Rory and Logan laid on his dorm room couch. Both laying horizontally her back against his chest with his arm around her waist and a blanket draped over them. They were watching a movie and Rory hadn't said anything for a while which knowing her was unusual.

"Rory are you awake?" Logan whispered in her ear. No response "Ace, Are you sleeping?" still no response she had fallen asleep in his arms, He loved when she did that.

Logan sat watching the movie then looked down at her. "I love you Lorelei Leigh Gilmore" he whispered "I don't think I could ever say that if you were awake I'd be to scared, but I want you to know I love you and I always will. You're the first girl I ever truly cared about."

Rory repositioned herself so her chest was facing his. He looked at her, she was wide awake. "You're a-a-awake?" He managed to get out.

"It appears that way " she said innocently with her big blue eyes, she looked a little upset. "What's wrong? Is this about what I said? I didn't mean to upset you I didn't think you were awake, Just forget I said anything."

She shook her head and Put her hand on his cheek then smiled warmly "Why would I go and do a stupid thing like that?" she said. Logan looked at her confused "Logan, I love you too. I realized it a while ago actually." Logan went to speak but Rory cut him off. "I didn't say anything because I didn't want to scare you off. I knew this whole exclusive thing was new for you. I wanted you to say I love you on your own time."

Logan gave one of his famous smirks "What made you assume I was going to fall in love with you?" he said with a slight laugh. She looked into his eyes and kissed him gently "Well lets just say I'm a Gilmore and leave it at that." He laughed and Kissed her again this time with more passion.

Rory broke away from his lips "Mr. Huntzburger, I have a question for you." she said confidently "Anything you want Ace." He said Gently stroking her hair. "Finn and Colin, Do they know you love me?" she said inquiringly. "As a matter of Fact is was actually a drunk Finn that pointed it out to me, his exact words were "Logan ol' boy You got it bad for that Gilmore Girl don't you, It was only a matter of time" And at first I thought It was Finn being Finn but then I realized he was right, You Ms. Gilmore had me in the palm of your hand." he said smiling even bigger then before.

She smiled "Of course I did, Like I said before I am a Gilmore."