Chapter 1: Love-fest

House and the three young doctors are in the conference room, talking about the new case.

"31 year-old male, Max Howell, fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a truck," says Foreman.

"Well, there Foreman, I thought you were the smart one," House says snidely twirling his cane. "Don't you mean crashed, and then fell into a coma?" House says. "The idiot was probably drunk or on the phone. Boring, what's next?"

"No," Cameron corrected, "He crashed because he fell asleep. And he's awake now. No coma," she says handing House come coffee. For a moment their hands touched. She shivers at the feel of his touch, electricity shooting up her hand. He looks up into her blue eyes, and she can feel him staring at her, as if he could see right into her. She pulls her hand away. Why does she keep doing this to herself? Falling for men who would cause nothing but heartbreak. She had promised her self that she would get over him, especially when Stacy came back. But recently he had become nicer, well nicer than usual. When Stacy came to work at the hospital he had become more withdrawn and bitter. Then something must have happened because she was sure she felt him change. Or maybe she had just imagined it all…

"Cameron?" Foreman says nudging her. Everyone else had gotten up and gathered their things.

"Huh?" she says.

"CT scan," Foreman says.

"Oh yeah," Cameron says shaking her head.

"And get an MRI while you're at it," House instructs

"Oohh, my uncle, Greg House, barking out orders," says a voice. They turn to see a tall Eurasian girl standing there, wearing a really cute jacket…

"Kimee?" says a stunned House. His face actually had a look of shock on it.

"Yeah, Kimee," she says walking towards him and the team of astonished doctors.

"What are you doing here?" House asks.

"I've come to visit my dear and sweet Uncle Greg," she says sarcastically.

"You got the wrong office then, Greg Jefferson is upstairs," he says, as equally sarcastic. "What are you really doing here?" House asks again.

"I'm starting college next semester at Hopkins's. I'm doing a medicine major," she says excitedly.

"You're turning 18 in a month though," House says, frowning.

"I skipped 6th grade. Who needs to learn that your attitude is not going to work in junior high if you don't shape up? My solution, skip and go straight to junior high and see how it works!" Kimee replies shrugging.

The three doctors were still standing there, unwilling to move. Kimee turns to face them.

"Hey, I'm Kimee," she says, shaking their hands in turn.

"Hey…" Foreman says slowly.

"My mom's Chinese, my dad is the Ass's brother," she says gesturing at House.

"Oh, I'm Dr Cameron, this is Dr Chase and Dr Foreman," Cameron says smiling.

"I'd hate to interrupt this little love-fest, but I recall telling you three to go get a CT scan and MRI, or I am my old age starting to show?" House says sardonically

The team reluctantly walk out, leaving House with Kimee.


"You want to do work experience here?" says House, rather disgusted. "Who even does that anymore?"

"Well I thought before I start my course, I wanted to get a feel for life in medicine. And also coz I got nothing to do until I've actually been accepted," replied Kimee.

"I thought you were starting next semester," he said making a face.

"Yeah, hopefully, but I still have to send my portfolio and stuff. So I just want to be able to like observe medicine in practice. I don't even have to do anything," she said.

"Whatever, you're gonna have to ask Hitler yourself," he replies, going back to the magazine he was reading.

"Oohh, is Cuddy still administrator? Good, that means she'll easily give into my charms," she said smirking, exactly like House.

"Riiiiiiiggggghhhhtttt," House says rolling his eyes.

"Oh by the way, can I stay with you while I'm here?" she asks him, cocking her head slightly.