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"What do you think they're talking about?" Cameron asks, craning her neck to try and get a glimpse of what is going on in House's office. He, Andrew and Lin had retreated there to discuss the 'situation'. Cameron, Foreman and Cuddy were left behind in the conference room, waiting for them to come out. From the sounds of things, it wasn't going too well. They had heard lots of crashing, banging and thumping, and generally unpleasant sounds emitting from the confines of House's office…

"No idea," Foreman says. He then glances over at Cameron who is biting her bottom lip. "You wanna find out?"

"Very much so," Cameron says, and then the two pounce toward the door joining House's office and the conference room.

"What are you two-" Cuddy starts, watching as they both get down on they're knees, and place their ear against the glass door.

"Shh," Cameron says.

Cuddy pauses.

"Hear anything?" she asks.

"Yeah…House is…he's admitting that he had an affair with Lin," Foreman says, eyes wide with shock.

"Seriously?" Cuddy says, credulously

"What do you think?" Foreman says.

"Oh," Cuddy says, realizing she's been had. She then, resignatedly, also gets down on all fours, and squeezes between Foreman and Cameron, ears pressed against the glass.

"They're…they're speaking in Chinese," Cuddy says.

"I didn't know House could speak Chinese," Foreman says.

"He's not saying much anyway, its Lin who's doing most of the talking," Cameron says.

"Can either of you understand Chinese?" Cuddy asks.

"Oh yeah, of course," Cameron says sarcastically.

"Really? Wow,"

"Seriously, Cuddy, you are way too gullible. Next things you'll know " Cameron scoffs.

"Alright, alright, didn't need to be so rude," Cuddy says.

"Well what did you expect?" Cameron says.

"I don't know…" Cuddy says, haughtily.

"Guys, shut up," Foreman says.

"Why? Its not like you can understand what they're saying," Cuddy says.

"I'm not listening to what they're saying. I'm listening to how they say it," Foreman says with a 'duh' voice.

"You are so much like House sometimes," Cuddy says rolling her eyes. "Watch out, or Cameron might wanna start dating you,"

"Hey!" Cameron says indignantly. "That's-"

But she doesn't get to finish her sentence, as at that moment, the door swung open, and there stood House, Lin and Andrew. Cuddy, Cameron and Foreman look up sheepishly.

"What are they doing on the floor?" Lin asks in Chinese.

"That's where my little lap-dogs belong," House replies in English.

The three doctors scramble up.

"Yeah…we…we weren't listening or anything-" Foreman begins.

"Save the excuses. You were eavesdropping," House says, waving his hand.

"Well, we were worried," Cameron says.

"Well, its not any of your business," Lin says.

Cameron looks at her huffily, then at House, who merely shrugs.

"Lin," Cuddy says, stepping in. "We are all worried about Kimee. So tell us what the circumstances are, and we can tell you what we know,"

"You make this sound as if it's a murder investigation," Andrew says.

"Don't say things like that," Lin says.

"Well, shockingly, I don't think that Kimee has been killed,"

"With her cavorting around the world all the time doing God knows what, it wouldn't be surprised if there were people who were out to get her," Lin says.

"Really optimistic outlook you've got there," Andrew retorts.

"You're the reason this is happening," Lin says, her eyes turning to slits.

"Not again…"

"If you hadn't of-"

"Guys," House cuts in. "So don't wanna hear,"

"You're going to have to," Lin says. "You had a part in this too,"

"Me? I had no idea what was going on until about ten minutes ago," House says.

"What sane person would shelter a nineteen year old girl and not have the sense to call her parents?"

"She told me she was here to go to college," House says.

"College!" Lin says. "College! Ha! How easy it is to pull the cotton over your eyes, Greg," Lin says, getting the phrase wrong

"Cotton? You mean wool, Lin," House says.

"Oh, you-" she begins

"House," Cuddy says warningly.

House just makes a face instead.

"So…let me get this straight…Kimee has-"

"Greg, why does this woman who I don't know keep sticking her nose into something which has nothing to do with her?" Andrew says, cutting Cameron off.

"Hey," House snaps. "Watch yourself,"

"'Watch yourself'? Since when did you say things like that?" Andrew says.

"Since you ran off to the other side of the world and left your daughter on her own," House retorts.


"OK, enough!" Cuddy says suddenly. Everybody stops and turns to stare at her. "We are all adults here. I'm sure that we can express our views in a mature and calm way,"

"Look who's playing mediator, Mother Cuddy," House says.

"Andrew, Lin," Cuddy says, ignoring House. "What is going on?"

"You really have no idea?" Lin says, still unsure.

"We really don't," Cameron says.

Lin lets out a bark of exasperated laughter.

"And you are supposed to be 'brilliant'," she says.

"Tell them," House says gruffly.

"Kimee ran away from home. She came here. And now she's gone. Again,"


House stood on the hospital roof, looking down below at the tiny people, living in drama-free bliss. If only his life was that simple. If only he didn't have to deal with all the problems he faced. If only he could escape…


He would never be able to escape.

Alcohol, drugs, sex.

Mere coping mechanisms mankind have for dealing with the perils of life. All these things were supposed to help him escape. Help anyone who wanted to escape.

But in reality, he would never get away from it. He would never be able to break away from this life. No one can.

He knew that for now, she was just trying to escape. She was just like him. She hated dealing with heartache, and just the scent of trouble, she would try and keep it away, with sarcasm, with insults, with hostility, as long as she didn't have to deal with it. She had something that she needed to face, yet, as per tradition; she had managed to avoid it. She had escaped.

Though, he knew, in his heart of hearts, that it would always chase after him, after them. It would always be one step behind, and running forever wouldn't work, no matter what.

She…he…they would never escape.


Cameron opened the rooftop door, and timidly walked out, her hair flipping about in the air. With graceful steps, she walked over to him; he was standing there, eyes empty, face sombre, one hand on cane, one hand in pocket, unflinching as the harsh wind blew against him.

Gently, she lays a hand on his upper arm, her delicate fingers on his bicep. Turning her head slightly, she smiles, as if trying to convince him that everything was OK, when it was the polar opposite.

"Hey," she whispers, the sound barely audible as it is carried off by the wind.

"Hey," he replies hoarsely.

"I…" she begins, but falters. What could she say in a situation like this?

"Don't say anything," he says, not callously…in fact it was like he was begging her not to speak.

Cameron closes her mouth, and bends her head slightly.

"Alright," she says, softly. Then, deciding to convey her understanding in a better way, she reaches up to his face, and ever so lightly, strokes his stubbled cheek, running her hand down his jaw, stopping at his chine. She then tilts his face down, and stares into his blue eyes with hers, her gaze locking his, stabilizing him, soothing him, reassuring him.

Standing on her toes, she places a tender kiss on his lips, her moist lips inviting him, his lips yielding to her; his mouth opens slightly, letting her in, but he is reluctant nevertheless, and after a few moments, draws away.

"I'm sorry," he murmurs. "Not now,"

"I know," Cameron replies. And she does. She really does know.

He, instead, wraps one arm around her slender waist, while she put hers around his torso, and they stand there, holding each other, as they prepare themselves for what comes next…


Cameron and House re-enter the conference room. Their departure hadn't gone unnoticed, and Cuddy leaps up from her chair the moment the come back in.

"Where were you two?" she asks, a little briskly, though they all knew she was just hiding her worry. House, ignoring Cuddy, sits down and props his legs up casually, as if they were just discussing their latest case, and not a catastrophic family reunion and a lost niece.

"What's up?" he says, a little too casually.

Lin, who had been eerily quiet and had instead been, glaring at him from the minute her returned, crossed her arms, narrowing her liquid dark eyes.

"How can you be so offhand about this?" she demands.

"How can you be so antagonistic?"

"What are you saying?" she says.

"Three guesses who's the cause of all this," House says, looking around at everyone, as if actually expecting an answer

Cuddy, Cameron, Foreman and even Andrew all rolled their eyes, as the of the blame game continued on.

"Don't act all innocent as if you had no part in this," Lin retorts

"I didn't," House says icily.

Lin, seething with rage, opened her mouth to reply. But, it seemed she had no words to say, and instead curses in Chinese.

House, now noticing her defences were down, gets up, and walks toward her, his eyes cold.

"You made her leave. You are the reason she ran away. Can you blame her? So then she came to me. And you can't stand that, because you know that she will always choose me over you. You hate knowing that your own daughter despises you…that she can barely put up with you. And so you started chasing after her. Yet she still managed to run off before you found her," he hisses.

"Greg!" Andrew yells angrily. "How can you say that?"

"Shut up Andrew, you know its true,"

"Its not, Greg. You have always been the miserable, bitter, black sheep of this family. Why would anyone come running to you?" Andrew replies just as venomously.

"Isn't that what your daughter did?" House says, sneering.

Lin, who had been silent, was now standing there, and all of a sudden, the other doctors realised that she was actually fragile, that she wasn't as strong as she had seemed only several hours ago. They had seen a manically confidant, self-serving, opinionated woman, but now, she was a weak, scared mother, who wanted her daughter to be safe. A fat tear rolled down her pale, pristine cheek, and everyone's heart went out to her, and each person in that room wanted to, no, yearned to be the one to comfort her. Even House seemed to regret what he said when he saw her melancholic state.

"Lin…" he starts, his demeanour softening, but instead she pushes past him, walking out of the room, her eyes downcast, and her lips pursed in distress.

Andrew, watching as his wife ran out in both anger and sorrow, then turns to House, glaring.

"See what you've done?" he says, his voice low, growling like a bear. "You are truly the best when it comes to hurting people around you," and then follows Lin's footsteps, rushing to find her before she did something she'll come to regret.

The conference room is still, as the remaining doctors glance at each other, eyes darting to House warily.

"Now you know why I don't talk to my family," House says glibly.


"Izzy, I thought you said we were going to a pottery class," Chase says to Izzy as she pulled up outside a buzzing nightclub. Izzy unbuckles her seatbelt, shrugging.

"I didn't want you to come. Its not my fault that mum thought it'd be good if I took you along to my 'pottery lessons' so that we could have some sibling-bonding," Izzy says, while unbuttoning her jeans, and wriggling out of them, before proceeding to remove her plain conservative white blouse to reveal a short, leopard print baby-doll dress.

"So, you instead of telling your mother that every Friday night you go out partying, you decide its better to lie and say you make clay vases and pots?" Chase says, as Izzy chucks her clothes in the back seat of the car. "Does she think you spend the whole night at a pottery wheel?"

"No way, I say that I stay at my 'friend' Bethany's place," Izzy says smirking, as she checked her reflection in the mirror.

"Unbelievable," Chase mumbles, as he grabs the key from the ignition.

"Hey, do I look like I've ever touched clay before?" Izzy says raising an eyebrow, before opening the door and getting out of the car.

"Point taken," he says, and follows her suit.

She struts over to the entrance, followed closely by Chase.

"Hey, Bella," the bouncer says.

"Mario," she says with a seductive smile. "How are ya?"

"I'm fine without you and your trouble-making," the bouncer, Mario says, but affectionately.

"Think you can let me in tonight, babe?" she says, playfully. Chase rolls his eyes.

"OK then," he says, without any display of reluctance. He then spots Chase. "Who's that?"

Izzy turns and looks at Chase, with a sigh, before facing Mario again, a fake smile on her face.

"My brother. He's all the way from America, and I'm hoping to show him a good time…" she says her voice as sweet and sickly as honey. The bouncer clearly seems to like honey and returns her grin.

"Alright, you two can go," he says, before waving them in. Izzy gives him a quick peck on the cheek before prancing in, Chase hot on her heels, giving the beefy bouncer a nod, to be greeted with a grunt in return.


Lin House was your relatively ordinary woman. She was intelligent, having studied at Harvard and not only that, but she was a successful litigator, making a name for herself in the world of law. She was beautiful, yes in the serene, ethereal way of an Asian woman, having a slim body, long straight dark hair, and dark brown eyes. Instead of following the fad of le tan, she prided her pale white skin, and was as delicate-looking as a rosebud. She had wrinkles, she had stretch marks, she got PMS and goddamn it, she wished she had bigger breasts from time to time. Yes, she was just a normal woman.

Her personality was not so fragile. She was stubborn, opinionated and very judgemental. Her flaws were her assets; her good traits were her bad ones too. She was your typical woman, a bit of an enigma, but yes, yes, yes, she was a normal woman.

And as she stood in front of the mirror in the women's bathroom, staring at her reflection with her blazing black eyes, she sees only anger. Anger for what was happening, her daughter nowhere to be found. Anger when the thought of something happening to her crosses her mind. She's angry because of the intolerable disposition of her brother-in-law. And she's angry at herself, for letting this all happen.

That damn Greg is right. It's because of you she ran away.

She howls in anguish, and her it is heard by the entire hospital; everyone stops, in wonder at who could have made such a heartbreaking sound, and what was the reason behind such despair, and sighs of empathy echo through the halls of Princeton-Plainsboro.


"Come dance with me," slurs one woman, attempting to drag Chase back inside the noisy club.

"No thanks," Chase says brushing her off.

"Fine. Bad luck for you," she says, and heads back in.

Chase sighs. This is why he didn't like coming home- he always ended up baby-sitting one relative or another. He flips open his phone and texts Izzy, telling her that he was leaving. He considered letting her take the car home, but on second thoughts, decided to not risk her getting into an accident and making her suffer as she walked home in those sky-high stilettos.

He unlocked the car, and got in, starting the engine, and driving off.

He decided, instead of going straight home, to go for a nighttime visit to the beach. It had been a long time since he had last seen the sea, and was desperate for some peace and quiet.

He drives down the roads, which seemed so familiar to him, yet it had been too long. Everything had changed. It had been a few years since he had last been here, and it didn't take a caustic, bitter, crippled genius to notice the subtle, yet obvious changes, not just the place, but the people too. The roads were alien to him drove through street after street. The air had an unusual feeling to it now. He could see it, he could taste it, he could feel it, and he could smell it.

Even the salty sea breeze seemed different to him now, as he stood on the sand, hands in his pockets, the wind whipping his hair about, breathed in the fresh scent of seawater and sand.

Chase took off his shoes, and let his feet enjoy the feel of coarse, grainy sand, and with a sigh, sits down, arms across his folded legs, as he gazed out to the open sea, the loud crashing and roaring of the waves filling his ears. He closes his eyes, and stays there for as long as time will let him.

Then, for a split second, he wills himself to opens his eyes, and have a quick peek at his watch. Instead he catches sight of a girl running along the shore in the opposite direction to him, hair flicking behind her…and he recognises her instantly.

"Kimee!" he calls, and scrambles up, running after her

The girl does not stop, and ruthlessly picks up the pace. But Chase follows her, determined not to let her get away. He grits his teeth, and pushes himself, harder and harder, his legs pumping, feet hitting the soft sand, arms back and forth. The faster he goes, the more she does too, and she unrelentingly continues, not showing a sign of getting the least bit tired. can't let her disappear again. He can't. He's about ten yards behind her, and he calls out her name again, yet she doesn't slow down, nor does she turn her head to see him. His mouth has that strange metallic taste to it, and his lungs are screaming for him to stop, but his head is urging him on. He struggles to keep up with her, but he still chases after her, and using all of his willpower, he closes in on her. With a final burst of energy he leaps out toward her, and grabs her by the waist, pulling her down onto the soft sand, and with his last ounce of strength, clutches her wrists, holding her down, lying on her back.


Chase looks down at the face he had been hoping to see for three months. There, right underneath him, being pinned down, was the defiant Kimee House.

"Kimee," he whispers, still unbelieving that it was really her.

She swallows, not daring to say anything in fear of making one of them cry. Chase searches her face for answers, but all he finds is sorrow.


Cameron walked into the ladies bathroom, desperate to wash her disgustingly damp hands. She always managed to get sweaty palms in tense situations. Once when her mother was trying to teach her to knit, she got so nervous every time she did something wrong, her hands were too sweaty to properly handle the knitting needles, and instead she just gave up.

But she never does get the chance to wash her hands. Because instead, she finds Lin curled up in a ball, in the corner, face in her hands, sobbing quietly.

Cameron at first, thinks to leave, obviously not wanting to intrude or embarrass her, but upon further inspection, walks over to her cautiously.

"Lin?" she says gently, not wanting to alarm her.

She slowly raises her head, and Cameron sees her puffy eyes and red nose, and all the dislike that she had developed for this woman over the past few hours, completely vanished when she saw that she was just as human as the rest.

Without a word, she lowers herself onto the tiled floor, and sits beside her. Lin, warily looks at her out of the corner of her eye, but doesn't say a thing.

Cameron, silently, then wraps her arms around Lin, drawing her close, her grasp tight. Lin bites her lip, and fidgets a bit, unsure how to react, but Cameron just pulls her nearer. Finally, Lin relaxes in her arms, and Cameron feels her tears begin to flow from her all ready wet eyes. Cameron sits there with her, holding her as if she were a child, letting her sob into her arms and together they both wonder how their lives had come to this.

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