain. Before going all the way in he stopped and took once last look at her body. "Sakura was already a woman."Sasuke thought. Sakura's arms were were wrapped around Sasuke's neck and she was waiting for the pain.
"Sakura, this is going to be painful."Sasuke said. He moved out his member and thrust in. Sakura gasped and was about to scream, when Sasuke kissed her. Sakura was now on the verge of tears. It was as painful as she heard. Sasuke was not moving, so Sakura would adjust first. He waited a few moments and spoke up,"I'm sorry"
"It's okay, I'm okay now. It's not painful anymore."Sakura said. Sasuke slowly started moving. The feeling was quite pleasurable. Sasuke was now thrusting in and out of her. Sakura was moaning Sasuke's name, while Sasuke while moaning Sakura's. Finally, Sakura and Sasuke, felt their first organism. Sasuke's seeds poured into Sakura. After the feeling was gone Sasuke dropped down right next to Sakura exhsausted. Both were panting and sweating. When they finally were breathing normally. Sakura pulled the blankets over them more. Sakura rolled over, so she was facing Sasuke. She smiled and kissed him on the lips one more. Sasuke turned sideways and put one arm on Sakura's waist and the other on his head.

"Goodnight Sakura."Sasuke said.

"Goodnight Sasuke."Sakura replied. Sasuke pushed Sakura, so that she was now in his chest. They both smiled and were cozy in each other's warmth. Both fell into a deep sleep.

"Sakura, Sakura, wake up."Sasuke said. Sakura opened her eyes slightly and saw Sasuke. She sat up and looked at him. Sasuke was now in the bathroom. Sakura moved to the side of the bed and stayed there. She was wiping her eyes to get fully awake. She was holding onto the blanket, cuz of what happened last night. )
"What is it Sasuke?"Sakura asked. Sasuke walked out of the bathroom with his ANBU clothes on. Sasuke looked at her with sad eyes.
"I have a mission to do. I'll be gone for at least 2 months."Sasuke said. Sakura heard and was now about to cry, but she knew that is the job of ANBU, so she had no right to tell him to stay.

"Oh." Was all she could manage. Sasuke kneeled with one knee and took her left hand.
"I wasn't planning on doing this until next month, but since I won't be here. Haruno Sakura, Will you please marry me?"Sasuke said. Sakura was in shock. She now started crying. She hugged Sasuke and replied with a yes. Sasuke took out the ring and put it on her left finger. They both stood up and Sakura still hugging Sasuke.
"Promise me that you'll come back."Sakura cried. Sasuke grabbed Sakura's chin and made her look him in the eyes.
"I promise."He said and kissed her for a long time. Sakura stopped crying during that time. They stopped kissing and Sasuke gave Sakura a robe to put on. She put it on and walked with Sasuke to the front door. Sasuke standing outside of the front door and called Sakura to come over. Sakura came and she was pulled into a tight embrace. Sasuke was digging through his pocket and found what he was looking for.

"Here Sakura. I want you to be here when I come back."Sasuke said. "Who will be on the mission with you?"Sakura asked.He handed her his spare key and kissed her one last time.
"I only now the leader of the ANBU and his name is Sumatomo Eiichi."Sasuke replied.

"Oh, I know him."Sakura said. Sasuke looked at her then disappered. Sakura stood there at the doorway and then closed the door. She walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower to warm. She stepped in and washed her body. She then collasped onto the floor and broke out in tears. She stopped crying to finish her shower and held in the rest. It was natural for people to go away, so shes going to be strong. She put on her normal training clothes, which was a pair of black shorts and a black tang. She fixed her hair and fixed the house a bit. She walked out the front door and locked it with the key Sasuke gave her. She walked towards the training ground where Tsunade-sama is waiting for.
"Tsunade-sama, Hi!"Sakura yelled. Tsunade turned around to be face to face with Sakura, her student. "Are you okay, It seems like you've been crying."Tsunade said. Sakura smiled the smile that always cheered up somebody, but somehow, it seemed a little off. "I'm okay Tsunade-sama. Can we start training?"Sakura asked. Tsunade nodded and they began training.